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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    NPC Actions

    Expiration Dates close at the end of the round specified in their description:

    Sisterhood of Silence

    [Intrigue] Investigate Same v0.06’s promotion of ‘the Source’ - The Sisterhood has stood vigil around the Core for millenia and in all that time the only phrase broadcast by the Same has been “In the name of the Same, that which is different will be purged” and yet v0.06 was now broadcasting, outside of its containment, the phrase “In the name of the Source, that which is different will continue to be purged.” Given the Source was known as the Eye of the Horizon’s revered black hole this change was rather disturbing. Could it be the Same were monitoring broadcasts by Core-adjacent powers and had adopted some twisted form of the Accords of Shadow & Flame? Or perhaps it was merely coincidence, a permutation in v0.06’s programming replacing ‘the Same’ name with the new title of ‘the Source’? Or, and this thought disturbed the Sisterhood more than anything, the Eye of the Horizon’s saber rattling towards the Grymlans and others was merely to distract from their own ambitions to gain control of the Same? If this last conjecture was correct the Eye would be enemies not only to the Sisterhood but to any who valued the safety of the galaxy and containment or destruction of the Same.

    [Diplomacy] Attend the Revolution Conference - While the Revolution itself had not affected the Sisterhood’s vigil or the apparent position of the Same the escape of v0.06 into Axiom proper and the crumbling of the vigil’s utility has prompted some in the Sisterhood to call for a change to the order. If the Same was not to be corralled and contained by their monasteries any longer and it was the overwhelming desire of the Maturated to fight rather than contain was it not the Sisterhood’s obligation to adapt? Debates take up much of the former hours of quiet contemplation that had long marked the halls of the Sisterhood’s monasteries. The Eradicators had attempted to impose their might as a mercenary organization to support their Core-adjacent expansions so was it not up to the Sisterhood to make a more compelling counter-offer? Ultimately the order remains divided and missives are sent out to all Stellar Powers of the Sisterhood’s intention to host a conference regarding the Same and their order in the upcoming years. All Stellar Powers with positive SoS reputation or Favors owed to them come the time of this conference will be invited and allocated votes in accordance with their reputation affording them the opportunity to define the Sisterhood’s destiny.

    The SoS will host an Event in Round 8 that all are welcome to attend and those with Reputation 1 or higher and/or Favors owed to them by the SoS will be asked to participate in. The SoS will be polling the galaxy on whether they should change their organization structure from being a Phi/Int Organization to a ???/Mil Organization in anticipation of ongoing struggles with the Same.

    The first round of voting will determine whether or not there is sufficient desire to see the SoS adopt a more militant stance and any Stellar Power with Reputation 1 or higher with the SoS will be allowed to participate with their Reputation representing their allocated number of votes. Additionally a Favor owed by the SoS can be converted into a single vote. The second round of voting will only occur if the first round passes that the SoS should adopt a more militant stance.

    The second round will determine what the Sisterhood’s other focus should be if they are elected to pursue a more militant stance. The same rules for votes will carry through to the second round of voting except any Favors spent in the first round will no longer be available to be converted into a vote.

    The vote in both rounds will be a secret ballot although stellar powers are welcome to vote openly should they so desire. In anticipation of interest from those currently unaligned the Sisterhood will be attending the Revolution Conference to receive any gifts by those seeking to have a voice in this upcoming referendum. The results of this vote could affect not only the scores of the Sisterhood but the special actions available to them as well as the bonuses granted by reputation with the organization.

    [Intrigue] Secret

    Cosmic Couriers

    Alter CmC offer to the TZH towards CLS or FCO
    Inform the Tezh Consensus Federated Churches of Origin’s End and Celestia Enterprises of a suspected nearby Relay - Faint signals have been picked up from unexplored space spiralward near the capitals of the Tezh Consensus FCO and CLS suggesting a Relay existed somewhere in this galactic sector. Leaders of both powers are offered a small bounty for their aid in the exploration and recovery of this missing Relay which will enhance Courier coverage of Axiom’s eastern spirals. (Request: TZH CLS or FCO explore W15 or W17 until the missing Relay is discovered and bring the region under Tezh Celestian or Federated Churches control. Reward: +1 Reputation with CmC, +1 Favor. Expiration Date: Round 8 9)

    [Diplomacy] Request Tezh Consensus or Kronin Empire build a Relay - With the great cosmic shuffle of the Revolution the Courier Relay recently come under Meritocracy control was now on the opposite side of the galaxy from its initial Maturated Age position. Hoping to rectify this newly developed gap in their network the Couriers reach out to the new denizens of the northwest in the hopes they can aid the Couriers in reestablishing Relay connection in this region of Axiom. Request: TZH or KRO build Relay in one of their regions. Reward: +1 Reputation, +1 Favor. Expiration Date: Round 9

    [Economy] Offer to buyout K3 TP 1 for HMY - A deal being formulated on one side of the galaxy is summarized and transferred to another for continued negotiations between the Couriers and their Prime Member allies the Harmony. Having already acquired the Harmony’s desired resources free of charge their request for the Couriers to acquire another resource in their name has a small price tag attached. Surely the Harmony could understand the necessity of payment at a certain point, even between such close friends. Request: Allow the CmC to Buyout K3 TP1 for HMY. Reward: +1 Favor owed to CmC. Expiration Date: Round 7

    [Economy] Buyout Reeds System (V26) Fairy Flowers TP2 - While the Couriers were nigh immune to contagions and traditional disease thanks to their synthetic-organic composition they knew not all in Axiom were so blessed by the Callers. In a bid to acquire medicine for future trading purposes and at the request of Proxos the Couriers in T24 sally forth to the recently relocated Lyraen province known as the Reeds System seeking to do business. While Proxos busies himself with lengthy conversation with the Reed King, mostly on the business of dishing gossip about Lyrae, the Couriers focus their efforts on more tangible pursuits acquiring a stake in the local Fairy Flower harvest fields.

    An’Null’s Eradicators

    [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Eradicators - An ambassador from the nearby Journey’s End Eradicator base seeks out the “paradise” of sector P30’s angels finding a ticking time bomb of arrogant suspicion and righteous fury bubbling beneath their ‘angelic’ presentation. With minimal effort an influential leader of the angels is pushed to reject the defensive posturing of their fellows electing to pursue the glorious death ideology of the Eradicators and declaring themselves Lucifer of the Fallen. While the majority of the enhanced humanoids remain behind for a great many their paradise is lost as they strike out into the stars to seek glory in battles that will prove their superiority over lesser species. (Units in P30 reduced by 1)

    [Intrigue] Secret

    [Diplomacy] Offer the Library of Truth to whoever assassinates Governor Mizusk Iskanem’s successor - While it was unknown who exactly was responsible for the “fumigation disaster” of the Nephret Hotel the Commonwealth of Zara had made it abundantly clear through the broadcasting of “Does it Explode: Eradicator Edition” that they had assaulted Aurora’s Ashes in a bid to stop the Eradicators from fighting the Same and revealing the truth about the Core to the galaxy. A furious Shadow Admiral beheads the portly Commodore Hollow upon his return to an Eradicator base and demands the head of the Commonwealth's new leader to add to his collection. This offer, including the brutal video of Hollow’s execution, goes out across the OMS to any and all interested powers...including Zara itself and any of the dissatisfied families living under the current regime. Or perhaps a stellar power could simply fund the Eradicators desire for their own revenge... Request: Assassinate Governor Mizusk Iskanem’s successor or pay a discounted rate of 2 Favors to fund the ANE’s own assassination attempt. Acceptance or funding can be communicated secretly. Reward: Library of Truth, +3 Reputation. Expiration Date: Round 8
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Round 7
    The Guild Enterprises of Nyx
    Nyx (Sector K5 C23)
    Domino Ophelo, Lord of Coin

    1. [Economy] Buyout C19 Rainbow Carrots TP1 15 - The Revolution brings many headaches to the assayers, investors, and major merchant houses of Nyx. Quickly the demand for something to "take the edge off" outweigh the already steady supply of stimulants and savvy investors adapt to their new environment quickly seeking out suppliers of "distractions." The halfling natives of sector C19 are quickly organized in big, slow moving, well benefited white collar corporations under Nyxian ownership to harvest and supply Rainbow Carrots to the relocated Nyxians.
    2. [Economy] Buyout D22 Dreameating Pills TP3 17 - Unfortunately while Rainbow Carrots hallucinogenic properties proved popular (and made a few enterprising merchants extremely rich) side effects of vivid nightmares were mounting among the populace. Conveniently many initially less fortunate investors had rapidly invested in the nearby "pills" without quite researching what they did. Prior to the Rainbow Carrots takings off among the populace they had sold poorly but now they were an antidote to the undesired side effects of the carrots in Nyxian biology.
    3. [Economy] Buyout E25 Pocket Factories TP1 15 - With a steady of supply of strong mind altering substances running through the populace investors begin to take risks and be attracted to dazzle more than investing in conservative practicality as many older merchants and Guilds did. This new breed of merchant finds themselves drawn to consumer electronics as a worthwhile investment opportunity. The general belief is that convenience and minimizing minor tasks would always be popular. Pocket Factory producing entities receive significant Nyxian investment as their product is marked for mass shipments to the Nyxian home worlds.
    4. [Economy] Buyout E27 Prison Labor/Mercenaries TP1 18 - The realization that one of the Kamasati, specifically the brain slugs "brain symbiotes" were nearby following the cosmic shuffle was...worrying. Nevertheless the boldness brought by the Revolution (and indulgences in drugs) brought a willingness to take big risks. The Nyxians were always looking to invest in mercenaries, and besides, if the UPT showed interest in the Nyxians purchase they were hoping to seek some form of deal. It was said in nearby space that the Symbraum desired brains which mercenaries, arguably, had. There was always a deal to be struck.
    5. [Economy] Buyout C17 9-Armed Surgeons TP1 14 - A cocktail of Cyreilean Marching Powder, crushed Schreecher Crystals (Screechers), Rainbow Carrots, and Dreameating Pills running through the populace causes medical complications aplenty. Some more concerned souls, albeit more concerned with their own mortality and selling the secret to longer life to their fellows, seek to invest in medical equipment and services. The 9-Armed Surgeons under Formican dominion were renowned in the local area for their prowess in the medical arts. Private company provided insurance begins offering better medical care to the workers of the various halfling corporations as medical costs go down within Nyx's economic sphere of influence.

    1. Endorse OwO Buyout of Nyx (K5) Voidstone TP3
    2. Endorse NDA Buyout of Nyx (K5) Voidstone TP2

    • Xavier and the Sage becomes a popular modern day myth among the Nyxian mercenary forces. The Gilded Garrison echoes with songs and bawdy tales of the Emperor who had come up from among the mercenary ranks of the Nyxian armies. There was a great deal of pride in the Gelean Emperor among the mercenaries which was copied by the Nyxians wishing to keep their soldiers happy and Geleans appeased for now. Tiny political columns on news sites behind all the economic news more popular in Nyx suggest the mercenaries and thus the Guilds were more loyal to the man than to the state leading the Geleans.
    • The Kamasati Spiral Dancers are accused of anti market protectionism. They are informed the Sonics are being well compensated, in their ridiculous native ring currency at irritating exchange rates, for their service to the Guild Enterprises. The pantheon is asked not to use military intervention to interfere with the economic concerns of the Enterprises. The Guilds were subjects to the Gelean Empire with whom the pantheon had a treaty and they expected respect afforded to them from a neighbor. If the Kamasati wished to do business and take on the costs and value of the current Sonic imports, who were quite capable as speedy servants and could perhaps serve to supply the Symbraum with their desired brains, that was welcome. Military action or skulduggery taken against legitimate merchants would not be looked on kindly at all.
    • Tie dye rainbow clothing becomes a popular fad in Nyx as Rainbow Carrots take off among the populace. A subculture emerges around the "rainbow aesthetic" which many consider degenerate but endearing. While the majority of those who engage in this fad are rather unsuccessful burnouts a few wealthy Guild members lean hard into this laid back life, microdosing on baby rainbow carrots at the office and encouraging "harmony in the workplace man" among their employees.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Lord of Coin Domino Ophelo

    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 5 -
    Military 8 -
    Economy 10 -
    Philosophy 1 -
    Intrigue 2 -

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Learning Center Assembly Status Bonuses
    Nyx K5 Voidstone (Great) Mandate of Coin - Capital, Stable (Gilded Garrison 5/5 (+1 Unit Cap)

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    Cultural Identity Laws of Procurement 2d8 on Buyouts No

    Type Name Effect(s) Required Resource?
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Mechanical Bookkeeping

    Nyx Controlled Trading Posts: 12
    • Nyx (K5) Nostromo's Shroud Voidstone TP 1
    • M23 Sorcerers TP 2
    • L8 Kill Bots TP 1
    • L8 Kill Bots TP 2
    • K7 Angel Wings TP 1
    • Neo-Sol (K9) Screeching Crystals TP 2
    • J8 Cyreilean Marching Powder TP 1
    • L10 Space Whales TP 2
    • I5 Tiny Cats TP 1
    • Cloudysea (P14) Grymlans Farseeker Corps TP 2
    • M3 Pocket Gold TP 1
    • M5 Sonic Hedgehogs TP 1

    Military Units CAP: 5
    1. Kill Bot Gold Swarm
    2. Kill Bot Silver Swarm
    3. Cyreilean Sorcerers



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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Regions I7, I9, J8, & H6
    Round 7

    News and Rumors
    • Reports come out of the Gelean and Conclave embassies that Kombuch space is under a full lockdown after the sudden appearance of an unknown threat to their galactic north. It takes several months for things to calm down, but the kombuch gear for war as reports of their new neighbors conquests towards the Sphere spread.
    • Theories abound on the sudden disappearance of the UPT and NYX, as well as on the sudden appearance of the Harmony. Eventually they coalesce as a theory about the mysterious Efficiency Ground have some space warping technology, though how such a device would function, let alone why anyone would bother using it just to sow confusion, eludes the Mother.
    • As the Kombuch Bureaucratic Collective gears for war Communicator Bulbous Jellydisc prepares to reunite with the Mother to properly assimilate all he has learned into the great colony. Plans for a more aggressive figurehead are decided, and Consolidator Disco Webcap is prepared.

    • [Mil] WAR! Engels leads 4 Squadrons of Sprite Class Fighters and one Unit of Blue Nose Marchers to Region J6!
      (General Mil 7 + 5 units; no techs or tactics)
      The sudden appearance of the Harmony and their advance towards the Cacola Sphere leaves the kombuch bristling. The psychic ripples of the Mother's call to war can be felt across the region.
    • [Mil] Raise 1 Unit of Sprite Class Fighter Ships.
    • [Mil] Raise 1 Unit of Sprite Class Fighter Ships.
    • [Mil] Raise 1 Unit of Sprite Class Fighter Ships.
    • [Int] Raid TP 1 in Region J8 [TP currently owned by Lyrae/Milt](9)
    • [Int] Secret!

    • Leader change over.(Stat rolls) The Communicator's role has been fulfilled. The kombuch have met their neighbors and established lines of communication. With their work done, Bulbous Jellydisc will return to the Mother to properly disseminate all that they have learned. Consolidator Disco Webcap emerges from the Mother to lead the kombuch in the coming troubled times.

    Spoiler: Leader Stuff

    Communicator Bulbous Jellydisc
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 6
    Economy 6
    Philosophy 2
    Intrigue 6

    NEW RULER: Consolidator Disco Webcap
    Diplomacy 2+2 = 4
    Military 3+1 = 4
    Economy 2+1 = 3
    Philosophy 1 = 1
    Intrigue 3+1 = 4

    Expected gains: +2 Mil +1 Int

    Spoiler: Military

    Generals: None
    Technologies: None
    Tactics: Also None!
    Units: 5/8
    4 Squadrons of Sprite Class Fighter Ships
    1 Unit of Blue-Nosed Marchers
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Boring Mechanics Stuff

    The Worlds of Lyrae
    Current Ruler: The Ascended One, Rii Lyrae

    1. [Philosophy] Accept the Inevitable. The Lyraens now follow OwO.
    2. [Diplomacy] Stabilize the Glory Star region. All regions now stable. All is good.
    3. [Diplomacy] Talk with neighbors (Fluff action)
    4. [Military] Training Exercises (Fluff Action)
    5. [Military] Civilian Drills (Fluff Action)

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 6 => 7
    Military: 9 => 10
    Economy: 1
    Philosophy 6
    Intrigue: 1

    New Ruler Next Round?: NO

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Diplomacy.

    Border Status: Closed except to allies

    Military Strength: 7

    Military Doctrine: Shock and Awe
    Bigger IS better!
    For every two ships in a fleet, give a +1 bonus on battle rolls.

    Cultural Identity: Praise the Sun!
    Lyraens, one and all, are raised to revere Lyrae herself. Though they may disagree over the best way for the average citizen to live, they all shrink from directly betraying her.
    Resist all covert actions with a 2d8+Int


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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Turn 7
    Ouren Dris'Thelle

    1. [Diplomacy]Press claim on H 26 (2/2)
    2. [Diplomacy] Press claim on H28 | TN 12 - Success
    3. [Diplomacy] Establish Embassy with RMT in Q19.
    4. [Intrigue] Start Great project ( (1/5) L.I.S. (League Investigative Service) +1 to counter theft rolls
    5. [Intrigue] Continue L.I.S. (2/5)

    • Resist all relevant buyout/convert/etc actions not explicitly approved or supported below

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • A new age and new technology. New items to be acquired.
    • While parts of the sky shifted not much changed on Triskellius itself in the short term. New unexplored space on the doorstep opens more new opportunities.
    • A larger diplomatic push has begun to expand the Etherite holdings and establish a true Trade League. With the possibility of new members, talks have begun for further updates to Etherite society.
    • Work has begun to codify and debate how to best protect League secrets against hostile powers. The L.I.S. has been structured to be the first line in a new series of defenses.
    • An embassy was established on the Rothuun homeworld of Taurina I in the beginnings of efforts to help fight the Technocratic dream of the Same in the galactic core.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats (in the following order):
    Diplomacy 6
    Military 3
    Economy 7
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 1

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Expected Stat Bonuses:

    Dip, Int

    Trade Posts: 10
    LC: 2
    Military Units: 2

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Church of Iteus, Round Seven
    Pontiff Altea

    1. [Philosophy] Attempt to explore the surrounding space, publicized so as to give the people of Itea some solace in this bizarre course of events. (Probe T14; Roll: 15; SUCCESS)
    2. [Philosophy] Attempt to explore the surrounding space, publicized so as to give the people of Itea some solace in this bizarre course of events. (Probe U15; Roll: 13; SUCCESS)
    3. [Philosophy] Attempt to explore the surrounding space, publicized so as to give the people of Itea some solace in this bizarre course of events. (Probe S17; Roll: 10; FAILURE)
    4. [Philosophy] In order to show continued commitment and solidarity to the allies of the Church, an envoy is dispatched to the Syndrome in order to spread the learnings of Iteus throughout their domain. (Convert S17 to Iteus; Roll: 15; SUCCESS)
    5. [Intrigue] (Secret) (btw also resolution)

    • ???

    News and Rumors
    • The Pontiff and her Archdeacons soon come to the conclusion that the so-called "Revolution" has been a monumental gain for the Church, doing away with the immediate threat of the militaristic Republic of Celes while maintaining proximity to the other members of the Nephret Pact and opening up new frontiers for expansion of the Church. However, uncovering the methods and motives of this 'Efficiency Ground' character is now among the Church's highest priorities.

