He used to be a kid but through something happening, he turned into a hulking gargoyle type creature
Power Level 6 Character
His blast summons big rocks that he throws at opponents and the rocks disappear once they hit something. The quirk is to represent that he can summon only one size of projectile and thus needs sufficient room to do so.
The statuesque power probably could have been done a few ways, but it's not an illusion, so I went with a large bonus to deception for the standard gargoyle power of hiding as a statue.
Not sure if Affliction was the right way to make his taunt power, but I'm not very experienced with the system

For his personality, he's a poet and sort of a quiet kid who doesn't really like to fight, he just does it because he's tougher than most of his friends when it comes to taking punishment. He can't change back to being a human, and I was thinking maybe that he would have developed powers anyway due to a metagene or something, but that his family was cursed for some reason and thus his powers became different from what he would have had.