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    Default 5E Custom Wizard Specialization: Forge Wizard

    In my campaign setting, an order of wizards operate a powerful magical forge that once churned out legendary artifacts on a production line. The Grand Forges are now broken, but the Order of Forge Wizards lives on. I'd like to make this custom class available to players, but I have limited experience with how to playtest something like this, and would appreciate feedback on how to balance it.

    At 2nd level:

    Native of the Smithy; At second level, you are proficient with Smith's Tools and have resistance to Fire damage.
    Forge-based Casting; At second level, you learn Searing Smite. You also learn Heat Metal at level 3, Elemental Weapon at level 5, and Staggering Smite at level 7. These spells are always prepared and don't count against the total number of wizard spells you can have prepared.
    Smith's Assistance; When casting a spell with range of Self or Touch that triggers an effect when you or the target make weapon attacks, you can instead target a willing creature you can see within 60 feet with the effect, causing the effect to trigger when that target makes a weapon attack. The gold and time you must spend to copy a spell that meets these criteria into your spellbook is halved.

    At 6th level:

    Always Smithing; You can spend one minute to summon a magical anvil that fills a 5-foot square in front of you, as well as a portal into a pit of fire that fills a separate 5-foot square next to you in an unoccupied space. Only non-animated metal objects can pass through the portal, and the pit of fire is a 10-foot cube in size. Using these objects and a set of Smith's Tools, you can repair or create metal equipment, provided you have the requisite materials on hand. Thanks to your magical equipment, you can craft a martial melee weapon in 10 minutes, medium armor in an hour, and heavy armor in four hours. You can dismiss the anvil and pit of fire as a bonus action. You cannot have multiple anvils of pits of fire active at the same time.
    Smith's Familiarity; You are proficient with simple and martial melee weapons, shields, and light, medium, and heavy armor.

    At 10th level:

    Eyes of the Forge; You can cast Detect Magic at will. This spell is always prepared and doesn't count against the total number of spells you can have prepared. The amount of wood, stone, or metal needed to block your perception with this spell is tripled. If you detect a magical item, you can learn its effects and powers by studying it visually as an action while concentrating on this spell.

    At 14th level:

    Molten Pit; As an action, you can remove a 20-foot radius area of floor within 90 feet of you (you must be able to see the midpoint of this area). In the place of that floor opens a 5-foot deep molten pit. Creatures in that area at the time can use their reaction to make a DEX saving throw. If they succeed, they leap to safety and land on the nearest free space (if no space is available within their movement speed and they don't have a flying speed, they automatically fail). Creatures with a flying speed automatically succeed and can fly up to half their movement speed away. Creatures that fail their saving throw fall into the pit and take 8d8 fire damage. Creatures that either move through the pit or end their turn in the pit must make a CON saving throw. They take 8d8 fire damage on a failed save, or half that amount on a successful save. The pit is considered difficult terrain for everyone except you, and lasts up to an hour. You can dismiss the pit as a bonus action. When the effect ends, all creatures in the pit are moved up to the reappearing floor, or to the nearest open space if another creature or object occupies the space they would enter. A creature at the edge can climb out of the pit by spending either half its movement speed or fifteen feet of movement. You can only use this ability once per long rest.
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    Default Re: Custom Wizard Specialization: Forge Wizard

    Um... which edition? You might wanna specify that with a title tag, as I typically only respond to 3.5e material (as its what I am most familar with).
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    When it comes to GMing, World-Building is one of the things that I do best, provided I have friends to bounce ideas off of.

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