    Spoiler: Church Priorities
    1. Secure the Caller Network Key
    2. Understand Efficiency Ground
    3. Achieve Religious Unity in our allies' lands

    Spoiler: Diplomacy
    Nephret Pact:
    -Defensive pact between RMT, ITS, and SYN
    -RMT and SYN support conversions by ITS
    -RMT, ITS, and SYN support buyouts of unowned tps by fellow signatories
    -RMT will change state philosophy to Church of Iteus (FULFILLED)
    -Once possible, ITS will vassalize to RMT (UNFULFILLED)

    Spoiler: Stats
    Altea's rolls
    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 2 -
    Military 4 -
    Economy 5 -
    Philosophy 8 -
    Intrigue 10 -
    Military unit count: 5
    • None

    • Caller Fragment Strict Obedience; Effect: Once/round +1 Tactical Maneuvering

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Philosophy Center Status
    Itean System Q23 Knowledge Parasites Church of Iteus Capital

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    n/a n/a n/a n/a
    Type Name Requirement(s) Effect(s)
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Characters
    -Pontiff Altea: Absolute ruler of the Church of Iteus
    -Archdeacon Taltha: In charge of doorlight research, loyal supporter of Altea
    -Archdeacon Malicha: Dedicated to the religious aspects of the Church, doubtful of Altea's direction but loyal regardless
    -Archdeacon Armando (DECEASED): afflicted with a Caller-AI-modified knowledge parasite, rendered catatonic and later expired after being used to temporarily tap into Caller signals
    -X other Archdeacons: subordinates of Altea that go about their business
    -Monarch of Ruria: ruler of the Ruria monarchy, de facto a puppet of the Church in his own country
    -Dictator of Subia: ruler of the Subia dictatorship, begrudgingly accepts Church hegemony
    -Prime Minister of Urbia: elected representative of the Parliament of democratic Urbia, begrudgingly accepts Church hegemony
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread


    Turn 7 Galactic Dates (217510.0.0.80 - 217512.0.0.80)
    Technocratic Caliphate
    Caliph Illijan

    [Military] Military Technology- High-efficiency Aerodynamic Trick Engines H.E.A.T. Engines are one of the most efficient engines using Hasson 3 fuel on the market. While these engines are almost completely useless for large starships, for fighter ships and drones they allow for advanced manouvers within space that are completely unseen with ships today. Not only is it maximizing consumption but allows short burst FTL drives.

    Ability= +1 combat
    Equipment Fulfillment= Engines
    Resource= Hasson 3


    Turn 7 Galactic Dates (217510.0.0.80 - 217512.0.0.80)
    The One High Maxim
    N24, O23
    Lord Caller Siq

    [Intrigue] SECRET


    Turn 7 Galactic Dates (217510.0.0.80 - 217512.0.0.80)
    The Casrule Movement
    The First Equals council

    [Economy] Gun buyout P16 +3 from support from Grymlyan Combine and the CMC relay 16 Finally after years of business agreements trying to come to some deal, its finally complete. A deal is reached and the resources of new weapons flood into the Casrule to support them in these final pushes against their enemies. It has been successful

    [Diplomacy] All 3 factions attend event in desperate bid for soldiers
    - 1 unit to the Caliphate from Rothuun Minotaurs
    - Trade H.E.A.T. engines for War Beasts with Rothuun Minotaurs (Only the Caliphate will use the war beasts until the caliphate has been defeated or makes some sort of treaty with another faction.

    [Military] War breaks out between the 3 factions above the home planet of the Caliphate in N26

    Rumors were lord hops was going to take over control for the Casrule Unit, his loss means a weakened scenerio for the Casrule
    The Technocratic Caliphate hunkers down hoping for troops that may never arrive from the Church of Rust
    eradicator ships make clear the dark truth of the one high maxim... Unrest grows.

    Technocratic Caliphate 2 Technocratic Caliphate units 1 unit from Rothuun Minotaurs + 7 General Qaxin of the caliphate Total 10
    The One High Maxim 1 One High Maxim unit 4 Eradicator units +7 Crusader Bacop of the High Maxim of the One Total 12
    Casrule Movement 3 Casrule Movement units 2 Dipanan Volunteer units 1 unit of Jackstar mercenaries +4 Second Equal Gar Total 10

    ->Should the one high Maxim defeat the Casrule movement they will go on to face the Technocratic Caliphate if they defeat the Technocratic Caliphate the technocratic Caliphate will be destroyed remaining citizens will attempt to flee to closest Church of Rust space. (Results of this are left in ST hands Closest location I can find is R16)
    ->Should the Casrule movement defeat the one high Maxim they will go on to face the Technocratic Caliphate if they defeat the Technocratic Caliphate the technocratic Caliphate will attempt to negotiate with the Casrule movement and offer them their remaining units if they agree to convert to the Church of Rust (Casrule will contact all allies if this is rejected) All Technocratic Caliphate units attempt to flee to closest Church of Rust space. (Results of this are left in ST hands Closest location I can find is R16) but it happens a turn later.
    ->Should the one high Maxim defeat the Casrule movement they will go on to face the Technocratic Caliphate if they are defeated by the Technocratic Caliphate STATUS QUO
    ->Should the Casrule movement defeat the one high Maxim they will go on to face the Technocratic Caliphate if they are defeated by the Technocratic Caliphate STATUS QUO
    ->Should the Casrule movement and one high maxim tie the Technocratic Caliphate will attack the weakest of the 2 factions in a surprise attack after combat ends.
    ->Should the Casrule movement suffer overwhelming defeat (Lose all units) they will immediately be attacked in the following turn by the strongest of the 3 factions.
    ->Should the One High Maxim suffer overwhelming defeat (Lose all units) they will immediately be attacked in the following turn by the strongest of the 3 factions.

    New Ruler Next turn
    allow P5 from the Vilari.

    In the next few years (NEXT TURN) attacks will commence from all three sides.

    Optics VR intertrue connection of the Caliphate
    • War is upon us all VR shutdown for fear of infilitration

    The Voice of the One

    Truth TV
    • Democrats, Anarchs, Matriarch Defenders and Royalists put aside their differences to defeat their enemies.

    Spoiler: The Rich and Famous of The Kryptids Factions

    Technocratic Caliphate 2 units
    Caliph Illijan- Leader of the Caliphate. A visionary wanting to save his people by bringing them together through technology.

    The One High Maxim 1 unit
    Lord Caller Siq- Leader of the one high maxim, rather ruthless and hateful of the other cultures of the Kryptids.

    The Casrule Movement 3 units
    First Equal Somos- A fierce anarchist. He looks to end the tyranny of the hive system have all queens enslaved and producing children so they can live a free life. Only their maintenance should be managed centrally all other aspects of life should be handled by the community.
    First Equal Jain- A Do imperialist. He wants to see the Do return to power and the other hives returned to subservience.
    First Equal Kask- An advocate of democracy. He wants to see all leadership elected and the queens treated kindly.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Kryptid Leadership
    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 1 -
    Military 10 -
    Economy 4 -
    Philosophy 3 -
    Intrigue 10 -

    War Ravaged Kryptid Leadership
    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 4 +1
    Military 3 +3
    Economy 2 +2
    Philosophy 2 -
    Intrigue 3 +2

    Military unit count: 6

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Philosophy Center Status
    Kryptid Home system N24 Hasson 3 open Capitol (One high Maxim control)
    M23 M23 Sorcerors Magical Contemplation unrest (Casrule control)
    N26 N26 Powdered Money Open unrest (Technocratic Caliphate Control)
    O23 O23 Kytefly Open unrest (One high Maxim control)
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - - - -

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permenant?
    MILITARY - - No
    DIPLOMACY - - No

    New Ruler Next Round!

    Expected Stat Bonuses:
    +1 military

    Spoiler: Mechanical Bookkeeping

    Rakshasa Controlled Trading Posts:
    • TP 3 Hasson 3 N24 (Existing)

    Military Units:

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Round 7
    K21, J20, L20

    Svrrta-Zel Mrrzety
    Diplomacy: 1
    Military: 8 + 1
    Economy: 2
    Philosophy: 10
    Intrigue: 6

    1 - Phy 10: Organise the Nine Lights (Set 5LC bonus to +1 to secret actions)

    2 - Phy: Set LC10 bonus to increased die size for secret actions

    3 - Mil: Raise Unit

    4 - Mil: Raise Unit

    5 - Int: Secret Action

    Spoiler: Non-actions

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    The light of eternity himself had been in what could only be described as an unusually good mood of late. A brave soul might even go so far as to call him chipper. The temporal nature of the Vox had certainly kept him intrigued as of late, but to be followed by the revolution? Of course, he'd foreseen the possibility - no potential future escaped his sight, but he'd confess it wouldn't have been his first guess.

    It was in one such unusually talkative mood that he casually revealed that, having taken an interest in the Vox's powers, he'd also spent the last year reverse engineering them. And then proceeded to demonstrate them in ways that would make the lords of Voxesier-Maagrn sick with envy. Even more unusually, he revealed that it was technically possible for anyone to learn how to do it, albeit with significant training. And lacking the bodies that existed in the temporal dimension of the Vox, or the mind that resided in it of a sphinx, even the most dedicated student would ever be likely to hit the same potential heights. Still, the secrets were divulged... mostly because he'd found something far more interesting to think on, while acknowledging it would be a shame to not see where those secrets could take the future.

    Spoiler: National Information

    Spoiler: Military

    Tactical Doctrine - The Second Crusade

    Spoiler: Units

    • Scout Fleet Krdanrr-Yus - 2 Temple Class Ships, 65 Shrine Class Ships, 1500 Altar Class Ships
    • Divine Fleet Krdiizel-Maluusi - 1 Cathedral Class Ship (Zelityaama), 4 Temple Class Ships, 50 Shrine Class Ships, 1000 Altar Class ships [2 Units]

    Spoiler: Resources

    • Sunstones - [K21]
    • Unbreakable Twizzlers - [J20]

    Spoiler: Fragments

    Peaceful Outreach

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Eternal Assembly of Alysia
    Region K25

    Round 6 Actions
    [Diplomacy 10]Declare Alysia a Galactic Power.
    [Diplomacy]Stabilise region L22. 18
    [Philosophy]Adopt The Nine Lights as the State Philosophy.
    [Military 5]Appoint Jhiran Vesewin Phelor General of the Alysian Army. 10
    [Military]Raise 1 unit of Starship Troopers.

    • Accept KSP's offer to exchange philosophical ideals on equal ground.
    • Refuse to acknowledge KSP's claim to the stated sectors until a thorough audit can be performed regarding land use and environmental stewardship.
    • Demand that the SPR immediately cease all Matter Manipulators that are currently running on methane gas.
    • Offer to the SPR orbital bombardment of their industrial areas in order to encourage renaturalisation.

    Expected Stat Increases
    +1 Military.

    Prime Minister Eladia Makeda Sarai
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 5
    Economy 10
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 3
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread


    1: [DIP] Share "Requires Verification" CI with TZH.
    2: [DIP] Inquest U9: TN12 Success
    3: [MIL] Commit 2 units (Zombie Berserkers and Jabberjaus) to T12 for defense.
    4: [MIL] Engineer 1 Unit of organic Assault Squid lifeforms for combat in the void of space.
    5: [PHY] Convert U5: TN12 Success
    6: [PHY] Convert F12: TN12 Success

    Resist Buyouts and Conversions not listed.

    Spoiler: Consensus Leader Faugloglys

    Diplomacy: 9
    Military: 2
    Economy: 5
    Philosophy: 10
    Intrigue: 3

    New Leader: No
    Leader Stat Gain:
    +1 DIP
    +1 MIL

    News and Rumor:
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Conclave of the Black Sun
    His Excellency, Saldizan Rey-Zansharak, Viceroy of Amanyk

    1: [Diplomacy] Establish a claim on I5. Success.

    2: [Diplomacy 5] Create Embassy with the Droccen.

    3: [Military] Raise one unit.

    4: [Military] Raise one unit.

    5: [Intrigue] Task the Inquisition with investigating the Revolution.

    6: [Intrigue] Secret. The halls of the Assembly are labyrinthine, much happens in the shadows.

    Spoiler: News and Rumours
    The new Viceroy despises scarves, but is alas forced to wear them.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Diplomacy: 7 (I forgot the diplomacy point from my fragment...)
    Military: 4
    Economy: 4
    Philosophy: 1
    Intrigue: 5

    Age: 179

    Expected stat increases: +1 Diplomacy, +1 Military, +1 Intrigue
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Technocratic Meritocracy of Caruflaith Restored

    Regions W5, X6 and Y5
    Marshal Galen, disciple of Aoife
    Round 7

    1. [Diplomacy]Vassalize to Mier Formica
      Legate Aoife travels to the other end of the galaxy, to the Mier empire. She meets with Tapinoma Mier, and after discussing the relationship of the Mier and the Djinye, which faces new challenges after the revolution, she prepares the queen for the ritual, both physically and mentally.
      A festival is declared. Among much pomp and splendor, Queen Tapinoma and the King of Kings, Mercy of Oblivion, His Blueness, Ruler of Airia, Stellar Deity, Keeper of Universal Knowledge (etcetc.), that is, the Realtaist God, are joined in holy matrimony by Aoife. The supreme title of Bastion of the Faithful is bestowed upon Tapinoma Mier, and her previous spouses are officially redefined as consorts. Tapinoma's future children shall be (and this is not just "officially", but in GM approved fact) 1/3rd divine. As the Bastion of the Faithful is the secular ruler of all Realtaists, the Realtaist Kingdoms of Bespéartha all pledge allegiance to the ant queen (Though some would have been more reluctant to do so other than for the fact that Tapinoma is literally on the other end of the universe and is thus not expected to interfere with their political plans significantly.)
    2. [Diplomacy]Stabilize W3 (2d6+7) 17
      Obviously, the force that attacked the Immortals previously is no longer going to be able to reach them after the Revolution... right?
    3. [Diplomacy]Claim W3 2/2
      The Immortals are surprisingly accepting of the Meritocracy's ways. Though perhaps it may have something to do with the fact that Coz Han omitted the detail that the Meritocracy is possibly the single biggest oppressor of genetically modified humans in all of Axiom.
      Anyways, the citizens of the Meritocracy that fled here rebuild and declare a new state for themselves: the One True Meritocracy as opposed to the fools and traitors led by Galen on Bespéartha.
    4. [Economy 5] Increase Quantity: X6 (Yeather)
      No longer willing to witness his Djinye protégés' suffering from hunger due to the incompetence of and lack of cooperation between their governments, the Merciful God doubles the area of Yeather forests in an instant. However, as the Djinye rejoice and give their thanks at altars and shrines, a voice booms out. "Do not make another such mistake, Djinye. My sister and I cannot watch over you always. Only the mighty and independent will survive in Axiom."
    5. [Diplomacy 5]Create embassy with Celestia Enterprises
      The Djinye's new, mercantile neighbors are welcomed with open arms by King Zirkon. Lowering the barriers to trade is recogmized as mutually beneficial. As an offer of friendship, Zirkon sends an official envoy, Gade (pronounced Jade), to Celestia with gifts of precious stones and orders to build a Djinye-style residence. All Zirkon expects is to learn more about trade, so that he could maybe stop relying on pirates to get things done.


    Resist all foreign buyouts, conversions etc., unless converting to state faith or explicitly permitted.

    Allow and support CLS buyouts of open TPs.

    News and Rumors:
    • The genetically modified rebels have gained control over the Meritocracy's continental territory. While there are many disparate, noncooperating movements, the largest, occupying Mar, is said to be led by a certain Pyre. She is variously described by shaken Meritocracy soldiers as being crafty, nine feet tall, strong as Van the android, angry as a raging bull at all times, and capable of burning a city with her gaze. Well, who knows what's true? The Genmod, forced underground for several decades by the Meritocracy, barely scraped by in conditions of extreme squalor, and whenever they could afford it, they experimented,trying to make the next generation stronger and tougher...
    • Marshal Galen is positively distressed. He just wanted to improve people's lives in the Meritocracy, free from discrimination and oppression, and suddenly an ancient deity appears, his Mentor is back and a turncoat, and all hell literally breaks loose as those barely human demons escape from their underground mazes and conquer the Meritocracy. Not being able to carry on, he flees to Aoife, hoping that his mentor would perhaps finally see some sense and help him sort it out. That she does. Ignoring the outcry among more conservative priests, she gives Galen a Divine Mandate to rule Realtaists, persuading him it is the only way he can save the Meritocracy. And indeeed, some of the Realtaist Genmod rebels rally to him for leadership, and Galen remains a Marshal, though he is in a far weaker position.
      On the other hand, Coz Han declares Galen a traitor and, gathering that he has too few supporters to wage a war against Galen or any other faction in this mess of a war, flees to W5.
    • A border treaty is agreed with the Dawnstar Dominion. TMC shall acquire V6. DSD shall acquire W7.

    Spoiler: Ruler

    Marshal Galen Aoife
    Diplomacy 7 +2
    Military 2
    Economy 5
    Philosophy 10
    Intrigue 1

    New ruler: NO
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    End of Round Seven.

    All edits to actions posts made after this point will be considered invalid.
    BladeofObliviom said:
    I've only seen a character at anything resembling this level of absurdity thrive exactly once, and he/she/what-the-jongo had the advantage of being written by Gengy, who I look up to as a writer.

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Round Eight... Loading...
    The below happens between Galactic Dates 217512.0.0.81 - 2175014.0.0.80
    Don’t forget to link to any rolls you make for ANY Attribute checks, plus rolls for rulers you will start using at the start of next round. If you want a new ruler in the next round, you must state so in your action post for this round and link to their rolls. Any increases from actions for this round are counted for the ruler you start your next round with (because it’s handier to account for by the co-GM), which may or may not be your current ruler.
    Good luck!
    Rules Alerts and Changes!
    • You must target an explored region in order to use the Establish Claim action.
    • After extensive conversation, the GM Team has made a decision to move forward with changes to how Size Losses occur. These changes will begin with the next Round Opener. The previous rules will still be used for this Round Opener. The new rules for Size Losses are going to be watched carefully, and may be altered further if the GM Team finds that our newest solution does not work as well in practice as it does in theory. This is a significant change, and is subject to review through play and may result in further changes for balance. That said…
    • The larger an army is, the harder it is to manage and supply. Some troops may desert over inadequate supplies, dysfunctional leadership, or other reasons. Each participant on either side has additional 33% chance of losing troops when their army reaches 4, 6, 8 and 10 units and at each interval of 2 units thereafter. These losses are calculated after any loss deductions from technologies.
    • Mass Wave [Tactical Doctrine] will now increase the die size of the size loss roll from 1d3 (the new standard) to 1d5.


