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    Default Another 5e Firearms Design

    New Property: Muzzle Loaded - Once a weapon with this property has been fired, it cannot be fired again until a character holding it takes the Use an Object action to load it with ammunition.

    New Property: Armor Piercing - This weapon ignores the armor class bonus from shields. In addition, any target wearing armor or with the Natural Armor trait is instead considered to have armor class equal to 10 + its Dexterity Modifier. Bonuses to armor class from spells, magic items, and class features still apply.


    Pistol - 50 GP - 1d8 Piercing Damage - 5 lb. - Ammunition (Range 30/60), Armor Piercing, Muzzle Loaded, Light

    Smoothbore Musket - 80 GP - 1d10 Piercing Damage - 10 lb. - Ammunition (Range 60/180), Armor Piercing, Muzzle Loaded, Two-Handed, Heavy

    Carbine - 100 GP - 1d12 Piercing Damage - 8 lb. - Ammunition (Range 60/120), Armor Piercing, Muzzle Loaded, Two-Handed

    Rifled Musket - 120 GP - 2d6 Piercing Damage - 10 lb. - Ammunition (Range 100/300), Armor Piercing, Muzzle Loaded, Two-Handed, Heavy

    Side note to DMs: Please be sure to specify that Invisible Servant cannot load a firearm.
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