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    Post Empower & Other Metabreath Feats for 3.5 (PEACH)

    Hey playground. Working on some homebrew feats for an upcoming campaign. If someone has made similar feats, please link below! Thanks in advance for any feedback.

    For Ray Breath and Arc Nova, I'm not sure if they should be Ranged or Ranged Touch attacks.

    Empower Breath
    Prerequisites: Con 13, Breath Weapon
    Recharge Increase: +1 round
    An empowered breath weapon deals 50% additional damage and any other effects have their duration increased by 50%, rounded down. Saving throws and opposed rolls are not affected and breath weapons without random variables are not affected. For example, an empowered juvenile silver dragonís cold breath weapon deals 8d8 damage (rolls 41) X 1.5 damage (20 extra) for a total of 60. It's cone of paralyzing gas would last (1d6+4) X 1.5 rounds.

    Ray Breath
    Prerequisites: Con 13, Breath Weapon and either Shape Breath or Enlarge Breath
    Recharge Increase: +1 round
    Benefit: You have learned to divide your breath weapon into rays that strike with pinpoint accuracy. You can breathe a number of rays up to your Constitution modifier, but each ray must target a separate creature. The rays have a range of double your normal breath weapon range. Make a ranged attack against each target, you may use your Con modifier in place of your Dex modifier for this attack. Each ray that hits deals your full breath weapon damage with no Reflex save. The rays suffer from miss chance due to concealment or cover. If you combine this with Empower or Maximize Breath feats, only 1 ray is affected.

    Arc Nova
    Prerequisites: Con 17, Breath Weapon, any other metabreath feat
    Special: Cannot be combined with Empower Breath
    Recharge Increase: +2 rounds
    Benefit: You can compress the vast power of your breath weapon into a volatile ball of empowered energy you shoot at a single creature. Make a ranged attack against your target, you may use your Con modifier in place of your Dex modifier for this attack. This attack doubles your breath weapon range. The ball deals you breath weapon damage plus 50%, rounded down. If you hit, the target is denied a Reflex save. If you miss, the target makes a reflex save as normal for half damage. The ball does not suffer from miss chance due to concealment or less-than total cover. If the target is Large or smaller, each adjacent creature must make a Reflex save or suffer half damage. If the target is Huge or larger, no adjacent creatures are affected. This feat can be combined with Maximize Breath as a full-round action. If used against an object or structure, your breath weapon deals maximum damage and ignores 10 points of hardness.

    For example, a Dragonfire Adept uses this against a frost giant (huge) with her breath weapon that deals 6d6 damage and rolls 24. If the attack hits, she increases the damage by 12 to 36. If the attack misses the target makes a Reflex save for 18 damage. Because the frost giant is huge, no adjacent creatures are affected. If this was used against an ogre (large) adjacent creatures who make their reflex save take 9 damage and those that fail take 18.

    Incapacitating Breath
    Prerequisites: Con 13, Breath Weapon that deals damage
    Recharge Decrease: Reduces recharge by 1 round
    The creature has mastered how to disperse the effects of damaging breath weapons so they deal subdual damage instead of lethal. This cannot be combined with Empower, Maximize, or any other ability that increases the damage of breath weapons.
    This can be applied with metabreath feats such as Shape or Heighten breath that don't increase damage. Using this feat reduces the recharge time of breath weapons by 1 round.

    Normal: Breath weapons deal lethal damage.

    House Rule, not a feat.
    You can use your breath weapon to counter other breath weapons like spellcasters counter spells. As long as you have an attack of opportunity you can make, as a reaction, you can use your breath weapon to cancel out an incoming breath weapon.You may not use any metabreath feats that make a breath weapon a full-round action. Roll damage for both breath weapons. Subtract your damage from the total incoming damage and the result is how much gets through. All saves are rolled normally. If your breath weapon deals more damage, you completely cancel the opposing breath. The total area you affect is equal to the size of your cone if you have a cone-shaped breath weapon, or a 10-foot wide line (choosing the square left or right of your square). In general, energy types can cancel out either the same or the opposed energy type, such as fire/fire or fire/cold. Sonic, acid and force can be used against all, except electricity. Electricity can only be canceled out by electricity.
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