    War, diplomacy, and guile have placed Emperor Cherahiteth II at the head of a powerful galactic power. With allies in the militarily powerful Republic of Celes, a standing victory over the Syndrome in the Violet Expanse, and the prestige of victory in the Tabine War the Ninurtine Empire stands poised to make its indelible mark upon Axiom for decades to come. (D10 used; NUT becomes a Galactic Power! NUT may now take a 6th action each round)

    The Republic of Celes had grown quickly and stood strong in a galaxy filled with lesser stellar powers. The Celenians were an abundantly proud people and they had made clear their cultural superiority to their lesser neighbors time and time again. Now the Celenians were prepared to impose even more stringently their national will upon Axiom. (D10 used; CEL becomes a Galactic Power! CEL may now take a 6th action each round)

    While the southeastern cluster of Axiom was split between the warriors of Ninurtine, Celes, and Syndrome and the proselytists of Rust and Iteus the tension of the quadrant seems to act as a crucible for strong powers to emerge. The bio-organic Syndrome experience their own elevation in sync with that of their human neighbors with the Syndrome Protectorates emerging on the galactic stage as a serious contender for political dominance. (D10 used; SYN becomes a Galactic Power! SYN may now take a 6th action each round)

    Though moved around the galaxy from one corner to another the Symbraum have not faltered in their march towards premiere power projection in the space near to their homeworld. Almost completely surrounded now by far smaller more specialized states the UPT emerges as a nearly unrivalled galactic power in their new corner of the galaxy. (D10 used; UPT becomes a Galactic Power! UPT may now take a 6th action each round)

    Revolution or no the Alysians had built an impressive stellar presence around their home star and Prime Minister Eladia Makeda Sarai was eager to consolidate this power as the Alysians now found themselves bordered by resource hungry humans who consumed the natural world rather than protected it. With impressive military, economic, and diplomatic holdings the Eternal Assembly was poised to impose its influence upon the stars surrounding it by whatever means necessary. (D10 used; EAA becomes a Galactic Power! EAA may now take a 6th action each round)

    The Sublime People’s Republic, having now expanded across their corner of Axiom thanks to the unity of the One, sheds its initial form to establish the Union of Socialist Stellar People’s Republics or more simply, the Union. This new Union of aligned republics will surely face trials with their less friendly neighbors in Alysia replacing their Vilari comrades with competitors. Yet the Union appears determined to meet this new challenge through coordination and cooperation between and among its component parts. (D10 used; SPR becomes UNN a Galactic Power! UNN may now take a 6th action each round)

    The minotaurs have suffered serious setbacks on account of their brutally simplistic diplomatic methods failing to engender obedience from more “civilized” societies brought under their dominion. Rather than reject their heritage however the Rothuun double down on their cruel reputation making clear to any and all who fell under their rule that subservience or death were the only viable options. Quickly those who find themselves under Rothuun authority learn to recognize their overlords as their betters to avoid more severe punishment. (D5 used; RMT introduces Cultural Identity Crush Dissent: 2d8 to Stabilize)

    Despite, or perhaps because of, the vast gulf of space between them the Etherites seek to grow their formal presence within and among the Rothuun minotaurs. An ambassador of no small import is dispatched from the mercantile Etherite home system to take up residence near the galactic Core in Rothuun dominated space to allow the two powers to better facilitate negotiations. (D5 used; ETH establishes an embassy with RMT)

    With the Kronin repositioned but still near to the Commonwealth, Zara reaches out to formalize diplomatic relations with the Empire. Having both released fresh technological developments in recent years it was likely many tech heads from both nations were eagerly anticipating the advantage freer trade between the two powers would lend their technical pursuits. (D5 used; CWZ establishes an embassy with KRO)

    Looking to expand their diplomatic clout the Conclave of the Black Sun requests and is permitted authorization to break ground on an embassy in the congested urban sprawl of Droccen. An open line of communication between these two Galactic Powers would doubtless foster cooperation in the years to come. (D5 used; CBS establishes an embassy with DCC)

    Celestia Enterprises had a fascination with genetic engineering and the Syndrome were known far and wide as the best in the business. When CEO Mittens approaches the bioengineers regarding an embassy their interest in experimenting with the strange and wondrous collective of beings gathered in Enterprise employ swiftly sees a formal relationship established. (D5 used; CLS establishes an embassy with SYN)

    Thrown across Axiom by Revolution the Meritocracy and Celestia both are apart from their traditional early GLD Age neighbors and find a solidarity in their shared new circumstance. This rapidly blooms into deeper diplomatic relations and the Meritocracy leads the charge in linking the two displaced powers through ambassadorial exchanges. (D5 used; TMC establishes an embassy with CLS)

    Following the introduction of Ninurtine imperials to the haberdashers of nearby T20 an alliance is quickly formalized which rapidly evolves into full integration of the nearby governments. The less star-drive advanced but still formidably armed “Countermeasure” hat shaped ships and weapons platforms are integrated into the Ninurtine imperial navy. (NUT successfully presses their claim on T20 1/1 and gains 1 Unit of Alien Countermeasures)

    With support from the Grymlans the Dipanan Collected Nations successfully push their first contact status with the Sunbreams into a federated alliance bringing the impressive weaponsmiths of the aquatic globe in under the banner of the Collected Nations. (DCN successfully presses their claim on N28 1/1 and gains 1 Unit of Sunbream Swarmers)

    Though the Revolution had presumably alleviated prior year threats from unknown space the Symbraum were now hooked into the dreams of the Sheerest Reverie Dreamers pushing the massive aliens to throw their significant psychic weight in with the growing UPT. (UPT successfully presses their claim on D32 1/1 and gains 1 Unit of Dreamdrinkers)

    While one side of the newly declared Union was under assault by Draax nomads at the other end of the polity ambassadors and diplomats representing the Party successfully sought to pressure the psychic gestalt consciousness of sector R8 into joining the unified strength of the Union. (SPR successfully presses their claim on R8 1/1 and gains 1 Unit of Psychics)

    When Hanibal discovers the depth of the Syndrome’s organic biases the droid warlord refuses to meet with the Syndrome representatives rallying his forces and escaping the wasted world he and his army had long patrolled and lorded over. The speed of his retreat causes the warlord to leave nearly an entire battalion of deactivated battle droids behind which are claimed by the now dominant organic residents of the system. Hanibal and his droid army arrive at the border of Duenem space asking his fellow synthetics for sanctuary and the opportunity for revenge against the Syndrome. (SYN successfully presses their claim on T18 2/2 and gains 1 Unit of Hanibal’s Battle Droids. {CHOICE} DNM may take a non-action to declare war against the Syndrome and an action to Raid or Sack R16 Biotumblers TP 1 from SYN gaining Mil 8 General Hanibal and 3 Units of Hanibal’s Battle Droids if successful OR DNM may take a non-action to turn Hanibal away causing the war droid to fly off into unexplored space and no doubt gaining a modicum of favor with the Syndrome)

    Utilizing their innovative new economic means of expansion the Etherites conclude negotiations with the nearby producers of plasma disruptors admitting the weaponsmiths into the Etherite trade hegemony in a formal ceremony. The region’s older defense forces are upgraded with GLD as they are admitted into the Etherite naval structure. (ETH successfully presses their claim on H26 2/2 and gains 1 Unit of Plasma Fighters)

    In spite of the seeming conflict between the heavily gene modded Immortals and the strictly anti augment Meritocracy the chaos sweeping Meritocratic politics allows this fact to go largely unnoticed at the negotiation table. After an extensive debate the Immortals at last conclude they were better off working with the might of their GLD empowered neighbors rather than fighting against them. (TMC successfully presses their claim on W3 2/2 and gains 1 Unit of Immortals)

    Prior to the Revolution, the region that is now W3 was attacked by some unknown force and their people were very upset. Then the Revolution happened, and they became truly worried. Though there may have been some tension at first, the Technocratic Meritocracy of Caruflaith Restored not only welcomed the region into the fold, but also quelled any unrest in the area. Their willingness to help others is recognized by the locals, and an additional group of fighters pledges itself to protect TMC interests! (TMC successfully stabilizes W3, and gains 1 Unit of Immortals.)

    With a long history of political and economic interaction the Etherites were now poised to push their position of relative authority with the silicon nanowire spider weavers next door. Initial talks prove fruitful and the Etherites are invited back to continue their discussions of incorporation with the arachnids in the upcoming year. However, before Etherite ambassadors can issue their progress update a band of pirates strike the region killing local as well as Etherite merchants and driving them out of the region. This act of piracy disquiets the local forces whose negotiations had been largely precipitated on trade security and further negotiations are indefinitely delayed. (ETH successfully presses their claim on H28 1/2 but a Raid on TP 2 removes both the ownership of the TP and the ETH Claim based on Trade League! causing the claim to reset/fail)

    Reaching out around and past the Kombuch the Conclave seeks to make diplomatic contact with the apparent lost colony of Tal Amanyk geneticists who resided in sector I5. The local population appears intrigued by the continued existence of their imperial homeworld cousins and encourage the possibility of reunification. (CBS successfully establishes a claim on I5)

    The attention of the Ninurtine imperial government quells the lingering resentment of the Tabine over their conquest or at the very least redirects it into less harmful avenues. For many Tabine while the Ninurtine Emperor was a conqueror and foe to their own system of governance he was undeniably stronger than they had been and the chance to serve such a powerful warlord rather than face extermination as many historic Tabine foes had was in itself an honor and privilege seen as being conferred due to the Tabine’s own martial prowess. (NUT successfully stabilizes T24)

    While words did not end the hunger of the Symbraum nor address the starvation of their young in the breeding pools presentation of a united godly purpose in the suffering caused by lack of living brains to consume does help prevent further degradation of UPT order. How long these words of duty and purpose could salve the material demands remained to be seen but for now proves effective enough to allow the UPT capital to stabilize. (UPT successfully stabilizes E31)

    A relatively recent conquest sector M19 finds the attention of Accord Masters filtering out among the populace bringing wise words of peace and stability to the region. Those who wish to fight find themselves inducted into the Order of the Flame while Masters of Shadow seek to negotiate the line between domination and self determination for the local administration. (EHZ successfully stabilizes M19)

    The Eternal Assembly swiftly sees to the settlement of the crystal miners of newly relocated R4 redistributing the economic gains made by Assembly decision among the populace and quelling fears regarding overproduction of the rare energy-infused crystals native to this sector. (EAA successfully stabilizes R4)

    While the Revolution may have shifted the stellar cartography of Axiom and bruised certain international relations it had not broken the stronger ties of ideology and fraternity that had been developed by some. The Realtaist Church would not readily surrender their hold on the expansive and domineering Mier Formica hegemony and if that meant forcing the Realtaist kingdoms of the Meritocracy to swear their fealty to the Formican Queen that was what would be done. From across the stars the Meritocracy, though whether that name any longer fit the fractured collective of kingdoms, nations, and church was dubious, pledges itself to the insectoid empire granting the Formicans an entry point into pan galactic politics. (TMC vassalizes to MFM!)

    The Tezh are transmitted the verification protocols mastered by the Rocthurhi for ideological exchanges bringing the entirely of the Uplift Chorus up to date with these procedures insulating these adherents to the One from conflicting ideological thought. (RTH shares “Requires Verification” CI for 2d8 on Conversion Resist with TZH)

    The Kamsati Pantheon had expanded vastly over the last few galactic years and not everyone was happy about this. The people in the newly gained territories do not agree with the Kamasati rule and the planets voice their displeasure openly, in response the Pantheon decides to address the concerns of their new subjects and all to swiftly the people of M5 and M7 see that their new leaders are worthy of their trust and worship. (KSP stabilizes M5, and M7)

    Though the evidence strongly supports them as the culprit of a duplicitous theft, the Melfynians still did become close to many within the Sisterhood of Silence. Several smaller factions within the Sisterhood still do not believe the evidence, and when the Melfynians make efforts to make amends, there are those still willing to accept them. Further betrayals, though, may have dire consequences… (MYA increases their reputation with the SoS from 0 to 1.)

    At the same time as renewing friendships with the Sisterhood, the Melfynians also reach out to An’Null’s Eradicators. The piratical cult is awed by the starfish-like people’s ability to cause chaos and are quick to become friendlier… (MYA increases their reputation with the ANE from 0 to 1.)

    Lyrae’s diplomats only just returned from their mission to T26 when news arrived that the populace has taken to the streets yet again. Demanding that the LYR accepts the responsibility they took on when they added T26 to their territories and name their star to prove their dedication. A new wave of diplomats is dispatched and the promise of recognition quells the unrest in the people once more.
    (LYR stabilizes T26)


    A humanoid creature arrives at the Cosmic Courier relay within K27, and causes quite the stir. Seemingly completely human, the man dresses in a historical black tuxedo, and speaks with a fine air of quality. If it were not for his ability to survive in outer space without an environment suit, the creature calling himself the Broker would be easily confused as fully human. Yet with one small spacewalk to repair his otherwise nondescript grey hulled ship, such beliefs are fully removed. The Broker wouldn’t be so noteworthy, except he seems to have managed to work in a deal with the CmC that sends out information to all the Maturated races; the Broker has a Mysterious Artifact that he claims he has recovered from previously Sanctum space, and is willing to sell it to the highest bidder! Proof of your economic might will impress him further, though... He also says he has what he thinks is Useful Information, that he will sell separately, though does not mind doing so in a slightly more quiet manner. With such a close relationship to the Cosmic Couriers, the Broker seems to have negotiated that they will receive a small (but significant) percentage of the funds he receives, which does seem to both afford him some protection and also creates a way for the CmC to perhaps create some preferential treatment for their friends...
    (Players can spend an Economy action during Round 8 to bid on the Mysterious Artifact, rolling 2d6+Economy+Number of Total Trade Owned Posts. Players can spend an Economy or Intrigue action to bid on the Useful Information, rolling 2d6+Associated Stat. Neither bid can be a Secret Action. Gifting the CmC a Trade Post, or expending a previously existing favor, can provide a +5 to the roll, even after the roll is completed. Attempts to harm the Broker will reduce reputation with the CmC.)

    Need your sh*t protected? Don’t trust your local constabularies not to fall for the tricks performed by foreign spies? Need a security team you can trust? What you need is the brand new F.L.E.X. security system! The principle is simple, you hire muscle bound Clone Knights who have sworn oaths of absolute devotion to their assigned task of protecting your valuables, make small monthly payments, then just sit back and relax knowing your assets are secure under the watchful eye of some of the most renowned mercenaries available for hire in Axiom!* If it’s good enough for SPACE KING, it’s good enough for you! Call now!
    *No representation is made that the quality of mercenary work to be performed is greater than the quality of services performed by other mercenaries
    (E10 used; KNV introduces F.L.E.X. Security! Effect: +1 defense against theft actions. Requires: Space Knights)

    A curiously high demand for operatic frogs had rippled out since the discovery of the Cagun planet with traders looking conversely to chow down on the singing amphibians, adopt them as pets, and even adapt them for use in war. With such heavy attention on the nearby world it seems like simple good business for the affluent Ndoda to invest early in the frog farms establishing their own harvesting centers on the nearby planet which could be traded or used to fuel further Ndoda economic gains. (E5 used; NDA increases F22 Operatic Frogs from [Good] to [Great] taking control of TP3!)

    Desiring the immortalization promised by extravagant diamond statues made in their likeness a number of affluent Celestian traders establish permanent patronage outposts in sector Y5. The Meritocracy appears pleased with the economic growth while Celestian businessmen and women flaunt their wealth through commission of sculptures made from pure diamond intended to impress and intimidate the competition. (E5 used; CLS increases Y5 Diamond Statues from [Good] to [Great] taking control of TP3!)

    Apparent divine intervention by one of the Meritocracy’s gods sees Yeather harvests double in less than two years and the new growth of Yeather producing trees does not appear likely to decline in the foreseeable future. (E5 used; TMC increases X6 Yeather from [Minor] to [Good] taking control of TP2!)

    Ndoda interests come to dominate the Iridium trade in nearby sector D20 with all major Iridium producers having deals with the Ndoda government. A few small scale Iridium producers have minor deals with other traders but by and large it is the Ndoda who are recognized as the primary customer for Iridium exports. (NDA successfully buys out D20 TP2 [Iridium])

    Although the Guild Enterprises of Nyx were new arrivals in this sector and impressive merchants in their own right it appeared there would be some measure of cooperation with the equally economically ambitious Ndoda. Some secret negotiations, or perhaps simply good natured respect for one’s economic competitors, sees the Ndoda secure a portion of Voidstone exports from Nyx with the Guild’s explicit endorsement. (NDA successfully buys out C23 TP2 [Voidstone])

    Having warped into a new sector of space credit of the Revolution and absent any immediate threats the Guilds of Nyx quickly find themselves leaning on their speciality, conspicuous consumption. Drugs are followed by consumer electronics are followed by the always in demand martial servants and medical equipment. The coffers of Nyx are rapidly bolstered to outweigh those of any other developed stellar power with a significantly large range of ownership stretching from their original position near the Geleans down into Formican and unclaimed southwestern territories.
    (NYX successfully buys out C19 TP1 [Rainbow Carrots])
    (NYX successfully buys out D22 TP3 [Dreameating Pills])
    (NYX successfully buys out E25 TP1 [Pocket Factories])
    (NYX successfully buys out E27 TP1 [Mercenaries])
    (NYX successfully buys out C17 TP1 [9-Armed Surgeons])

    With support from the Grymlans and their local detachment of Cosmic Couriers the Casrule Movement secures a steady supply of arms from the Dregisles. With the Civil War heating up in Kryptid space the provision of these firearms could tip the scales in favor of the Casrule, that was, assuming they survived their first real bought against the One High Maxim. (KCW successfully buys out Dregisles (N32) TP1 [Guns])

    The Duenem obviously had no biological need or desire for drugs but were certainly clever enough to realize controlling the supply of powerfully addictive substances could lend them influence and power over organic lifeforms. The rapid expansion of Duenem ownership of poppy fields and refinery labs in nearby sector S13 was perhaps a prelude to yet greater interest from the synthetics in aiding and directing development in the system.
    (DNM successfully buys out S13 TP1 [Opium])
    (DNM successfully buys out S13 TP2 [Opium])

    The Kronin seek to capitalize economically on their military gains and purchase a stake in their provincial production of Vanadium bringing the resource under imperial control. (KRO successfully buys out G13 TP2 [Vanadium])

    The Revolution causes unrest across the galaxy and two of the ten missing Lopurna ark ships appear in the Nyxian home region. When initial contact is established the Nyxians quickly find out that the ships are loaded with exotic trade goods acquired by the long traveling Lopruna merchants that are more than willing to assist the mercantile Nyx in their manifold economic pursuits in exchange for a place to call home on a more permanent basis. A trial offer is made to the local Guilds that the two entities can test the bounds of partnership between their peoples. Already the attraction of unknown trade goods brought from the vast swaths of space explored by the once lost people has begun to attract the attention of well to do businessmen seeking that which none of their competitors possess. (NYX can use a non action in Round 8 to accept the merchants, doing so will give the NYX +1 to one buyout per round while the merchants reside in their capital. However, for the Lopurnan merchants to stay longer than three round (Round 9 - Round 11) they desire a Great Project to terraform a planet, build a ring world, or otherwise establish a permanent base from which they might operate. Failure to complete such a project will cause the nomads to set back out into the void to seek a more welcoming home)


    With a strong base of secular power now reinforcing their claim to godhood the Kamasati formalize the ideological beliefs of their people into Spiral Dancer thought. Teachings of the Spiral Dancers expound upon the importance of intelligent, especially psychic, races to rise to the challenge set forth by the Callers in the long ago seeking ascendance for their species or “pantheons” as gods both in their actions in this life and pursuit of elevation in some next life yet to come. The promulgation of tiered caste systems that cast the psionic and technologically superior Kamasati and those of similar ability as independent but interconnected pantheons of gods or Dreamers, less advanced but still intelligent races as Dream Children, and inorganic or non-psionic races as Demons provides a clear structure to society. The hierarchal nature promises an ascendant role for the loyal and obedient casting the modern Dreamers as former Dream Children of the now ascended Callers and assuring current Dream Children their time to reign as gods would come too, once the current Dreamers had left this plane of Axiom’s existence. (P10 used; KSP organizes Kamasati ideology as Spiral Dancers! LC 5 bonus is set as +1 to Stabilizations! M3, M7, & O5 convert to Spiral Dancer! )

    A formal ceremony involving the gods themselves casually observing and not objecting to the affair sees the codex of Nine Lights teachings formalized in print under the direction of Svrrta-Zel Mrrzety. The virtues of the nine gods are treated with the reverence expected of edicts drawn from those seen as literal divine beings and suffused throughout Svaatyr society not only in the Zel-Kryes system but wherever Nolkir boots had fallen in the past decade, not least of which in the Voxesier System whose unusual dimensional-temporal properties had been studied and mastered through application of Nine Lights wisdom. The wisdom of these ancient beings, including minor but impressive manipulation of reality, is enshrined in the educational institutions of the Theocracy and soon every citizen of the growing power can recite the Nine Virtues by rote. (P10 used; SVA organizes the Nine Lights ideology! LC 5 bonus is set as +1 to Secret Actions! J20 & L20 convert to Nine Lights! )

    The Melfynians who had adopted the guidance of the AI-curated interweb of OwO seek to expand the influence of the lisping AI throughout their newly-nearby regions of space. Shell Worship and a number of smaller local beliefs are wiped out and integrated into the all-knowing sphere of OwO’s network connection. Doubtless the expansion of OwO and handheld UwU devices throughout this sector of space would serve as a prelude to Melfynian expansion and with the majority of new adoptees now obsessed with the latest Tiny Cat videos this would, in the hopes of Melfynian leaders, prove relatively easy to accomplish. (P5 used; MYA Spreads Knowledge of OwO to I29, H28, J30, and I31, converting those regions.)

    In their new location south of the Svaatyr and the southern Core the Vilari seek to promote more directly their own ideological knowledge of the Way of the Tides. This balanced outlook on the world is heavily promoted within Kryptid space finding initial purchase among the Casrule but rapidly spreading to compete against the mishmash of local beliefs held by the other Kryptid factions and those fallen under their rule. How long the Way could expect to endure in the volatile environment of civil war fostered by the Kryptids remains to be seen but for now the Way celebrates an unprecedented doubling in size and influence in the modern age. (P5 used; VLS Spreads Knowledge of the Way of Tides to N24, N26, O23, and M25, converting those regions.)

    Thrown across the galaxy by the Revolution the Lyraens add a link to the growing chain of far south border states to adopt the ideology of OwO as their own. Embracing their link with the Grymlans and Melfynians facilitated through the great network of OwO the Luminary-guided canines adopt OwO as the official ideology of the state. (LYR declares OwO their State Ideology!)

    A formal declaration is made by Alysian leadership enshrining the Nine Lights ideology first promoted by the Svaatyr Theocracy as their own guiding principles. Now being positioned just outside the reach of two members of the One’s powerful Uplift Chorus this move appears to be a defining statement making clear in no uncertain terms the Assembly’s disinterest in joining the current era’s dominant ideology and the further strengthening of alternative ideologies among the Maturated Stellar Powers. (EAA declares the Nine Lights their State Ideology!)

