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    Default How would you make a single class Warlock Litch?

    and what would you do to make him scary.
    I've been thinking of having a number of undead warlocks, at multiple levels...say from Level 8 on up.

    would they be betrayed by an undead patron to make servitor minions/slaves...minds fully intact, but helpless to disobey?

    or would such a warlock freely embrace undeath to buy him all the time he needs to level up and gain power.

    Could this be a side effect of an uncaring, unknowing great old master...happening randomly at any level..?

    I can only imaging having the time to make a few greater more powerful hex spells...say adding 6D6 necrotic damage to an eldritch blast (the spell affecting all such blasts for up to a minute - no save for half).

    Has anyone posted an undead warlock before?

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    Default Re: How would you make a single class Warlock Litch?

    I mean, that's literally the Undying patron, from SCAG. They self-heal when they make a death saving throw, have permanent Sanctuary from other undead things, and later stop needing to breath, eat or sleep, and can reattach limbs that fall off.

    I also personally made The Soulless patron, based off the Necromancer Liliana Vess from the Magic: the Gathering universe, which has a 10th-level ribbon based on the Undead Fortitude monster feature.
    Always looking for critique of my 5E homebrew!

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