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    Default Augmenting Cleric Domain Granted Powers

    I'm trying to create a character that gains a lot of strength to perform Heruculean feats. The Strength Domain for the Cleric has a granted power that allows you to gain Strength based upon your cleric level. Is there any way to extend the amount of time it gives since it only gives it for 1 round. Thanks

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    Default Re: Augmenting Cleric Domain Granted Powers

    If you have access to Dragon magazine, #342 have improved domain powers; Strength domain gets Tremendous Might - +6 Morale bonus on a Strength-based skill check –or– a Strength check to break, lift, drag, or push an object. Does not apply to attacks, damage, grapples, etc. Usable (Cleric level) rounds per day.

    Also, Extend Supernatural Ability feat in the Tome of Magic - double duration 1/day

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    Default Re: Augmenting Cleric Domain Granted Powers

    Look at Strength Devotion as well. A swift action gets you a minute of overcoming dr/adamantine, ignoring hardness, and a slam attack. Additional uses cost a turn attempt. You can trade strength domain for it for free or just burn a feat slot on it to keep both.

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