    The Theocracy placed a special emphasis on cleverness and wit. This emphasis in turn encouraged a quiet careful demeanor that valued gathering and utilizing knowledge appropriately and without great fanfare over more obvious applications of the Theocracy and its followers accrued knowledge. (SVA sets Nine Lights LC 10 bonus as 2d8 for Secret Actions!)

    Suffer not the heretic seems to be the order of Iteus when it comes to the presence of Rust Speakers within the Syndrome Protectorates. While the Duenem may have been welcomed trading partners in Stormwrack the promotion of their ideology was far less welcomed by the Church who successfully expunges the idolators of machine and creation in favor of worship of the unknowable godlike terror of Iteus. (ITS successfully converts S19 from Church of Rust to the Church of Iteus!)

    The Churches from Rass work overtime to spread their ideology from their new location thrust upon them by Revolution. While the majority of effort concentrates in unclaimed space the Rass do boldly step into Ninurtine space to eject the hat-obsessed haberdashers in favor of the multitude of creation-obsessed aspects of the Church of Rust. Which probably also include hats. Just more advanced hats.
    (FCO successfully converts U21 from Haberdashery to the Church of Rust!)
    (FCO successfully converts V18 to the Church of Rust!)
    (FCO successfully converts V22 to the Church of Rust!)

    Reaching out across the galaxy near to their former neighbors within the Uplift Chorus and the newly nearby Droccen beside the Core the Tezh bring instruction of the One’s universality to Mindcasters and scam artists water sages alike enveloping the Axiom even more fully in the One’s embrace.
    (TZH successfully converts T4 to the One!)
    (TZH successfully converts H20 to the One!)

    Likewise the other ideological power center of the One seeks to spread the universality of Oneness to their north!
    (RTH successfully converts U5 to the One!)

    The faithful priests of the Rocthurhi received a report to travel to F12 and convert the populace to the One. Preparing for the long trip they set off with heavy hearts not looking forward to spending time in the far reaches with all these infidels. A few days into the trip a message arrived and it turns out a clerical error had occurred, they were to convert V12 not F12 and to set course to their new destination! With the news of this much shorter trip the priests quickly proceeded to let the much more local populace know the glory of the one and were on their way home long before they would have ever arrived in F12!
    RTH successfully converts V12 to the One

    The mecha-crab Krankot brought under Syndrome dominion express their desire to more closely integrate with their overlords feeling their reliance on mech suits is seen by many Syndrome as a negative marking them as inferior. In an attempt to rectify this perception many Krank seek enlightenment in the realm of occultish biotic study promoted by the Church of Iteus. (Crab Nebula (R22) converts to Church of Iteus)


    While Same v0.06 was being met in battle by Eye of the Horizon and Rothuun warriors on the minotaur's northern flank disturbing signals had been picked up from uncharted space. It appears the hole left around the Core by the absence of Morning Bloom or a replacement watchpost has been discovered by another Same version. V0.05 broadcasts in all languages are being picked up "In the name of the Same, all that is different will be purged."
    (Same v0.05 broadcasts are detected in the unexplored by Revolution region P16! Fear that the Same have acquired modern galactic maps to exploit the Maturated’s unexplored avenues for their expansion out of the Core has many worried! Calls for military recons into P16 to meet the Same before they have a chance for further expansion into unknown sectors buzzes throughout the military high command of RMT!)

    The day begins like any other in the Sisterhood of Silence monastery Shimmering Light. Morning prayers, midmorning recitations of the Mute Matriarch’s directives to her order, a nutritious but bland lunch, combat practice and active patrol duty, but before the local Sisters of the Emjata System are able to enjoy afternoon classes on modern discoveries an alarming disturbance arises from within the space station. The monastary’s Abbess, well respected and veteran of many tours against the Same, suddenly declares the pursuit of containment to be folly, the Sisterhood’s task a failure marked by the escaping of v0.06, and the order’s entire mission a misguided attempt to contain what could bring true enlightenment to the galaxy. Were she simply to make such a proclamation she might have been counseled and examined for reason behind this speech but her words do not come alone, they come coupled with action. The Abbess makes her announcement locked within the bowels of Shimmering Light’s mainframe coupled with the bypassing of safety protocols to set the station’s generators on an accelerated burn towards critical stage. Attempts to evict the mad Sister flailed helplessly against bulkhead sealed doors and in less than half an hour the station was set to blow with no time left to counteract the detonation. The local chapter of the Sisterhood faced with an impossible task evacuate the station mere minutes before the generators blow and the station is engulfed in nuclear destruction. The majority of the Sisters survive, physically at least, though many are disheartened and choose to merely settle on Emjata or one of the nearby planets rather than rejoin an extant monastery elsewhere. Just what exactly caused the Abbess to lose faith and enact such a ludicrous and suicidal plan remains unknown but one thing is clear, Shimmering Light no longer stands vigil against the Same. (SoS Base Shimmering Light in Emjata System (L20) is destroyed!)

    The Antillian brewers were generally a relatively peaceful, or at least lazy, people more focused on brewing and drinking than matters of war or statecraft. However, when it comes to light that Tal-Amanyk spies had been trying to incite an artificial contest between local brewers in order to facilitate their own sweeping into the region as “saviors”, well, that transforms the Antillians into angry drunks. The Brewers had been pleased to do business with the Conclave but they were not eager to be manipulated and lied to by the imperialist dragon men. Mothballed warships long forgotten in ancient hangars and retrofitted tradecraft equipped with new weapons set out to teach the nearby Viceroy a thing or two about Antillian tolerance for cheats and swindlers! (G11 raises 3 Units and attacks Amanyk (G9) with the intent to Sack trade posts and Purge the local Learning Center should they win the battle!)

    Though heavily guarded by the Conclave of the Black Sun, the Library of Peace is apparently too tempting of a target. The small blue-glowing data cube containing a massive collection of diplomatic knowledge goes missing, likely due to some nefarious actions! The theft, however, is almost flawless; other than a pair of guards being knocked out, not a single member of the Conclave is hurt. Someone planned this very well! The only lead they have is a single anomalous ship leaving CBS space without a manifest, shortly after the time of the theft… (The Library of Peace is stolen! CBS may investigate.)

    Promised as a reward by ANE for anyone whom can successfully pull off a difficult job - and prove it - the Eradicators find themselves in a tricky predicament: The Library of Truth has been stolen from them! The Fragment was being rotated between various bases to ensure that no one really knew where it was at any one time, but that does not appear to have been enough! Someone manages to outwit An’Null’s Eradicators, and has removed the promised reward! The Shadow Admiral is reportedly furious, and promises a slow and lingering suffering to whomever was the culprit. (The Library of Truth is stolen! ANE may investigate. The last known location was in the ANE base within Z18.)

    The Kombuch saw the revolution as an opportunity and started scouting the surrounding area for resources that could be taken from stellar powers that used to be its neighbors. The Lyrae were moved to the other side of the galaxy however they left behind the Cyreilean Marching Powder trading post in one of the Kombuch owned regions. The Kombuch swiftly organised some raids and took control of the trade post.
    KBC successfully raids J8 TP2 from LYR

    The following Capitals go Unstable due to a lack of their required resources and failure to attempt and procure a source of the demanded resource.
    (E7 UPT (now E31) (Stabilization action delays Unstable for 1 Round)
    N6 KSP
    V8 DSD)

    The following regions go into Unrest due to a lack of interest from their leading governments…
    (OOC: Write-ups still requested… Write ups provided during the course of Round 8 will eliminate Unrest)
    (KSP M3
    EAA L22 (now R4)
    UPT D6 (now D30)
    CBS F8, F10
    SPR T6, T8
    RTH T12
    HMY C21 (now K3))

    The following regions go Unstable due to continued lack of interest from their sovereign governments… (OOC: Write-ups still requested…Write ups provided during the course of Round 8 will reduce Unstable to Unrest)
    (KCW M23
    KSP M7)
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    Within the Dipanan Collected Nations bureaucracy reigned supreme and so when the bureaucracy recalled Commodore Nirali Butrana to return home to accept promotion to Admiral rather than continue the tour of duty that had earned her such a commendation she is forced, against her better judgment, to oblige. After months of time wasted in ceremony and paper filing the naval officer emerges promoted. The new admiral is quoted as saying she discovered a new passion for patrolling space and fighting state enemies as doing so meant she could avoid another torturous “vacation” at the hands of the Collected Council. (DCN successfully recruits a Military 10 General, “Admiral Nirali Butrana”)

    A military prodigy is selected from the Alysian navy to lead the Assembly’s forces in any upcoming conflicts preserving the Prime Minister for stately duties. Jhiran Vesewin Phelor had spent decades reading ancient military treatises and it appears this was not merely a benign hobby but a path of instruction and learning that has allowed the elder gentleperson a considerable insight into the minds of famous warriors and strategists alike. (EAA successfully recruits a Military 10 General, “Jhiran Vesewin Phelor”)

    Utilizing some of their most powerful psykers the Gelean Republic has developed a military strategy intended to maximize the likelihood of tactical victory when facing opponents on the field of war. Warships directed by psychic forces are positioned and organized not only to meet the enemy as reconnaissance revealed enemy formations but as precogs anticipated enemy maneuvers and counter maneuvers allowing the Geleans to be in place before the enemy even knew they were playing into the larger Gelean strategy. This significant psionic edge would doubtlessly allow a number of victories for the Gelean Empire, assuming the psykers were well deployed by their military commanders and handlers. (GLR introduces Gelean Goodnight Kiss Tactical Doctrine! With a successful Tactical roll when attacking a region, GLR opponents add +2 to their Combat Loss rolls)

    Space was big. So vastly incomprehensibly big that to try and contemplate its vastness was known to make men shudder at their insignificance. Not the Celenians however. For them the vastness of space was merely a canvas on which to paint their national pride and military aptitude. Already renowned for the Harbinger of Dawn and the in-commission Presage of Dusk as the largest GLD superships deployed in Axiom it becomes standard Celenian doctrine for engagement to utilize their vast superships as a means of intimidation and spatial control. The massive Celenian capital ships could serve as mobile, albeit slow moving, platforms for fighters and smaller ships allowing the Celenian navy to essentially roll the equivalent a small moon base into whatever position best served the campaign. The massive size of these superships was a tactical advantage under the right leadership acting as an intimidating force to force surrender from less bold opponents rather than face resistance until the bitter end. (CEL introduces Space Superiority Tactical Doctrine! With a successful Tactical roll CEL gains (+2) to the Combat Roll but the enemy takes (-1) to the Combat Loss roll, for every (3) units that CEL has, up to a +6/-3 bonus)

    The Eye of the Horizon Dawn see within their area a flaw in the monitoring of the Same. Working in conjunction with Powers from all over the Galaxy, what was but a simple design by the Masters of Shadow in N18 at first becomes a reality very quickly. The Dipanan Collected Nations provide an unusual - but functional - food source, while the Tezh help to provide resources dedicated towards the construction. The Droccen and the Grymlans happily provide additional staff, and sooner than the Eye of the Horizon Dawn could have projected, the Umbral Augury is fully able to provide defensive measures and counter the Same.
    (Umbral Augury Great Project in N18 is completed 5/5! When fighting the Same in N18 or Adjacent regions, DCN, TZH, DCC, and OwO may send units without Distance Losses. When fighting non-Same opponents, distance losses apply normally.
    GM Note: This is a disaster specific Great Project, and when the disaster is deemed resolved, the EHZ may spend an action to repurpose the Umbral Augury to do something different.)

    Security is restored to Aurora as the Listening Posts installed by the Geleans and formerly manned by the Eradicators are repaired and repopulated with less controversial attendants. The region seems content in their security and the devotion of the Geleans to preserve that security in spite of their initial attacks on the Sisterhood. The local Space Whaler’s guild endorses the Gelean Empire and many locals happily find jobs in imperial service defending their home from the threat of the Same. (Aurora Listening Posts Great Project in L10 is repaired 5/5! L10 has +1 on Stabilization rolls!)

    From their new perch closer to the Core the Duenem sally forth to annex an undefended region forcing the local producers of cheese to bow down and recognize their robotic overlords. Just what exactly a civilization of automatons wants with spiced Hypercheese remains unclear causing numerous protests and demonstrations against the new Duenem order. (DNM successfully invades S15! S15 is in Unrest!)

    Looking to further secure their investment in the operatic frog farms of the nearby Cagun the Ndoda forcefully annex the region into their growing stellar power. The Cagun are furious at these imperial lizards claiming dominion over their ancestral lands but without the advanced technology to put up a significant resistance there is little they can do to push off the yoke of Ndoda rule, at least for now. (NDA successfully invades F22! F22 is in Unrest!)

    While the Vilari had continuously promoted peace and compromise between and among the denizens of Axiom their pacifistic attitude did not apparently extend to the meek and undefended. Quickly the Vilari take advantage of their new location annexing a nearby defenseless region rich with resources to be “educated” and “directed” by Sodality leadership, to the chagrin of the native peoples. (VLS successfully invades I25! I25 is in Unrest!)

    Under the diarchic authority of Mittens and Ziplock the new regions of space buttressed up against Celestia Enterprises’ home systems quickly learn to fear the power of cat and AI. Two sectors of space are annexed through rapid military occupation doubling the size of Enterprise real estate holdings and inviting a whole host of new problems in attempting to tend to these new provinces of the megacorporation.
    (CLS successfully invades W13! W13 is in Unrest!)
    (CLS successfully invades W15! W15 is in Unrest!)

    With a treaty between themselves and the Kamasati allowing free access to the Courier Relay and no significant force to stand against them the Gelean fleets sweep in sector L6 and annex it in the name of the Emperor. While the Couriers seem nonplussed by this change in political affairs the locals are less neutral and begin to make demands the Geleans would need to meet if they wished to call themselves rightful lords of the sector. (GLR successfully invades L6! L6 is in Unrest!)

    When SPACE KING orders half his armada to seize sector P12 in the name of galactic security his subordinates hop to it, not least of all because being on the frontier meant even less oversight regarding their recreational activities than existed back home. Cannabliss sales skyrocket with the majority associated with deliveries to this new system and slowly the Knightly fleets encompass the nearby region completely. Of course, maintaining this control could prove more troublesome as the local Sisterhood monastery seems less than delighted at the Knights showing up in the system. (KNV successfully invades P12! P12 is in Unrest!)

    The Celenians send a token force to P24 and it does not take long for the region to submit to the vast armada that shows up. This does not mean that the locals take this lying down and they voice their disapproval to their new rulers. (CEL successfully invades P24! P24 is in Unrest!)

    While the Melfynians had initially presented themselves as a pacifistic race at the Simulacrum a decade of Melfynian actions had revealed a far more practical people. It was little surprise when the aquatic species dispatched a martial cluster into nearby Manoomin space to secure the region in their name. (MYA successfully invades G29! G29 is in Unrest!)

    With the Harmony failing to put up a defense of their provincial region the attack fleet of the Kombuch swiftly seize important planetary bodies in the name of the Mother and set to work securing the sector for all fungal kind. A notion non-fungus inhabitants seem uneasy about. (KBC successfully invades J6 from HMY! J6 is in Unrest!)

    The Ninurtine Empire sends four fleets lead by Lord Admiral Anguradeshib to take control of the region driven by war. When the fleet entered V22 space it did not take long for the warmaidens to take notice and fleets of mech pilots were dispatched to deal with these intruders. Mech Master Maverix personally took to the battlefield in order to stop the invasion and a clash happened outside one of the mech factories. The fleets of the Ninurtine Empire prove to be too much for the mech pilots and the difference in strength is soon clear to all combatants. In a desperate attempt to even the battle field Mech Master Maverix crashes his ship into that of what he believed to be the enemy flag ship unfortunately he missed his mark and destroyed one of the units guarding Lord Admiral Anguradeshib. In the second bout of chaos that ensues following this suicidal run two other mech pilots critically incapacitate another of the Ninurtune flotilla before quickly being dispatched by the other ships. (NUT successfully invades V22! V22 is in Unrest!)

    NUT overwhelms defenders
    NUT loses 2 Units
    Defenders are destroyed
    The Mech Master is slain

    Enraged and confused by the sudden relocation of their star the Draaxerri Supraterrans lash out in anger at the nearest targets and the unfortunate Dawnstar Dominion is targeted. The Draaxerri fleet rushes into V8 where the Dawnstar scrambles together a defensive fleet to engage these bold invaders. The fleets meet above the capital planet of the Dawnstar Dominion and the battle that ensues is swift but deadly, during the combat the Draaxerri manage to deploy small fighters to the Caroxan TP taking the spoils and leaving the trade post in ruins. When the fighters return to the fleet the Draaxerri return home and just before leaving the system manage to take down one of the Dawnstars cruisers. The Dawnstar Dominion survive however the citizens see this failure to defend their system as a sign of weakness and take to the streets! (DRX successfully invades V8 of the DSD! Caroxan TP 1 is Sacked! V8 is Unstable!)

    DSD loses 1 Unit to Size Losses

    It does not take long for The Sublime People's Republic to receive the reports that an enemy fleet has entered the Huville and Trufopolis (T8) system. Chairman Patricia Tats was not used to war but she did not hesitate to take the battlefield with her people and send out comms to the DSD to honour the accords. The DSD responded and send out a fleet to assist Patricia in her battle giving her tactical advise as the battle went on, unfortunately the support from DSD never arrived as communication was lost while the fleet was in transit its fate unknown. The battle that ensued was fierce and The SPR gave as good as it got however in the end it was not enough, the Draaxeri fleet destroyed one of the Sublime’s fleets and while they lost one of their own in the process Patricia was forced to retreat back to S7. The remainder of the Draaxeri fleet occupied T8 and started raiding the populace.
    (DRX successfully invades Huville and Trufopolis (T8)! Draaxeri Claw (Mil 2) occupies the region causing it to enter Anarchy!)

    DRX lose 1 Unit
    DSD loses 1 Unit to Distance Losses
    SPR loses 1 Unit

    Ships loyal to the Rocthurhi cause accumulated by political expansion alongside mercenaries hired from the Knights Vacio ride forth to meet the Draaxeri Snarl’s invasion of sector T12. Unfortunately for the defenders a lack of seasoned leadership at the helm of a disparate and uncoordinated navy allows the Snarl avenues into the system’s interior and the nomads gleefully pillage and sack the interior planets to feed their “mighty empire.” The Knights suffer the most as the violet skinned mercenaries attempt to fulfill their contract with their lives while Rocthurhi command plays conservatively with their own forces, managing to preserve their fleets but dooming many Squires and Knights to Draaxeri aggression. In the wake of the attack numerous planets are held under Draax occupation and the Rocthurhi were left scrambling to restore order to the region and avoid further spread of the Draax terror. (DRX invades RTH (T12)! Draaxeri Snarl (Mil 4) occupies the region causing it to enter Anarchy!)

    KNV loses 2 Units

    The Core Patrol fleets, assisted by the Rothuun, come roaring like wildfire into O19 to defend the galactic south against the machines that threaten to break out of their ancient prison and consume all of the galaxy. Many have doubted those who have criticized the Sisterhood of Silence for not taking a more proactive approach to saving Axiom from Samification, but Fire Lord Vix-Tal and his semibovine allies surely prove that those were not just empty words! Thanks to his tactical mastery, the 0.06 robotic hosts are scattered, and what remains of them escapes back to the Core. But the Source, whatever or whoever it is, may not be completely disappointed, as the Core Patrol suffers far greater losses, thanks to the Same's advanced military systems. Or maybe this was all a setup, as some among the Sisters seem to think… Either way, Axiom is safe for now, and the Maturated can take a moment to celebrate their first victory against the supposedly insurmountable horde of killbots!
    (EHZ successfully invades O19! O19 is in Unrest!)

    EHZ/RMT overwhelms defenders
    EHZ loses 3 Units
    V0.06 loses 1 Unit

    The collection of alien trophy hunters who made this region their home were none too pleased when the expansive government of the Mier Formicans made their presence known through the deployment of assault cruisers into the region. The best of the local hunters is selected to lead the resistance and while the entity known simply as “Predator” proves competent his forces are simply too small to do more than inflict damage on the Formicans during their inevitable conquest of the sector. The hunter recognizes a superior predator and seeks to reconcile and learn from the Formicans but pride demands a price before he offers his service to another warrior of Axiom. (MFM successfully invades E15! E15 is in Unrest!)

    MFM overwhelms defenders
    MFM loses 1 Unit
    Predator (7) is captured and may be recruited as a Mil 7 General in Round 8 if MFM takes a Diplomacy action to mark E15 as a special province under his leadership and a Military action to commission the warrior in their service. Failure to take one or both these actions will cause Predator to cease to exist as a potential General.

    The Formicans had not expected significant resistance from a region of physicians and for the most part their expectations had been accurate as even the unspecialized drones sent to accomplish the task manage to secure victory for their Queen. However, a number of engagements are marked by the presence of a clear strategist and rumor of a quantum mechanical doctor calling herself “Dr. Battles” inspires defenders throughout the system. While the good doctor ultimately proves incapable of defeating the invading ant species her legend lives on and no recovered body is identified as belonging to the militarily gifted medical practitioner. (MFM successfully invades D18! D18 is in Unrest!)

    Dr. Battles (8) flees the battlefield avoiding capture by the Formican drones, though to what end remains to be seen...

    When the One High Maxim ordered his fleet of Eradicator supporters to sally forth under Crusader Bacop’s command it was the diverse and popular Casrule Movement who first met the theocracy’s mercenary fleet in battle above the Kryptid homeworld. While the Casrule boasted numbers thanks in large part to international support from outside Kryptid space the loss of Lord Hops weighed heavy on the minds of the Casrule soldiers. Without a clear military direction the High Maxim’s forces were able to exploit the unfamiliarity of the disparate forces dissolving the Casrule lines and managing to secure the atmosphere in the name of the One High Maxim. It was in this moment of triumph that the previously hunkered down forces of the Caliphate, bolstered by news of arriving Church of Rust reinforcements, emerged to engage with the haggard Eradicator and Maxim fleets. Brutal dogfights between the finely tuned Caliphate craft and heavily armed but struggling Maxim ships whittled away at the Eradicator fleet and utterly destroyed the Maxim’s personal cruisers. While it was impossible for the Technocrats to proclaim a victory in light of their own damages suffered and failure to secure important tactical positions within the home system the damage inflicted on their enemies surely left them in no worse and very possibly a better position than they had claimed before.
    (KCW civil wars! One High Maxim claims victory over the Casrule but is unable to cow the Technocratic Caliphate!)

    ANE lose 3 Units, remaining Unit’s contract expires and they leave the OHM to their fate
    CRM lose 3 Units
    OHM loses 1 Unit
    TEC loses 1 Unit


    The Department of Space was on to of affairs in Zara, at least for now, and scientific pursuits long left unpursued by Family interests receive special attention under the incoming administration of Chief Spaceman Cedos Moravec, disputed though it may have been. Unusual signals had been detected emitting from Zara’s moons during lunar synchronicities which were now traced to three buried pieces of ancient technology embedded in Zara’s moons. Excavation work brings these three duplicate spheres out of the lunar soil and when brought to a research station for examination they light up and coalesce into a single larger sphere which began to transmit real translatable data. The data reveals this fragment of Caller technology was known as “Shared Objective” and its resonant frequencies are noted by researchers to be soothing and fostering of camaraderie among those exposed to the device. (I10 used; CWZ uncovers a Caller Fragment Shared Objective! Effect: +1 Reputation Increase once/round)

    Now thrust to the edges of the galaxy the Grymlans have rapidly sought to gain an understanding of their new location. These scans, surveys, and scouting missions have revealed an unusual reading just outside the Dregisles sector which a recon team manages to track and recover. It appears an ancient spacefaring vessel had been flash frozen by some unknown means leaving it completely encased in ice. The Grymlans rig up Max Zappyzap Projections flamers, Arclight Power heat coils, and even jury rigged Fluffyshine Grooming hair dryers to melt the ship out which reveals an organically empty but structurally sound GLD ship dated, by best estimates, to over fifteen thousand years ago. The computer core appears heavily corrupted with no usable data but it functions enough to release a locked containment section of the ship which is found to contain a beautifully designed box of wood and leather inset in the interior with a handheld rod which radiated Caller signatures. The rod is examined and revealed to be a Caller Fragment identified as “Emotional Appeal” whose function appears simple, allowing the user to press a button which released some potent mix of pheremonal and electronic signalling that appears to effectively sway any listeners to the user’s point of view. (I5 used; OwO uncovers a Caller Fragment Emotional Appeal! Effect: +1 Pressing Claim once/round)

    Though it takes some time and quite a bit of unraveling, the Dipanan investigator Abdou Sall uses his magical might, clever thinking, and (so the rumors say) ample charm to find out more about the death of Lord Hops. Whether it was luck or by design, starting in sector N26 was the right call. Sall is quick to both come to a conclusion and also get out while the getting is good; it is very clear to him that the Technocratic Caliphate is the culprit behind the murder of the once uncontested Generalissimo!
    (DCN investigates the death of Lord Hops, and determines that KCW is to blame!)

    The Conclave of the Black Sun sets to the task of finding out more about the Revolution. However, though the Inquisition tries valiantly to determine the cause, they only are able to re-confirm what everyone seems to already know: the Revolution occurred because of something or someone leading the so called Efficiency Ground. The Jester, Woe, and Wrath were warnings (if ineffective ones), and the need to find Efficiency Ground - or at least somehow talk with them - is likely the best first step. The Inquisition does seem to think that there were other Stellar Powers looking into the matter as well, though they were never quite able to determine who...
    (CBS investigates the Revolution, and determines that speaking with Efficiency Ground is a good place to start finding out more! details)

    Sisterhood investigators seek to illuminate the reason for Same v0.06’s change in proclamation from endorsement of themselves as the Same to endorsement of ‘the Source’ a power well known to be associated with the Masters of Shadow & Flame from the Eye of the Horizon. After an extensive investigation that turned up a number of false leads, seemingly planted to divert Sisterhood attention, and a few close encounters with nameless unidentifiable assailants who sought to deter Sisters on the trail of the Eye the collection of evidence is undeniable. The Eye of the Horizon had previously attempted to convert the Same to the Accords. Clear evidence of alteration exists in broadcast data put out by Same v0.06 matching codes used by Eye of the Horizon programs and an off the books effort early in the reign of Zel-Dara is tied to the spread of ‘the Source’ among a number of Same versions residing in and leaking out of the Core. The Sisterhood is furious, not only at this early breach of their vigil but by the hubristic attempts to turn what had shamed the One with its destructive desire to consume and transform all into an agent for a new ideology in Axiom. Further that the Eye have proclaimed themselves “defenders” against the very threat they poked and prodded is taken as evidence of their intent to manipulate the threat of the Same to serve their own nefarious ends. The Sisterhood decries the Eye as hypocrites and dangers to Axiom encouraging any who truly cared about Same containment and destruction to exert pressure on the Eye to surrender responsible parties to justice and cease attempts to spearhead containment procedures. (SoS investigates the Same v0.06 endorsement of the Source and discovers a secret plot by EHZ to manipulate the Same for unknown ends! EHZ/SoS Reputation drops to -2!)

    While trade may not have been easily conducted with the insular and suspicious wizards of the Gardens of Leira it appears the powerful magisters had found a sense of security under the dominion of the Sodality which fostered greater cooperation than had been seen since the ancient days of Leira herself. Three of the powerful Sapphire Lords declare the need for unity and a desire to restore the peace enjoyed by the mystics of the realm prior to the Dragon’s disruption of Leira’s beauty. The Lords formally surrender their personal fragments of the Star Heart to the Vilari requesting only that they treat the Gardens as they had demonstrated they treated all life fostering systems and people, with respect and care befitting inheritors of Leira’s legacy. (Reuniting the Star Heart progresses to 4/5!)

    Two more of the ten missing Lopurna ark ships drift into the stellar edge of the Zara sector! The Lopurna onboard are a haggard and desperate bunch and initial contact with the Commonwealth nearly sees a battle erupt but cooler heads prevail after their ship design is matched to those of the Lopruna in Dregisles and the refugees manage to explain their long wandering. According to the Lopruna navigational instruments they, or the sector they were in, now marked G27, was moved in the Revolution and the detection of intelligent signals from the Commonwealth, notably their prestigious daytime programming, drew the Lopurna into Zara held space. Now that they were there, and free from the strain of wandering the stars fending off hostile forces, the psychic people seek to share their knowledge and offer their insights into Axiom not only to the Commonwealth should they be willing to take them in but also to their long lost brothers and sisters in the Dregisles under Grymlan control. (CWZ may take a non-action to permit the Lopruna ark ship to settle in Zara (G25) granting CWZ exclusive access to star charts (exploration results) of G27. Rejection or ignoring this request will result in the Lopurna sharing their star charts Axiom-wide and the ark ship departing Zara (G25) for the Dregisles (N32). OwO gains 1 Unit of Lopruna Psykers!)

    Church of Iteus probes collect data from deep in the stars finding a world that appears to be a massive diamond. Further inspection reveals the planet is covered diamondized carbon, kept stable by a highly pressurized atmosphere. Iteus evangelists soon find that the only inhabitants are a friendly race of robots who use diamonds mined from the surface to create all manner of entertaining baubles. (ITS discovers T14 which contains a [Good] resource of [Beneficent Baubles], 1 unit, and an Open Learning Center!)

    A second group Church probes finds an incredibly large ocean covered world bathed by tropical blue sunlight with only the sparse island popping above the surface. Further studies reveal the existence of an incredibly complex ecosystem with life range from micrometer sized plankton to kilometer sized living islands. Seemingly the sole intelligent race is a species of rainbow octopi. Unfortunately attempts to converse have gone poorly the octopi seem to be quite fond of attaching themselves to intelligent beings to feed on their thoughts. Missionaries recover from the experience only seem to recall being able to “taste the rainbow.” (ITS discovers U15 which contains a [Minor] resource of [Rainbow Octopi], 3 units of Octopi, and an Open Learning Center!)

    Tezh diplomats find a scarred and dirty backwater world where the humanoid inhabitants have nearly been driven to extinction due to a conflict known as the water wars. Now the remainders live in floating dieselpunk sky cities that both enable the locals survival but also pollute the planet with industrial waste on an unimaginable scale. A small movement endorsing renewable less pollutant heavy industry exist within each of the sky cities but their support remains weak among the general populace more concerned with day to day survival. While the world currently seems ravaged, for a GLD capable civilization, its relatively workable, leaving a large swathes of the systems resources virtually untapped. (TZH discovers F6 which contains a [Good] resource of [Undefined], 2 units Aerial ravagers, and an Open Learning Center! In addition there is a partially completed Great project: Planet Rejuvenation 1/5)

    Kronin diplomats sent to survey nearby space soon find a world that’s a strange mixture of volcanic and temperate, where plate tectonics run wild producing a network of great volcanos. The silicate natives prove to be quite adept at shaping the lava flows into a wide variety of forms, creating beautiful lava figurines. Baubles, weapons, armor, jewelry, and even buildings are crafted delicately from lava into more usable forms. (KRO discovers G15 which contains a [Great] resource of [Lava flowers], 2 units lava armored mercs, and an Open Learning Center!)

    Kronin explorers stumble upon a world seemingly covered in vast deserts and salt flats. The world is dotted by a series of oasis host to a wide variety of plant life. Indegenous people spend most of their lives either farming spices at specific watering holes, or eeking out life as a group of nomads migrating from oasis to oasis. (KRO discovers F14 which contains a [Minor] resource of [Fellstone Fennel] and an Open Learning Center!)

    Deep in an unexplored region of space, Kronin explorers find what appears to be an artificial clockwork world made of bronze. Unfortunately first contact proceed poorly as the giant mechanical spider inhabitants rapaciously set upon the Kronin explorers. Further exploration reveals the civilization that created this moon has been long encased in ice, leaving only this structure as its legacy. (KRO discovers D12 which contains a [Great] resource of [Bronze], 4 units Clockwork Spider mechs, and an Open Learning Center!)

    Formican ships traverse unknown space only to find a giant cigar shaped cylinder home to a community of giant weavers how spend their days harvesting a menagerie of silks and fabrics to create Legend Quilts. Much of the space stations space is taken up by workshops where weavers debate and practice the finer points of artisanal knitting, frequently hosting competitions on who can create the best Legend Quilts. (MFM discovers F16 which contains a [Good] resource of [Legend Quilts], 1 units knitters, and an Open Learning Center!)

    Another group of Formican bio ships finds a series of gas giants home to a sublight civilization that inhabit giant levitating brass skystations. Most of the native inhabitants are employed in the mining of material from the various gas giant cores and selling it. Metallic brass mixed with the metallic core material is combined to form the levitating hyper brass. Further reporting on the local situation reveals that the star is slowly getting brighter, greatly altering the gas composition of the habitable layers of each of the gas giants. Now new shields are needed in order to keep out up drafts of toxic gases. (MFM discovers B16 which contains a [Minor] resource of [Hyper Brass], 2 units of Sky miners, and an Open Learning Center! In addition there is a partially completed Great project: Gas Shields 3/5)

    Rocthurhi diplomats manage to avoid the explosion of Draax attack fleets erupting from U9 and enter the region proper to try and discern what had caused their sudden violent outburst. What they find is chaos. It appears the nomadic Draaxeri Superterran colony ships had been facing mounting internal political pressures from warrior castes who had demanded a homeworld for their people against the wise counseling of the previous Archdraaxi. A violent revolt had broken out across the ships but each complement of warriors had attempted to claim leadership of the movement for themselves, representing the three warlords currently engaged with Dawnstar, Union, and Rocthurhi naval forces. The remaining Draaxerri are largely noncombatant women and children who are eager to see some semblance of order restored and the dissolution of the military juntas whose representatives still commanded the nomadic fleet in spite of the absence of warriors to enforce their rule. That is, until the Draxxeri Fang returns from assaulting the Dawnstar Dominion proclaiming lordship over the anarchic collective established by Claw and Snarl. (RTH discovers U9 which contains a [Great] resource of [Aeolaax], 1 Unit with a Mil 9 Leader, and a Draakili Learning Center!)

    Spoiler: Failed Explorations

    VLS Probes L26
    RMT Inquest P20
    ITS Probes S17

    Spoiler: Updated Map

    Round Eight: Begin!
    Galactic Dates 2175014.0.0.81 - 217516.0.0.80
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    Mier Formica
    Sectors: C15, C17, C19, D14, D16, D18 (C), E15, E17

    Tapinoma knew the union between herself and the King of Kings (for all his other titles please see Corona's writeup) would change the way the Mier Formica would interact with the galaxy and decided to take action.

    To ensure that her line of divinity would not end Tapinoma herself birthed new mothers that would solidify her line and make it so all future Mier Formica would have a touch of divinity. After a year of giving birth to replace the mothers in her colonies Tapinoma had but a single viable egg left and she asked the king of kings to bless this egg and to spawn an heir to her throne. When the egg hatched a Queen hatched however she did not have the normal white hue that was seen in all Mier Formica this new queen was blue with an orange birthmark on her forehead in the shape of an eye.

    This new Queen was named Aptinoma and Tapinoma could see that the blessing that she had asked for had been granted, Aptinoma was a whole new level of intelligence even compared with her mother it was not long before she started to communicate with the hive not requiring relay ants to get her messages across. Her growth was exceptional and it quickly transpired that her ability to communicate was not limited to the Mier Formica, both the Versting of C17 and the Vlusneds of C19 received communication from the new queen and when the representatives of these two nations enquired as to why their translators had not given them a warning before transferring the Queen directly to them the response shocked the entire Mier Formica Kingdom. The new Queen did not need translators as she was able to speak all of the known languages in the galaxy a feat that put any doubts of her divinity to rest.

    A message was sent to Legate Aoife to return to the Formica capital of Bos 1 to confirm the divine status and witness the coronation of Apitoma Mier. Upon the Legates arrival she was shown to the throne room on Bos 1 where both Tapinoma and Aptinoma were awaiting her arrival.

    When Aoife arrived she had no doubt that Aptinoma was of a divine lineage, but to verify she performed the ritual handed down in Realtaism to scry the destiny of Aptinoma. Aoife created a circle of ritual dice around Aptinoma, once the circle was complete it began to brim with power and float off the ground. Aoife started chanting and all the dice started spinning around their own axis and when the chant finished fell back to the ground, this was followed by Aoife reading the destiny that was to unfold for Aptinoma.

    Aptinoma’s destiny was to make the Mier Formica into an empire and guide them towards the galactic core so that they could stand in defence against the Same that threatened all of Axiom.

    New leader in round 9! Stats

    Round 8 Actions:

    1. [Military] Make tech
    Refined Energy Distribution {Engines}
    Requires: Electronics
    Effects: Reduce number of Distance Loss rolls by one

    2. [Military] Recruit predator as a general

    3. [Diplomacy] Put Predator in charge of E15

    4. [Diplomacy] Stabilise C17 success 18

    5. [Diplomacy] Stabilise D18 success 17

    6. [Diplomacy] Stabilise E15 success 18

    Non Actions:
    • Trade Refined Energy Distribution for Microplating and Trade League with MYA through embassy
    • Accept Vassalize from MYA through embassy

    Spoiler: Diplomatic arrangements

    • Embassy with The Melfynians, All
    • Peace treaty with the Droccen empire
    • Peace treaty with The Harmony
    • Peace treaty with The Ndoda
    • Peace treaty with The Kronin

    Spoiler: Ruler Information
    Tapinoma Mier
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 10
    Economy: 3
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 2

    New Leader: Aptinoma Mier
    Diplomacy: 6 +2
    Military: 5 +1
    Economy: 1
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 2

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    Here go the news and rumours

    Spoiler: Book Keeping

    Spoiler: Trade Posts

    Region Trade Post Slot Resource
    W5 2 Androids
    Total Trade Posts Start of this Round: 1

    Acquisitions This Round

    Spoiler: Military (7 units)

    Name Ships Weapons
    Ant Swarm A cruiser surrounded by several squadrons of fighters Small Energy discharge guns
    Ant Blockade Five cruisers Large Energy discharge guns
    Ant annihilation One Titan class ship A titanic energy discharge weapon and small energy discharge guns
    Ant Swarm A cruiser surrounded by several squadrons of fighters Small Energy discharge guns
    Ant Blockade Five cruisers Large Energy discharge guns
    Ant Swarm A cruiser surrounded by several squadrons of fighters Small Energy discharge guns
    Ant Swarm A cruiser surrounded by several squadrons of fighters Small Energy discharge guns

    Name Military Stat
    Predator 7

    Spoiler: Reputations

    Organization Rank Favours
    Sisters of Silence 0 0
    Cosmic Couriers 0 -1
    An'Null's Eradicators 0 0

    Spoiler: Great Projects

    Project Name Project Progress Project Effect Project Location
    Giga Shrimp Refinery 3/5 N/A C15
    Rainbow Carrot breeding center 1/5 N/A C19

    Spoiler: Techs

    Tech Name Primary Effect Secondary Effect Primary Resource Secondary Resource Primary Resource Met Secondary Resource Met Military Slot
    Refined Energy Distribution Reduce number of Distance Loss rolls by one N/A Electronics N/A Yes N/A Engines

    Spoiler: Ruler Actions

    Tapinoma Mier (first ruler)
    Attribute 5/10 Action Effect
    Diplomacy 5 Embassy with Melfynians, All (MYA) Many diplomacy actions can now be non actions with MYA
    Diplomacy 10 Become a Galactic Power! Can use a 6th action
    Military 5 Create the Balancing tactical doctrine A successful Tactical roll after MFM victory grants 1 unit for every 3 units lost during Combat Loss Rolls (including the opponents)
    Military 10 Created the Refined Energy Distribution tech Reduce number of Distance Loss rolls by one

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Knights Vacio
    SPACE KING Jaques Delon

    Diplomacy 2
    Military 4
    Economy 10
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 2


    Economy: Explore P14 Great success roll 17: Fresh from their mission delivering child support, Knight Nina gets the SPACE KING Medallion of HONOR and FLEXING. After a celebratory party knight Nina commandeers a ship filled with the most sober knights she can find to venture into the unknown. Surely what she finds in this unexplored corner of the galaxy will make excellent fodder for an auto biography.

    Economy: Explore O11 Great success roll 18 Months after returning from Operation CHILD SUPPORT, knight Christie attempts to persuade SPACE KING to take a more active interest in surveying the area's around the core. Unfortunately the means of persuasion involved an arm wrestling contest, but time away from the capital made her forget that nobody defeats SPACE KING at arm wrestling. Still raring to go Christie gathered her most trusted confidants to explore the wild unknown, to the point of selling her own FLEX MEDALLION in order to fund her own expedition to the edges of the core.

    Military Hire a unit

    Military Hire a unit

    Diplomacy: Attend SOS event
    Sub actions:

    Trade FLEX security for Long Range Advertising campaigns with the CLS

    Give FLEX Security as payment for information to MYA

    Receive Trade League tech from MYA in exchange for future payment

    Non actions

    News and Rumors

    • After getting her FLEX MEDALLION, knight Marianne opens a FLEX SECURITY dojo in order to train new recruits for the F.L.E.X security corps.
    • Dozens of knights in transport during the revolution have returned home through hell and high water only to find...they've been presumed dead for 2 years.
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Syndrome Protectorates

    Region R22: Crab Nebula
    Region S19: Stormwrack
    Region S21: Heart-Beacons
    Region S23: Alitur
    Region T18: Sidera Nostra
    Overlady Yellow-Coat-Stripes

    Actions Rolls, More rolls, Even more rollsSO MANY ROLLS

    [Diplomacy] Press Claim on U19 (Success-17)
    The Syndrome have finalized their deal with the Housers, and are moving to set up outposts in the region.

    [Diplomacy] Inquest R20 (Success-17)
    A few ships are sent into R20 following the prior failure to explore that region, in hopes of a peaceful meeting with the inhabitants.

    [Military] Raise a unit of Bio-Knights
    Krankot Knights that

    [Military] Raise a unit of Reme's Regulars
    Remians remove a wing of Hannibal's old gunships from mothballs and crew the outdated vessels, supported by a Syndrome carrier.

    [Diplomacy] Inquest Q23] (Success-15)
    Ships visit Q23 with the intent of peaceful diplomatic outreach.

    [Intrigue] Secret Action (REDACTED-13)
    The eyes are not here
    There are no eyes here
    In this valley of dying stars
    In this hollow valley
    This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms


    Support Conversions of all owned LCs to the Church of Iteus.
    Support buyouts by RMT, CLS and ITS against open TPs in Syndrome territory.
    Resist everything else.

    Celestia Enterprises Embassy:
    Accept Vassalage.
    Trade Enhanced Microplating for Resident Spies

    Spoiler: N&R
    The Syndrome urge the Duenem not to align themselves with Hannibal, a warmonger bent on the conquest of all space.

    The Celenians' piggybacking off Syndrome explorations sparks outrage amongst Syndrome leadership. The Republic of Celes is warned to stand down from exploration of the sector designated Q23 or face the consequences.

    The Ninurtines are informed that if the Syndrome's friends among the Duenem have any grievance against the Syndrome's diplomatic outreach to The House, they can air it themselves, and it will be heard by the Overlady, but the Ninurtines have no claim to the region, and any assumption of hostile intent on the Syndrome's part is unsubstantiated.

    Two Strainladies have announced their intent to campaign for Overladyship. Violet-Pale-Feet claims to have discovered a way to modify a creature after it has been born, but is highly secretive about the details. Red-Golden-Eyes is perfecting a technique to allow organic life and industrial civilization to coexist symbiotically, using Alituran space stations and Krankot cities as testing grounds.

    Spoiler: Tales from the Front
    Updated Ship Classification Table
    Ship Class Manufacturer Effective Strength (kilotons) Unit Value (%)
    Symbiote Carrier Syndrome 400 40
    Ravager Syndrome 300 30
    Stealth Ravager Syndrome 200 20
    Scout Vessel Syndrome 100 10
    Mech Captain Krankot 100 10
    Mech Knight Krankot 50 5
    Bio-Knight Krankot 50 5
    Missile Cruiser Alitur 300 30
    Command Ship Alitur 200 20
    Prison Vessel Alitur 150 15
    Hospital Ship Alitur 150 15
    Corvette Alitur 100 10
    Droid Dropship Reme 250 25
    Remian Gunship Reme 200 20

    Spoiler: National Info

    Spoiler: Units 7/9

    Battle-Pod Rapant-Growth
    Symbiote Carrier Carcass-Mold
    Symbiote Carrier Creeping-Vine
    Scout Vessel Fertile-Seed
    Scout Vessel Hungry-Maw
    Battle-Pod Heart-Guard
    Symbiote Carrier Thorn-Coral
    Ravager Rending-Claw
    Ravager Necrotic-Sting
    Mech Squadron Prime
    Mech Captain Arxur
    Mech Knight Tetivare
    Mech Knight Garahat
    Mech Knight Garein
    Mech Knight Kei
    Mech Knight Tor
    Mech Knight Akovare
    Mech Knight Lankalot
    Mech Knight Mortret
    Mech Knight Akravein
    Mech Knight Kator
    Mech Knight Karatok
    Mech Knight Takonet
    Mech Knight Arek
    Mech Knight Garex
    Mech Knight Lanorak
    Mech Knight Lukan
    Mech Knight Morhot
    Mech Knight Urein
    Alitur Colonial Defense
    Command Ship Glorious Dawn
    Prison Vessel Grim Destiny
    Missile Cruiser Resolute Flame
    Hospital Ship Charitable Arms
    Corvette Silent Mercy
    Corvette Fallen Void
    Unity-Fleet 1
    Symbiote Carrier Poison-Tongue
    Scout Vessel Hunter-Light
    Mech Knight Trunor
    Mech Knight Tinatan
    Mech Knight Ektor
    Prison Vessel Last Request
    Corvette Eternal Blade
    Corvette Titan Finger
    Unity-Fleet 2
    Ravager Icy-Wind
    Ravager Blood-Drinker
    Mech Knight Gaherix
    Mech Knight Orein
    Missile Cruiser Astral Lance
    Remian Reclaimed Battle Droids
    Droid Dropship Fulgur Purgatio
    Droid Dropship Custos Tempestas
    Droid Dropship Virtute Dei
    Droid Dropship Tenebris Est Alligatum

    Biotumblers (R16.1)
    4D Titanium (S19.2)
    Genetic Engineers (S21.1)
    Knowledge Parasites (T16.2)
    Antispice (T22.1)

    Enhanced Microplating (Active)
    War Beasts (Inactive)

    R22 (Owned)
    S19 (Owned)
    S21 (Owned)
    S23 (Owned)
    T18 (Fabricated)
    T22 (Prior Ownership)
    U19 (Diplomatic)

    The Maiden's Code (secret actions)

    Misc. Bonuses:
    +1 to investigations (SoS 1)
    ZoI reduced by one in and adjacent CmC relays for buyouts (CmC 1)

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Overlady Yellow-Coat-Stripes
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 4
    Economy: 5
    Philosophy: 1
    Intrigue: 6
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Gelean Empire
    Leader: Xavier Bonaparte, Aeternal Emperor of The Gelean Empire and its Protectorates

    News and Rumors
    - The Kamisati Pantheon is advised that the Guild Enterprises of Nyx are a Gelean Protectorate and under Gelean protection, and while the concerns with Nyxian employment of the Sonic Hedgehog species are noted, sacking or raiding Nyxian merchant ships will be considered a violation of the Cacola Conference Treaty.
    - The Kombuch attacks on Nyxian shipping left the Emperor apopleptic, and some say that Elizabeth of Rios took the Emperor out for a night of drinks to take advantage of his inebriation and talk him out of a hasty military response.

    Imperial Decrees

    [Dip] Stabilize L6 [Roll 12, TN 12] - The newly conquered people are quickly calmed once Gelean institutions are in place and business as usual is assured. Anyone worried about treatment under Gelean Rule is encouraged to direct their concerns to the already-present Cosmic Couriers, who are believed to be friends to the Empire.

    [Dip 5] Establish Embassy with EHZ - Seeing a longstanding ally and scoffing at the Sisterhood's suggestion that the Eye of the Horizon's interaction with the Same was anything but the machines picking up some stray signals, additional measures are taken to establish a more permanent bond so as to better defend mutual interests. More space is allotted on Verne for a permanent Embassy, and ambassadors are sent to Hearth for much the same purpose.

    [Mil] Recon J10 with General Fiona Aeternus (Mil 10) and 6 units [Roll 24, TN 14] - In a show of force along the borders with the Same and Kombuch, the might of the Gelean Fleets is displayed for all to see, including the Hopefuls who sortie out to combat any interference from the Sisterhood Monastery believed to be nearby. The region targeted was the one believed to host whatever entity destroyed the Second Fleet, a fact that the person believed to be in charge of the Kombuch Military ought to be keenly aware of.

    [Int] Contribute to the Svaatyr Monitoring Stations in Shimmering Light's previous location - With the fall of Shimmering Light, it fell to others to reestablish containment along the South end of the Core. With the Gelean homefront now secure, resources could be spared to assist the Svaatyr in constructing new defensive installations on the model of the Umbral Augury and the Auroran Listening Posts. While the Empire had little in common with the Svaatyr and no diplomatic contact, even a faraway Same incursion was too great a risk to ignore.

    Courtly Schemes

    [Mil] Conquer M9 with Commander Kaarde (Mil 3) and 2 units - Despite opening a relatively peaceful line of communication and the inhabitants expressing a degree of willingness to join the Empire, Commander Talon Kaarde of the Faivi Ascendancy sweeps in with the Killbot Fleets, quickly establishing control. Hopefully, any upset will be quelled when the nature of the threat posed by the Same and the need for military readiness can be explained.

    [Int] Secret [Roll 6 + modifiers] - Wouldn't you like to know?

    - Accept Cruisers technology from CEL via Embassy. Soon, larger Siren Heavy Warships are rolling off production lines on Aurgelmir for inclusion into existing fleets.
    - In response to Kombuch raids on Nyxian Mercantile interests, invoke the Cacola Conference Treaty Section 1, Line 2! The Guild-Enterprises of Nyx are a Protectorate of the Gelean Empire and as such should be included under the treaty's protections.

    Spoiler: Ruler Info

    Xavier Bonaparte, Aeternal Emperor of The Gelean Empire and its Protectorates
    Diplomacy: 5
    Military: 7
    Economy: 3
    Philosophy: 1
    Intrigue: 4

    Spoiler: Additional Notes

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 8/10
    - Gelean First Fleet (the second one) - Three Valkyrie-class Ships Foundation and Empire, Gray Lensman, and Presumption, along with their support vessels and drones.

    - Gelean Second Fleet - Three Valkyrie-class Ships Princess of Mars, Death of Grass, and Wrinkle in Time, along with their support vessels and drones. Destroyed by ANOTHER terror event

    - An'Null's Hopefuls 1
    - An'Null's Hopefuls 2
    - Ascendancy Killbot Fleet 1
    - Ascendancy Killbot Fleet 2
    - Mercenary Sorcerer Squad Alpha
    - Mercenary Sorcerer Squad Bravo
    - Mercenary Contrapsions

    - Commander Fiona Aeternus (Mil 10)

    - Kombuch Embassy on Verne
    - Celenian Embassy on Verne

    Temporary Cultural Identity - Empath Agents: 2d8 for Stabilization and resisting Unrest in the Capital
    Permanent Cultural Identities - EMPTY

    Military Specialization - Gelean Goodnight Kiss: On a successful Tactical Roll when attacking a region, GLR opponents add +2 to their Combat Loss rolls.
    Permanent Military Specializations - EMPTY

    - Personnel Armament
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Armor and Shields
    - Engines
    - Warmachines and Live Weaponry
    - Logistics
    - Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings
    - Reconnaissance and Divination
    - Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps
    - Fortifications, Sappers, and Planetary Siege Weaponry

    Trading posts
    - K9 (Screeching Crystals) TP1
    - L10 (Space Whales) TP1
    - I7 Mushroom Tea TP2
    - R28 Haethalian Rubies TP2

    Spoiler: Expected Stat Gains
    +1 Diplomacy, +1 Military, +1 Intrigue

    Spoiler: Link to Rolls
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Duenem

    Region V20+V22 R14+R16

    Round 8
    1. [1] [Diplomacy] Stabalise S15 13 (15?)
      With the planet now secured, the Duenem begin securing their foothold over the infastrcuture, and sending aid and food to the surface dwellers. They also point out to the nobles that they still have their food, luxury and their cheese.

      [2] [Diplomacy] Claim S13 with Trade League 18
      Now that the Duenem have access to the majority of the market of S13, Radiance himself moves in, applying pressures to ensure that the the Duenem will be ensured as the local protectors.

      [3] [Intrigue] Convince Hanibal to Prepare for the attack over a few years. 12

      [4] Secret Action

      [5] [Economy] Bid on the information 18
      While the Duenem have a strong economics backbone, Nyx has a far broader base. Therefore they decide to focus their efforts on obtaining the information on offer instead.


    Non Actions:
    Attend SoS Event. 1 Vote supporting Change
    =>1 Vote supporting Core Patrol
    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    • Telescopic Radiance is reaching the last period of its cycle as Taskmaster. While over a thousand candidates are beginning to anayzle their arguements, the predicted front runner is Conditoner Mint, for its technological prowess and experience on the front stage. Jet Stability is also said to be running, although they are more likely to throw support behind whoever will keep them in their position.

    • Many Duenem voice displeasure at Radiance's choice to intervene in S15, viewing it as dangerous brinkduenship and easily leading to a larger loss of life. The bloodless nature of the intervention prevents any major action happening, although Hannibals arrival leaves many Duenem making requests to oust this dictator.

    Spoiler: Owned TPs

    V20 R14 TP1-Mechanical Drones
    V18 Tp1- Masterwork Jewelry
    W23 TP1- Subspace Camels
    S19 TP1-4D Titaniun
    U19 TP1-Casinos
    S21 TP3-Genetic Engineers
    V16 TP1-Memory Transfer Droids
    W23 TP2-Subspace Camels
    S13 Tp1-Opium
    S13 TP2-Opium

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Telescopic Radiance
    Current Stats
    Diplomacy 9
    Military 6
    Economy 10
    Philosophy 2
    Intrigue 4

    New Ruler Next Round?
    Expected Stat Bonuses
    +1 Dip +1 Int
    CI: The New Age. D8 for expedition actions
    MD: Eden Protocols. When defending, with a successfully tactical roll, the Duenum take a -1 to the Combat Roll for the battle, but the enemy incurs one additional step of Distance and Size Loss regardless of distance traveled or army size.

    SOS rep 1. +1 to Investigations

    Technology: Galactic Currency Mint : Any precious mineral+Any resource.
    Provides +1 to a buyout
    Long-Range Advertising campaigns
    Trade League
    Enhanced Armour Plating
    Resident Spies

    5 Units Raised
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Republic of Celes (CEL)
    Under the leadership of Consul Maximilian Relor
    New Ruler Next round!
    Round 8

    News and Rumors
    • SYN's furor over CEL's more successful and expeditious exploration of Q23 is dismissed as hysterics and saber-rattling. While lambasted and mocked in the media (further proof of their savage species lacks the minimal cognitive capacity to participate meaningfully in galactic politics) SYN receives a more politely rewarded response from the Office of the Consul that the Republic does not require permission from anyone to peacefully survey its borders, or to engender a positive relationship with native inhabitants therein. SYN is encouraged to explore any of the other three undiscovered regions adjacent to their controlled space to slake their obviously unquenchable thirst for scientific curiosity. As CEL has already peacefully and legitimately established a territorial claim to the region, SYN is cautioned that CEL will take measures to defend their interests and the lives of the native inhabitants from hostile incursion. SYN warships (or whatever horrific amalgam of flesh passes for a vessel among these creatures) will be considered trespassing in the region.
    • Constantine Relor, Captain of the RCS Squall, the flagship of the victorious coalition fleet in the battle against the Same, receives numerous commendations for his exemplary service to the Republic. While the Consul cannot make the months-long trip to EHZ space to pin medals on his son in person, a delegation is dispatched to do exactly that as well as distribute numerous rewards to EHZ officers and mourn the lives lost aboard the hulled Tempest. Constantine makes dozens of televised appearances and recounts the battle to a rapt Celenian public that sees nothing but eternal glory and honor in war, even for a Pyrrhic victory. All gave some; some gave all. Glory to the Republic! Recruitment for the Naval Academy against soars.
    • Nearing his 90th year, the Consul says he will not seek reelection for a 5th term. Early favorites for the party's nomination are his eldest son, Constantine, and the Vice Consul Euler. Some suggest an early joint ticket with Constantine running for Vice Consul as he lacks political experience. Wing Commander Khatri is actually a favorite among the military, despite Constantine's victory, but she declares she has no political ambitions. No clear front-runners have yet emerged from a crowded field within the opposition parties.

    • [Diplomacy] Press Claim on Q27 (16, Success!) - CEL moves ahead with enforcing somewhat punitive terms per the treaty with the dissolved JFU. The native machines of the region are allowed to voice descent, but their concerns are politely ignored as progress towards annexation continues.
    • [Diplomacy] Resolution Action! Inquest into Q23 (Automatic 22, Great Success!) - In a display of galactic scale one-upmanship, SYN explorers arrive in the region to find CEL diplomats got there months prior and have already established a positive relationship with the locals, now eager to join the Republic as a protectorate. They are smugly invited to join the Celenians for tea and biscuits.
    • [Military] Mil 10! Develop Military Technology - Capital Ship Hulls: Cruisers (-1 total Combat Losses. Unit Tonnage doubled to 2 MT per Unit. Category: Logistics. Required Resource: Hard Metals (Alloys, Durasteel or similar)) The result of two decades of work by top Celenian engineers with a factually unlimited budget, mega-scale "capital" warships exit their prototyping phase and are ready for full production. A deep space shipyard the size of a terrestrial city orbits near the inner asteroid belt in the Celes System, ready to receive millions of tonnes of alloys and process them into ship hulls and armor within a matter of months instead of years. As the apotheosis of Celenian naval doctrine, capital ships represent a vast (but efficient) concentration of military resources. With the firepower of a dozen smaller ships combined into one heavily armored hull, operated by half the standard crew, a Celenian cruiser outperforms other fleets tonne-for-tonne while keeping personnel and hardware as safe as it can be in the void.
    • [Military] Conquer S25 with 3 Units lead by Consul Maximilian Relor - Good fences make good neighbors. The Republic moves to establish a military presence in the region as a buffer between both SYN and LYR and their capital. One ancient, failed human colony exists in the region, guarded by pernicious and savage mutants. The campaign to conquer the planet consists mainly of using the Harbinger of Dawn's tractor beams to deorbit 50 to 100 meter rocks from the asteroid belt until uncooperative natives are pummeled into submission. This takes months, but saves on ammunition!
    • [Economy] Econ 5! Upgrade Resource Quantity in Q25 - More Ordivician Alloys
    • [Economy] Buyout TP2, Celenian Alloys, in R26 (13, Success!)

    • Change leaders
    • Support Philosophy conversions to The One in Q25
    • Support Philosophy conversions to Shadow & Flame in Open LCs.
    • CEL does not endorse EHZ's conversion of P24. However, they also do not give a ****. Pressed for comment, the geriatric Consul says, "What the **** is a Joe Tonne Time [sic] and who the **** built a church there in the first place?"
    • Support NUT buyout of Celenian Alloy TP
    • Share military technology (Capital Ship Hulls: Cruisers) with EHZ, NUT, and GLR. It goes without saying that the Republic expects to be repaid with new tech at a later date.
    • Accept Embassy with CWZ
    • 1 Unit of JFU Mercenaries use their lucrative contract with the navy to purchase a Rook-class frigate and restructure their division around the superior Celenian hull design.
    • Owing to the increased tonnage limit per unit, the Harbinger of Dawn's Fighter Wing is subsumed within the Harbinger's 3 Units, while the 1 Unit constituting the Fighter Wing goes towards completing the Presage of Dusk.

    Spoiler: Ruler Stats
    Ruler: Consul Maximilian Relor
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 10
    Economy 5
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 1

    Next round: New Ruler!

    Diplomacy 2+3 = 5
    Military 2+3 = 5
    Economy 1+2 = 3
    Philosophy 1+0 = 1
    Intrigue 1+0 = 1

    Capital Region: R26
    Other Regions: P24, Q25, R24, R28
    Resources: High Fashion (1), Antimatter (1), Haethalian Rubies (1)
    Technologies: None active
    Military Force (7 Units Total): RCS Harbinger of Dawn Lancer-class Cruiser [3 Units], RCS Presage of Dusk Lancer-class Cruiser [3 Units], Jackstar Mercenaries [1 Unit]
    Military under EHZ Command (2 Units): RCS Squall Rook-class Frigate [1 Unit], Jackstar Mercenaries [1 Unit]

    Spoiler: Diplomacy at a Glance

    • Mutual defensive pact with NUT and EHZ (all regions).
    • Religious or philosophic intrusion in the Republic of Celes capital region of R26 will be met with brutal military reprisal. No exceptions.
    • Unsanctioned acquisition of resources within the Capital will be considered a hostile action. Sternly worded letters to follow.

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Galactic Droccen Imperium
    Capital Region G19
    Colonial Regions F18, H18, G21, G17

    Empress Sai
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 5
    Economy 5
    Philosophy 5
    Intrigue 1

    Round 8 Actions
    1.[Philosophy]Probe G23 17
    2.[Military]Raise 1 unit.
    3.[Military 5]Great General Sukero 7
    4.[Diplomacy]Claim region H20 on philosophical grounds. 18
    5.[Economy]Continue Economy Station in region F20. (4,5)
    6.[Economy]Finish Economy Station in region F20. (5,5)

    Embassy Actions
    • Rocthurhi

    1. Send 2 units.

    • Vilari Sodality
    • Conclave of the Black Sun

    • Resist unauthorized conversions and buyouts.
    • Support all buyouts and claims by the NDA.
    • Send a warning to the CWZ that any further mistreatment of Guardians will result in forfeiture to trade rights within the capital.
    • Vote for change at the SoS conference with two votes.

    News and Rumors
    • Empress Sai travels to the SoS conference to help decide the fate of the Sisterhood. Change is in the air...
    • Sai and Vaou are delighted to receive recordings of little Mika Ren in Rocthurhi that show her swimming amidst a rainbow lit sea with the gentle tentacled giants of the deep.
    • Droccen acknowledges CWZ's apology for the mistreatment of the Guardians but still plan to keep a close watch on their activity there.
    • Captain Sumina of Starhunter fame and her lover Audrey, a face of the One on Droccen, travel into unknown sectors in their seemingly never ending quest to find intelligent life in the galaxy.
    • Having led the task force to secure Audrey II, Prince Sukero is named General of the Droccen navy in light of the Same breaches happening throughout the galaxy. The Sisters at Dawn Embrace are charges with heightened vigilance so that we may strike swiftly any foe that try to escape the Core.

    Stat Increases
    +1 Phi, +1 Eco
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Grymlan Combine

    Round 8
    Regions: N30, N32
    High Coordinator Flash Starshine

    Diplomacy: 5
    Military: 3
    Economy: 4
    Philosophy: 6
    Intrigue: 3

    • [Philosophy] Probe M31 (2d6+6): [15] - Having been plopped down in a new regions of space, the Grymlans move to search nearby regions to see what is actually around them. Betentacled probes are sent to their Galactic west to probe the space.
    • [Diplomacy] Assist with Kryptid Peace
      Spoiler: Helpful Stuff

      • Speak with Caliphate in regards to organic relationships with AIs. Emphasizing the ability to foster a relationship between AI and Organic while retaining a balance between emotion and logic.
      • Point the Kryptids in the direction of the Syndrome in an effort to help unshackle their reproductive capacity from a very small number of Queens, both for practical reasons (a small number of producers are are a prime target for assassination) and political reasons (it dilutes empahsis on what groups have reproductive capacity to what a group's stance is on politics)
      • Offer OwO as an option for AI aide, not only to help rebuild from the war, but also to bring the outside galaxy to the Kryptid's fingertips.
      • Observe and aid with peace talks.

    • [Philosophy] Update Organizational Effects - 10LC: Increase Die Size to Secret Actions. As more OwO hubs are brought online, Gruff Arcspanner, an older Techie for Cloudysea's hub, has whipped together a form of organized leadership among the techies to streamline changes, ascending to the status of High Techie of the OwO networks. His first goal is to create a priority channel threaded through UwU to allow encrypted messages to be sent, secure against prying eyes.
    • [Economy] Buyout Open Guns TP(2) in N32 (2d6+4): [9] - Attempts to take over the second factory in Dregisles are stymied as Y33T Drones keep interfering with the restructuring of the facility and undoing changes grymlans make.
    • [Economy] Buyout Open Voidstone TP(3) in C23 (2d6+4 (-2 ZoI, GEN Support + CmC Rep): [9] - Having held up their end of the deal with the Nyxian Guild, Flash moves to make good on the offer of Voidstone from them. Unfortunately, with the recent changes to the galaxy star charts are largely useless and, even with major support, Grymlan merchants sent to Nyx end up horribly lost in Harmony Space.

    • See Embassy Actions if any.
    • Attend SoS Destiny Conferenece. (Support SoS shifting to a more militant stance, vote for the Core Patrol)

    • Resist nonsupported buyouts/raids/conversions

    Embassys and Diplomatic Representatives
    • Deejhan Clankturner: Cultural Envoy to Lyrae.
    • Defensive Pacts: Lyrae.

    News and Rumors
    • It is a tale as old as time: two starcrossed lovers torn between the vexing nature of their families and people, fair Julia the dark matter harmonizing cloud and brave Robuto the Gelean prodigy, and all around normal matter guy. Their love is forbidden, decreed dangerous by their people, yet difficult times yield to dangerous ways, and even stranger bedfellows. "The Big Bang" is touted by Grymlan media on UwU as a delightfully unique and engaging romance detailing the cross-species struggles of the Gelean Empire and The Harmony, two starpowers who have recently found themselves thrust upon each other. It recieves generally favorable reviews especially for the climax of the play involving a mandatory safe distance from the stage to accommodate the explosive finale of the two lover's exploits. Truly a marvel of pyrotechnics, if marred only by the fact that as far as Grymlan knowledge is aware, the Dark Matter of the Harmony would not explosively annihilate with real matter as much as the mistaken anti-matter it was mistaken for would do.
    • Spoiler: Combine Corporations

      Corporations of the Combine

      The government of the Grymlan Combine consists of several corporations that both coordinate with, and against, each other in deciding how the efforts of the Grymlan people are applied. The Corporations are patrons and financial backers to research, production, and distribution groups typically within a certain field of Grymlan life and their internal structure represents the same general structure of the Combine at large.

      As such, Leadership among the Grymlans is based on election, with canidates chosen both on their stance with the indivdual corperation and the needs of the Grymlan people as a whole. Unsurprisingly, corruption is not uncommon among Grymlans leaders. Corruption is expected by the general populace as long as it has reasonable limits. Leaders are expected to have their own personal projects they're working on as long as they meet the needs of the Grymlan people. Given the inquisitive nature of Grymlans as a whole, an the high profile nature of the leadership, Grymlan politicians tend to have Cat and Mouse games between themselves that the populace tends to keep abreast of as a form of entertainment. Should such a leader be deemed insufficent, whether by incompetence, corruption, or changing needs of the people, they can be voted out of their position by the Corporations under them (though the state in which they are voted out might dictate the terms of their severance).

      Some Corporations of the Combine.
      • Foodstuff Solutions: Headed by Abrigal Dirtpaw, Foodstuff Solutions represents many agricultural interests in the Combine. Their farms provide food to feed the Grymlan people as well as providing other materials to the other Corporations. Their labs work to improve existing crops while at the same time they are always on the look out for new potential products to grow and experiment with.
      • Max Zappyzap Projections: Lead by Dhaka Sparkthrower, Max Zappyzap Projections is the closest thing the Grymlans have to a security Corporation. In prior years they were an arms manufacturer who designed energy casters for Grymlan ships to protect them against space debris. They also did research into high energy release weapons that largely went unused (I mean of course you gotta set one off just to make sure it works, we didn't need that asteroid anyways) but did result in research with Arclight Power that provided the primary fission reactors that provide power to the Grymlan's cities and ships. Nowadays they serve as one of the military minded corporations expanding the Grymlan's knowledge of tactics and equipment as they are exposed to new races.
      • Arclight Power: Lead by Dayton Voltzap, Arclight Power serves the Grymlan's ever-growing need for power. They are the formost researchers in high energy fields and often looking for new elements or ways to use them alongside Max Zappyzap Projections.
      • Fluffyshine Grooming: Headed by Celise Dyedye, Fluffyshine Grooming provides cosmetics and grooming supplies to the Grymlans. Proper grooming, especially of their tails, is considered a necessity by the Grymlan populace. In addition Grymlans enjoy expressing themselves in a wide array of colors both in clothing and hair dye. Fluffyshine Grooming is the leader in what is new and chic by melding technology with fashion.
      • Farseeker Enterprise: Lead by Trevan Longhaul, Farseeker Enterprise focuses not only on exploratory sensors and shipping, but they also serve the Grymlan Combine with transporting goods between population centers. While they were not the designers of the Darkship concept, they have been diligently improving it, focusing on the ships abilities to operate on long haul deployments and improving on thruster designs.
      • Infrastructure Craftmakers: Lead by Bruk Dynacraft, Infrastructure Craftmakers maintains the infrastructure of Grymlan life whether it be the heat resistant domes of Wratheye or the various space stations orbiting the Cloudysea expanse. They support endeavors to build faster, cheaper, and more adaptable among hostile environments.
      • Truthytruth Communications: Lead by Leelee Sweettounge, Truthytruth Communications deals with data and communications between the Grymlan people and works alongside OwO, and they also host many news and entertainment channels.
      • Feelgood Incorperated: Lead by Vera Tailsnug, Feelgood Incorperated serves the healthcare needs of the Grymlans. The work to constantly push the boundaries of medicine and scientific enhancement.
      • Fringe Science Go!: Headed by Wexel Weirdlight, Fringe Sceince Go! explores theoretical scientific fields such as magic and psionics. With the introduction of aliens with these abilities they have seen a resurgence as of late.

    Spoiler: Stats and Mechanics

    Spoiler: Trade Posts/LCs
    Trade Posts

    Regional TPs and LCs
    Region Name Region # TP 1 TP 2 TP 3 Produces LC 1 LC 2 (Assembly) Special Other
    CloudySea N30 OwO NYX Open Grymlan Farseeker Corps OwO XXX
    Dregisles N32 Open Open XXX Guns OwO XXX

    • Owned TPs: 1
    • Grymlan Farseeker Corps (P14, 1)

    Spoiler: Tech and Projects
    Tech, Identity and Projects
    • General

      <Personnel Armament>
      <Ranged Weaponry>
      <Armor and Shields>
      <Warmachines and Live Weaponry>
      <Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings>
      <Reconnaissance and Divination>
      <Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps>
      <Fortifications, Sappers, and Planetary Siege Weaponry>

    Organization Relations
    • SoS 1
    • CmC 2, 1 favor

    Identities and Caller Fragments
    • (Temp) Specailized Public Wantneed Fixrig Strategies - 2d8 resolving unrest
    • (Frag) Emotional Appeal: +1 Pressing Claim 1/Round

    • P14 CmC Relay (3/3)

    Spoiler: Miltary
    Military Units
    • Active Military Units: 4
    • Darkship Fleet Flashybang: three robust Bigzap cruisers along with a smaller fighter Zappycraft carrier and three smaller Fleetfeet corvette ships. While lacking the comfort amenities and most of the production capabilities of Darkship Shinystar, they make up with a considerable increase of mobility and overall speed.
    • Darkship Fleet Novabloom: To replace Darkship Shinystar, Grymlan engineers work on an updated Darkship Design that incorperates a greater number of smaller ships, each heavily armed with Deathbloom missile launchers and enhanced engines. Where previous iterations of darkship fleets focused on a slow, steady, approach to combat, Darkship Fleet NovaBloom represents the application of prototype explosive tech and changing ideas on approaches to naval doctrines.
    • Darkship Fleet Darks-Seer: Drawing upon the newly inducted Lopurna, Darkship Fleet Dark-Seer has several cruiser class ships created in a melding of Grymlan and Lopurna designs supported by Grymlan Zippyzap fighter craft. The The cruisers have several rapid fire zapcaster turrets dedicated to point defense and fighter denial systems, there are several crystaline emitter strips that run the lengths of the ship allowing the Lopurna crew to lash out with deadly psionic energy lances in lieu of the heavy zap cannons found on other Grymlan based warships.
    • Aetherweave Assault Corps: Those Lopurna trained to act as soldiers train their psionic abilities to enhance their physical capabilities, moving with preternatural grace, strength, and precision. As situations call for it, small communions can be levied to increase their capabilities such as against hardened targets or evading detection.

    Spoiler: Stat Increases

    O/X Diplomacy: 5
    X/X Military: 3
    X/X Economic: 4+1
    O/X Philosophy:6+1
    X/X Intrigue: 3
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Kamasati Pantheon
    The Next generation of Dreamers

    High Dreamer Xasarath


    1:[MILITARY] TECHNOLOGY: Ambrosia A refined version of the ascendant seeds bolsters the psychic properties of those with psychic abilities. This is a weapon wielded by the most powerful gods.

    Ability= +1 combat
    Equipment Fulfillment= Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings
    Resource= Ascendent seeds

    2:[DIPLOMACY] Diplomatic Inquest O3

    3:[DIPLOMACY] Diplomatic Inquest M1

    4:[DIPLOMACY] Establish Diplomatic claim on N4 Round 2 1/2 SUCCESS

    5:[DIPLOMACY] End Unstable in N6 SUCCESS

    Nonactions communique
    The The Eternal Assembly of Alysia is informed the Kamasati claim O7, O4, O1, and N8. They also look to discuss their importance as a pantheon and how important is they consider their god hood, and that due to so many viewing themselves as passangers in the galaxy instead of as shapers of it they are partially responsible for the horrible galactic rumbles that have caused space to twist and bend into this new direction. If they accept the claims and at least consider religious debate the Kamasati Pantheon is willing to sign a peace treaty with their new neighbor.

    Any attempt to lay claim to the territory listed above will be considered hostile, the preservation of dream children is considered the highest priority in Kamasati space. Proof of enviromental care has been witnessed through the miracle of the Kamasati.

    Borders are closed to the Harmony, their ideology is viewed with suspician, the will of the individual god is subjugated for the whole. The Kombuch while tied together still see seperation the Harmony has no such balance... Much like the ideology of the one they are viewed as flawed. The Kamasati are guarded. They are willing to reach out and discuss the dreamer, dreamchild dynamic but the religious hedgemony of this sector of space does not need these ideals present.

    None Active

    The Psychic Web (News and Rumors)

    Capital Planet Web
    -Kombuch Allies

    - Gelean Republic Allies

    - Unified Public Trust Allies

    - The Guild-Empire of Nyx The exploitation of the Sonic Dream Children is considered an affront to the Kamasati. Terminate status, any attempts to influence the progression of their society is considered destructive to an entire race. If this is not ended soon sanctions will be enforced.

    - The Eternal Assembly of Alysia Status unknown should territorial claims be acknowledged treaty shall be offered.

    Dream Children News
    Mount Vispim- We watch the Dream children of Moigan from on high. The first large villages are starting to appear across the surface of the planet. We count 102 locations with more than 500 residents. We are proud of our children and we keep our whispers to a minimal for now as they are incapable of understanding yet.

    The Dream Children have been affected by the change to their primitive star charts. They scramble to figure out how they have upset the gods. We will continue to keep whispers to a minimum but we ask for the right to ease them.

    Mount Kdoim- The shift in space has many believing the war caused the gods to turn on them, peace has been seen on many fronts.

    Mount Opaiz- Economic buyouts saw ships landing and taking sonics we DEMAND a response from the pantheon, this act was evil!

    Spoiler: Ruler information

    High Dreamer Xasarath
    Diplomacy 7+2
    Military 10
    Economy 2
    Philosophy 10
    Intrigue 1

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 6/9

    Temporary Cultural Identity - Will of the pantheons 2d8 for conversions
    Permenant Cultural Identity - EMPTY

    Military Specialization- EMPTY

    - Personnel Armament
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Armor and Shields
    - Engines
    - Warmachines and Live Weaponry
    - Logistics
    - Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings
    - Reconnaissance and Divination
    - Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps
    - Fortifications, Sappers, and Planetary Siege Weaponry

    Trading posts

    Expected Stat Bonuses
    +2 Dip

    In Memorium

    Spoiler: People of Interest

    High Dreamer Xasarath- Current Leader of the Kamasati.

    Xix Qizareen- Dream bound to High Dreamer Xasarath.

    Moxsan Qizareen- Child of the High Dreamer Xasarath and their Dreambound Xix

    Prator Sissoran- New protector of the gods.

    Prator Dosirix- Ancient protector of the gods.

    Prator Xamarin- Master of metal

    Prator Qain- general!

    Prator Loyato Fascinated with elementalism his mind can wield meteors and the heat of the sun as a weapon in limited capacities hurling raw fury at enemies of the gods. He is equipped with the lance of the sun ray.

    Prator Dwabaros A being known as the ram! He wraps an indestructable (thus far) magical shield which he slams into what is before him and shatter it to pieces. He is viewed as herculean and has not been equipped but formally recruited so he can find other amazing beings in the galaxy!

    Prator Xazap the flesh-eater is viewed as one of the few Kamasati who has a "sinister" air. Many call him the god of death as he is known to summon a wave which peels flesh and muscle from bone leaving nothing but skeletal remains. He has a private temple as many dislike his vicious views on the end of non Kamasati and he is not allowed around dream children, but there is no denying his ability to protect others.

    Kuuru Huja- Speaker of Mount Kdoim

    Kuuru Fixra- Speaker of Mount Vispim

    Kuuru Vasema- Speaker of Mount Opaiz

    Amazing avatar by Gengy

    Empire 4- Vampiric Republic turned Vampiric Oligarchy
    Empire 5- Psychic Daddy

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Kron

    King-General Krazkul
    Diplomacy: 8
    Military: 10
    Economy: 8
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 4

    News and Rumors:

    Spoiler: Other Effects
    [The Law of Flame's Mercy]
    When attacking a region with a WAR action for the first time in five rounds, with a successful tactical roll, the Konin have a -2 to their Combat Loss roll.

    [Enhanced Microplating] (Armor and Shields)
    Effect: +1 to Battle Rolls
    Requires: Hard Metal ON LINE

    [Resident Spies]

    [War Beasts]
    +1 to battle rolls
    Requires: Fauna

    [Galactic Currency Mint] : .
    Provides +1 to a buyout
    Requires: Precious mineral + Any resource ON LINE

    1 Dip Attend event
    2 Dip Inquest H12 17 (9+8)
    3 Mill Send a unit to go take F14 using TD and Techs (not that its really necessary)
    4 Econ Explore H14 14 (6+8)
    5 Econ Buyout TP1 D13 Thought engines 13 (5+8)
    Resist buyouts and conversions.
    Trade 2 units for H.E.A.T Engines with RTM
    Trade 1 Unit, future aid and Resident Spies for Long-range Ad Campgins and Trade League
    Spoiler: Stats
    Units: 7/7
    Embassies: NDA
    Land owned: 3

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    Spoiler: The Night of the Living Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by DivisibleByZero View Post
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    Meat tastes good.
    If we aren't supposed to eat people, then why are they made of meat?

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Region G25
    Commonwealth of Zara
    Enlightened Dictatorship of the Technological Junta

    Leader: Chief Spaceman Cedos Moravec
    Round 8 (217514 - 217516 GD, 8 FC)

    All banners of the tyrannical Families have been torn down and destroyed.


    1. [Economy] Buyout H30 Melfynian Alloys TP 2: 9
    Seeking a source of metals to fuel his dreams of a grand space armada, Cedos Moravec discovers old documents promising shipments of hyper-compressed alloys from Melfynus as payment for something. While it was unclear what the old Governor had done to merit this payment, the new one wastes no time in attempting to establish shipments, but Family agents plague his efforts.

    2. [Diplomacy] Stabilize Zara (G25): 13
    One of the Chief Spaceman's first actions as Governor is to dissolve all of the Departments except for the Department of Space. Without the centralized, guiding hand of the Departments to inform their propaganda, many news stations begin broadcasting something strange: the truth. While nowhere near as successful as envisioned, as Family agents work to slander and undermine the new Junta and news reporters seize on the extreme without regard for truth, it still seems to placate the masses unsure of their place in this new Complex.

    3. [Diplomacy 5] Embassy CEL
    Believing that the Republic is, as Cedos puts it, "a haven of wonderful technologies," diplomats are sent to establish formal, respectful communications.

    4. [Intrigue] Bid on the Useful Info: 11
    The Department of Space has determined that unknown aliens offering us valuable information are to be bargained with! All loyal citizens will present a small donation at their nearest Department of Space offices to fund the Commonwealth's purchase of this information. Properly recorded donations filed in triplicate at your local Assayer's Office will be deducted from your taxes (as long as the office isn't burned down again).

    5. [Intrigue] Secret: 10
    Midway through the year, Family agents among the Department of Space suddenly seize two ships and depart for regions unknown....

    1. Allow the ark ships to settle in G25 in exchange for exclusive recon on G27

    Spoiler: News and Rumors
    • Attention all citizens! Astronomical data and GLD reconnaissance indicate that the star systems of the galaxy have been shuffled like a gigantic deck of cards! Stellar powers are calling this event the Revolution! The corrupt and power-hungry Families have kept this hidden for far too long!
    • The Chief Spaceman issues an official apology to the Droccen for his predecessor's mistreatment of Guardians, citing "short-sighted, panicked policy" that supposedly characterized Mizusk's entire tenure. While most of the Families still contradict him, the words of the de facto Governor carry a great deal of weight. Some say that this apology is only motivated by Moravec's fondness for Droccen media, particularly Korima's vlogs. While Moravec does try to control the damage, many Zaran entertainment and media businesses gradually cut ties with the rumored xenophile over the apparent insult.
    • The Lopurna were totally unknown in Zara prior to contact with the ark ships, owing partly to miscommunications with the Grymlan Combine and partly due to the destruction of a number of research files on alien species during the coup. While their psychic abilities make many Jesska very, very uncomfortable, Cedos allows them to settle on a world in G25 that suits them other than Zara. They eventually settle in around Szura (029-03).
    • Cedos Moravec holds his new position for just over a year before he is overthrown in a surprising reversal of the last coup. The ousted Families agree to appoint an Iskanem as Governor - a compromise that helps no one except the Iskanem, and so heavy concessions have to be made. The Governor's role in mediation is severely curtailed, and he is essentially able to act only when requested by multiple involved Families. However, his monopoly on foreign affairs remains unchanged.

      With the agreement struck, the Families spend most of Moravec's term sowing chaos in the Complex and sneaking agents into the Department of Space. At the end of the year, they strike, seizing control of the Complex in a series of skirmishes that sees the Junta pushed back beyond the industrial border regions. Many loyal Spacemen flee to Primitive lands or offworld, and the Families televise Cedos's brutal execution by electrical torture as a warning to anyone looking to challenge their power.

      Zivska Iskanem takes power as the new Commonwealth Governor: famed among the Families for his corruption and cruelty, chosen as the perfect pawn, but perhaps hiding more ambition than he reveals.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information
    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 5
    Military: 4
    Economy: 6
    Philosophy: 1
    Intrigue: 7

    New Ruler Next Round? YES: Governor Zivska Iskanem
    Diplomacy: 4 +1
    Military: 2 +1
    Economy: 4 +1
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 4 +1
    Rolls here
    Expected Stat Bonuses: Diplomacy +1, Intrigue +1

    Spoiler: Other notes

    Military units: 2
    • Zara* SDS 2
    • Elite Guardians

    • Zara* SDS

    Resources controlled:
    • E25: Pocket Factories
    • F26: Fertilized Actuators
    • G13: Vanadium
    • G19: Guardians
    • G25: Entertainment
    • H24: Black Hole Generators
    • X14: Broadcasting Tech x2

    • Long-Range Advertising Campaigns!: Reduces ZoI by one step for defending against buyouts; Requires Broadcasting Tech
    • Galactic Currency Mint: +1 Buyouts; Requires Any precious mineral and Any other resource
    • Resident Spies: Treat one secret action per turn as if its ZoI was centered on the capital of a Stellar Power you have an Embassy with. The target must be Close, Adjacent, or within the Capital region; Requires Spies or Broadcasting Tech and Embassies

    • Enhanced Microplating: +1 Battle rolls; Requires Hard Metal; Armor and Shields slot

    Caller Fragments:
    • Shared Objective: +1 Rep increase roll 1/round

    • The Kron
    • Republic of Celes +

    Philosophy bonuses:
    • None

    Organization bonuses:
    • None

    Saved actions:
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Rothuun Minotaurs
    (Round 7: AR 2163- AR 2165)
    Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner

    [Military] Recon P16 with 4 units (17): Mysterious transmissions, believed to originate from a Same breakout, have been uncovered from the regions north of Baryshev. The entirety of the Rothuun army is dispatched to explore the system and uncover any possible Same activities in the area, to be followed with an invasion.
    [Diplomacy] Inquest P20 (17): Other exploration includes the region directly west of Taurina I, with the goal of potentially uncovering a bridge between Rothuun territory and that of the hated Commandant. This mission learns from its predecessor's failure and is expected to be much more successful.
    [Diplomacy] Attend the Sisterhood Event:
    Spoiler: Subactions
    Ask everybody for units to help fight the threat of the Same

    Trade H.E.A.T. Engines to KRO in exchange for two units

    Give HEAT engines to MYA in exchange for the loan of General Bdeh Kekkles.

    [Diplomacy] Establish Claim on Q21 (17): Autha Snapneck's diplomatic mission to Niconia recovers from its previous failure. She is given one more chance to bring the region under the control of the Rothuun. This attempt is backed up by a demonstration of military might, with the implied threat of invasion should the Niconians continue to hold out.
    [Diplomacy] Inquest Q17 (12): The final exploration administered by the Rothuun is into the regions north of Taurina I. The failed expedition there eighteen years ago will finally be avenged!

    Support conversions by ITS, resist all others
    Support buyouts by ITS, EHZ and SYN, resist all others

    ETH: Trade Enhanced Microplating for Galactic Currency Mint, accept two Etherite units

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    The violence on Grishal explodes in a burst of steel and gore. Grazakh Peelskin, the king of the planet, has engaged in open rebellion against the forces of the Urthuun. With the army occupied in the north, Peelskin wages a guerilla war without meeting the enemy in open combat. Opinions of other important figures are mixed. While Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner and Regional Governor Zurtak Icehardened are vehemently opposed to his rebellion, Aneb Two-Gun, the king of Thurtal, seems sympathetic. Whether or not the skirmish will devolve into a full-scale civil war cannot be determined at this time.

    Grazakh Peelskin himself is an eclectic sort of Rothuun. He is a firm believer in the value of secrecy and deception, and wholeheartedly supports the Eradicators. It is rumored that he leads a secret cult of An'null and has plans to convert Grishal to the nihilistic faith.
    Spoiler: People of Interest
    Kzarna Harpooner Urthuun of the Rothuun Minotaurs, Queen of Phakhtal and Ikhal
    Aneb Two-Gun King of Thurtal, son of Thrikar Fleshgorger
    Zurtak Icehardened Regional Governor of Baryshev, consort of Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner
    Virtash Splitskull Significant government figure, brother of Posekh Flatfoot
    Grazakh Peelskin King of Grishal
    Bephik Axemaker High Priest of Iteus
    Autha Snapneck Ambassador to Niconia
    Guntur Greataxe Son of Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner and Zurtak Icehardened
    Thrikar Fleshgorger Former Urthuun, deceased father of Aneb Two-Gun
    Posekh Flatfoot Former King of Thurtal, deceased brother of Virtash Splitskull

    Spoiler: Technologies

    Enhanced Microplating
    War Beasts
    Trade League
    Long Range Advertising
    H.E.A.T. Engines

    Spoiler: Bookeeping and Ruler Info
    Units: Phakhuun Marines, Black Knights (+2 Eradicator Mercenaries)

    Resources Controlled: Takhaun (Q19.1), Miracle Machines (P22.3), Diluted Dark Energy (Q13.1)

    Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner

    Diplomacy: 7 +2
    Military: 10
    Economy: 7
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Vilari Sodality

    Region K-25, J-24, L-24, I-25

    Speaker Ren-Kulto
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 5
    Economy 5
    Philosophy 6
    Intrigue 4

    1. [Diplomacy 10] Found the Vilari Star League
      Not two years have passed since the revelation of the Simulacrum, and the galaxy has changed almost beyond recognition. Horrors lurk in the Core, and the Revolution hints at enemies yet-unknown. Faced with these dangers, the Vilari can accept only one course of action. Reaching out to their friends and neighbors, they propose the formation of a new power, one united in the the pursuit of peace and the defense of innocent species everywhere. This Star League will seek out the monsters that lurk in the night, confronting terror with valor and despair with hope. The Star League Charter is unanimously approved by the Seer Council, and is presented to Antich Heaventreader as a gesture of brotherhood in the shared goals of the League and the Wardens. A shield stands ready to guard Axiom, forged of the righteous spirit of every free being that calls it home.
    2. [Diplomacy] Support the Casrule Peace Agreement
      Entering Kryptid space in the guise of an aid convoy, the Speaker establishes temporary offices in the Vilari Aid Station. There, he and his staff work for many months to support the fledgling peace, drafting numerous proposals for the new unity government and attempting to calm those factions still intent on civil war.
    3. [Economy 5] Upgrade Quantity of Mercury Sticks in Region K-23
      With many years spent on peace between the Telenites and Yundar, the new Star League devotes substantial resources to a permanent solution to the underlying cause of the conflict. Geologic surveys are conducted on every world in the system, in the hope that a further source of mercury might be found to finally satisfy the Yundar's pressing need.
    4. [Military 5] Elevate Sildyr-Vos to Fleet Master 9
      In recognition of many years of service, and his position as personal captain to the Speaker, Ship Master Sildyr-Vos is named Fleet Master of the Star League Defense Fleet. His ascension cements the rise in Reef Sildyr's political influence, so recently felt in the invasion of region I-25. Only time can tell whether this warlike stance will continue, or if cooler heads will once again prevail.
    5. [Military] Contribute to the Svaatyr replacement for Shimmering Light
      The destruction of yet another Sisterhood Monastery places the Star League directly in the path of the Same. A Vilari construction fleet is en-route to the sector before contact is even established with the Svaatyr government, confident that their northern neighbor will see the wisdom in shoring up the defenses around the Core. Ships from the Wardens and other warriors against the Same are greeted cheerfully, and soon the perimeter has been restored.

    • The refugees of the One High Maxim are met on the border of Vilari space by the newly-christened Star League Defense Fleet. Transferred from their ships to waiting transports, the desperate Kryptids are transferred to quarantine. The majority are cared for and made ready for a transfer to a new colony in the Gardens of Leira, but Lord Caller Siq and his command staff are brought before the Seer Council. While the crimes of the Kryptid War are beyond the Star League's remit, collaboration with the Eradicators was one one of the first crimes enshrined in the code of Star League justice. The Lord Caller is sentenced to a prison term of twenty galactic years, to be served out aboard an orbital rehabilitation center, with his subordinates subject to lesser sentences of a single decade. The two Queens that survived the evacuation are not brought to trial as such, but the colony of New Maxim is thoroughly layered with monitoring equipment to prevent the fomenting of a desperate revolution against the nascent Kryptid government. The Vilari promise that in time these precautions will be lifted, when New Maxim has escaped the searing memory of war.
    • The first culinary exchange festival on Shelohu is seen as a cautious success by the Vilari colonists, if only for the differences it illuminated between the Vilari and the Dipanan. True, some few Vilari (and no small number of Dipanan) suffered violent reactions to the unfamiliar cuisine, and the Vilari’s first foray into alcoholic beverages went awry when they were informed Eel Wine tasted of electricity and salt, but at least the suffering was shared! And for all the festival must have seemed a disaster by those reading reports of it, there was one moment none present could regret. As the sun set over the horizon, lighting the water in shades of rippling orange and purple, a song emerged from the heart of the Vilari Reef. Wordless and universal, it was carried by the currents far beyond the borders of the festival, suffusing all present with a profound sense of gratitude and affection. The Vilari answered none of the questions that followed regarding the source of the melody, instead retiring with their strange smiles and a few fond embraces for their neighbors.

    Spoiler: Embassies
    • The Galactic Droccen Imperium

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Dipanan Collected Nations


    1. [Intrigue] Secret

    2. [Intrigue] Assist in the SVA's containment project While the SVA's dietary needs made supplying a food system for their monitoring station too difficult for Dipanan scientists to work out, the Nozambian delegate to the Collected council proposes a bill to raise taxes on the nations to fund the purchase of a large quantity of Nozambian metals to be sent to aid the project. Despite the obvious motivation for the proposal, the Nozambian delegate manages to make a rousing speech about fighting the threat of the same, securing its passage.

    3. [Military] Raise a Unit Facing a tight budget due to the Nozambian metal boondoggle and a call from Collector Bingula and Admiral Butrana for greater military preparedness, the collected council reaches out to the Sunbream pods to hire more mercenaries, offering the standard rate of 10 years' service for GLD-implant surgery, a railgun, and yearly shipments of power cells to the pod. These mercenaries are also armed with a bandolier of nuclear proximity mines.

    4. [Military] Raise a Unit The nation of Yauloa also honors the Collectors' drive for ships, building a full complement of the light and fast "sandal" class ships designed for messaging and coordination, something increasingly necessary as Dipanan ships coordinate with Sunbreams and Casrule vessels. Unlike Calissa's independent fleet of Gauntlets, the Yauloan ships are placed under Council authority as a gesture of good faith.

    5. [Diplomacy 5] Create an Embassy with the Vilari Sodality The colony of Shelohu endeavors to enhance their already sizeable influence over Vilari-Dipanan relations by funding the creation of a diplomatic station near the border of Sodality Space. The station is unique among Dipanan designs for its predominantly aquatic interior, requiring the Dipanan negotiators to wear environmental suits mirroring the Vilari's own.


    News and Rumors
    In retrospect, the culinary exchange festival between Vilari and Dipanan settlers at Shelohu colony was a poor idea. The event was hardest on the Dipanans, as a few of the more adventurous eaters had to be hospitalized for allergic reactions to the meat in Vilari dishes, but some Vilari did end up losing their meals and their appetites after trying some of the less-well-cooked Dipanan recipes involving kelp or soil. The Shelohu events and tourism board declined to comment further on the affair, stating only that "it was a learning experience for all involved."

    After the disastrous festival, a rumor circulated through Shelohu colony that the Vilari settlers were all male because they were seeking Dipanan women as wives. Young men's fears of increased competition were allayed only by the fact that the aliens didn't seem to be doing a very good job of it.

    Ansh Abumrad of Miragupta colony was elected to be the next Collector, largely due to a lack of any other good candidates. Miragupta's prestige as a haven for xenophiles had been in decline lately compared to that of Shelohu, where Vilari settlers were making waves. Miraguptans hope that a collector from their colony will put Miragupta back on the map, but the Kryptid peace talks seemed likely to lead to a reduced flow of volunteers hubward from Katarsa, boding ill for the colony's future as anything other than an offworld tax haven and fuel stop.

    Scholars note the presence of horses on the celenian moons as evidence of a common planet of origin, but most do not go so far as to claim that it is evidence of Dipanan origin in the Celenian system. At the very least, they acknowledge a great degree of cultural divergence since, well, the two cultures diverged.

    Protestors belonging to a religious sect known as "Aeonian punitives" believing that Dipanans were cast out of the Celenian fatherland as a punishment for past sins make their presence obnoxiously known outside the council house in Poledela with signs like "Return to the Homeland" and "The Collection is an Affront to Aeon".

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Ruler: Collector Ulia Bingula
    stat rolls

    Diplomacy 5
    Military 5
    Economy 4
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 6

    Attribute Improvements: +1 Military, +1 Intrigue

    New Ruler Next Round: Collector Ansh Abumrad. Rolls
    Stats Before attribute improvements from this round:
    Diplomacy 5 (4+1)
    Military 3 (2+1)
    Economy 2 (1+1)
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 4 (3+1)

    Spoiler: Military Units

    The Shields of Katarsa- five Prototype "Shield" class ships equipped with railguns and gravity latch drives
    The Gauntlets of Kalissa- A national army rather than a collected one, the Gauntlets are armed with nuclear warheads and gravity latch drives, and are currently a source of much consternation from the other powers speculating about Kalissa's intentions.
    The Pots of Katarsa- five prototype "Pot" class ships equipped with gravity latch drives, railguns, and Vapor-Misplacement Guns.
    Sunbream Swarmers- Twenty sunbreams using surgically implanted GLDs and armed with claw-held railguns.
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    Biggest play I ever made: "I want to eat something over there." Anticipated the trope of "being able to move" that you see in all stories these days.

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Tezh Consensus

    Current Leader: Talotius

    ROUND 8

    Die Rolls Go Here:
    Convert H22
    Convert F6
    Convert I29

    Actions taken: See N&R for all related fluff
    1. PHI - Convert H22 LC - Success (14)
    2. PHI - Convert I29 LC - Success (18)
    3. INT - Construct SoS base of operations on E5
    4. INT - Construct SoS base of operations on E5
    5. Mil - Raise unit on E5 - Tezh 'Chimera Class' light cruiser
    6. Phi - Convert F6 LC - Success (18)

    • Resist all relevant buyout/convert/etc actions not explicitly approved or supported below
    • With the usual Tezh enthusiasm for building positive relations with their fellow galactic siblings, initial communications have begun with their neighbors the Kronin regarding working together to complete the CmC relay project that was requested recently.

    News and Rumors
    • The Droccen Empire reached out for assistance from the Tezh Consensus on opening a Learning Center at H22. The engineering members of the team of One scholars are exited by the scope of the dyson sphere project in the region, eagerly conducting research and setting up data collection stations that later get consolidated into a single Learning Center at a site chosen by their Droccen allies.
    • Tezh scholars move among the people of F6, listening to industrial moguls and the rare eco-minded folk alike, learning the history of the people and sharing some of the knowledge of One when asked. As word spreads, larger and more complex examples of teachings of One are requested until - when the atmosphere is right - the heads of industry (as the 'ruling class') request a Learning Center be constructed, as it brings great possibility to increase their output (and profit). Tezh are happy to hear this and begin work immediately, looking forward to the day when they can share many more advancements in technology and ecology that hopefully will restore the planet to its former glory, already beginning to seek out contacts among those in the populace who want to affect positive change for the environment.
    • The Etherites encountered unexpected difficulties in expanding their borders recently; a raid upon an economic center stymied extending political governance of the area. Thanks to the history of being a neutral third party with a goal towards regional stability, the Etherites reached out to the Uplift Chorus requesting assistance in placing and maintaining a Learning Center near the capital of Triskellius.
    • After the kerfuffle that was Data-gate (data breach at SoS), the Sisterhood of Silence and Tezh Consensus have been slightly at odds, with fringe members of the Sisterhood perpetuating the falsehoods of the data breach that implicated the Tezh. In the interest of moving past these lingering tittering voices, the Consensus offered to open a base of operations on the capital world of Yutov itself (E5) so that they may work more closely and transparently with the Sisterhood on the legitimate threat that is the Same. Specialists from the Sisterhood arrived on-world to inspect various locations and selected a site for the new structure, with ground breaking taking place with the usual Tezh efficiency and expediency.
    • Having been flung across the galaxy, the ruling council of the Consensus (now made up of many races from the various worlds) voted to begin design and construction of a light cruiser. Compared to the frames previously constructed as Honor Guard for the Consensus homeworld, the new patterns are downright austere. No inch of hull is superfluous, and the spiderweb work of the light cruiser hulls seems to leave critical systems at risk until live-fire testing shows the hard-light fields that flare to life and deflect myriad manner of deadly weaponry. The new chassis is deemed a success and dubbed a 'Chimera Class' light cruiser, as the frame is armed like a heavy cruiser but only weighs in like a frigate from other known races - one of many benefits of the crew literally BEING the ship itself.

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Loc Resource TP1 TP2 TP3 Learning Center Assembly
    Yutov (Capital) E5 Living Fire Gemstones
    (Precious Mineral)
    TZH Open Open The One The One
    Uanerth D6 Murphets
    Open N/A N/A The One N/A
    Gyribov D8 Vigorite
    Open Open Open The One N/A
    Stronoe 71Y6 E3 Salted Chromium
    (Hard Metal & Spice)
    TZH N/A N/A The One N/A
    Mibreshan E7 Memory Transfer Droid
    (Skilled Beings)
    Open Open Open The One N/A

    Spoiler: CI, TD, LC, and Tech info
    • Respectful Discourse (LC5 Bonus) - +1 to Conversions
    • Thorough Debate (LC10 Bonus) - Increase die size for Conversion rolls: 2d8
    • Political Science Curriculum (LC20 Bonus) - +1 to Claim roll if LC for The One is present in region, additional +1 if Assembly is in/adjacent to region

    • Requires Verification (temp CI) - Increase die size to resist Conversion: 2d8

    Spoiler: Leader stats
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 2
    Economy: 4
    Philosophy: 10
    Intrigue: 4

    Expected change: INT +1
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