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    Default 5e Homebrew Spell: Create Construct

    I was reading the Monster Manual and noticed that there are a number of constructs that, by their descriptions, magic users ought to be able to create, but nowhere in the RAW does the option to create these constructs exist. To that end, I homebrewed an admittedly lengthy spell I'm going to call "Create Construct" for now. I took inspiration from the existing spells Awaken and Animate Dead. As constructs would be more reliable minions than undead, summoned creatures, or awakened beasts or plants, I decided to impose steep monetary costs for the casting of this spell by comparing it to existing spells such as Find Familiar and True Resurrection. Any feedback or discussion about tweaks and balancing issues would be appreciated, or feel free to tell me if you think I'm way off base here and that creating magical constructs should not be an option that a PC wizard should be able to make without going through their DM.

    Name: Create Construct
    3rd Level Transmutation
    Casting Time: 8 Hours
    Range: Touch
    Components: VSM (Material components are dependent on the type of construct. Components are consumed unless specified.)
    Duration: Instantaneous

    After spending the casting time tracing magical pathways with the requisite components, you touch an inanimate object specified by the level of the casting of this spell. The target becomes a construct that is magically bonded to you (the DM gives you this creature's game statistics, but controls the creature).

    On each of your turns, you can use a bonus action to verbally command any creature you made with this spell if the creature is within 60 feet of you (if you control multiple creatures, you can command any or all of them at the same time, issuing the same command to each one). You decide what action the creature will take and where it will move during its next turn, or you can issue a general command, such as to guard a doorway or scout ahead. If you issue no commands, the creature only defends itself against hostile creatures. Once given an order, the creature continues to follow it until the task is complete.

    A construct created by this spell does not have hit dice, but can regain hit points by being repaired by a creature that has proficiency with tools specific to the construct's creation. To repair the construct takes 1 hour per hit point and costs 5 gp per hit point per level of the spell slot expended to create the construct (a non-player character may charge extra for skilled labor at the DM's discretion). When a construct reaches 0 hit points, it dies and cannot be repaired. A dead construct is too damaged to be of much use or value to anyone.

    When cast as a 3rd level spell, you create a homunculus, which requires 50 gp worth of clay, ash, and mandrake root as well as a drop of your blood. You can only have one homunculus at a time (casting this spell at 3rd level while you have a homunculus under your control will cause it to fail). Proficiency with potter's tools is required to repair a homunculus.

    At Higher Levels:

    When cast as a 4th level spell, you create a flying sword, which requires a longsword that has never drawn blood and an amber worth 100 gp. Proficiency with smith's tools is required to repair a flying sword. The DM may allow this spell to be cast on other melee weapons.

    When cast as a 5th level spell, you create an animated armor, which requires a set of armor that has never been worn and a blue spinel worth 500 gp. Proficiency with leatherworker's tools is required to repair an animated armor made from leather armor, studded leather armor, or hide armor. Proficiency with smith's tools is required to repair an animated armor made from any other type of armor.

    When cast as a 6th level spell, you create a rug of smothering, which requires a medium rug and rare silks worth 500 gp. Proficiency with weaver's tools is required to repair a rug of smothering.

    When cast as a 7th level spell, you create a flying crossbow, which requires a heavy crossbow that has never been fired and a hair from the tail of a unicorn worth 1000 gp. A flying crossbow can only fire nonmagical ammunition which you must provide. By touching the ammunition to the flying crossbow, it is considered to be carried by the construct. When the flying crossbow makes an attack, the ammunition is self-loaded and fired. A flying crossbow can only carry 20 pieces of ammunition at a time in this manner. Proficiency with woodcarver's tools is required to repair a flying crossbow. The DM may allow this spell to be cast on other ranged weapons.

    When cast as an 8th level spell, you create a helmed horror, which requires a set of plate armor that has never been worn, a shield that has never deflected a blow, a longsword that has never drawn blood, and fire opals worth 3000 gp. Proficiency with smith's tools is required to repair a helmed horror.

    When cast as a 9th level spell, you create a shield guardian, which requires a specially constructed body worth 4000 gp, an amulet worth 1000 gp (not consumed), and jacinths worth 15000 gp. The body requires proficiency with smith's tools to create (see the rules on crafting, 5e PHB pg 187). The amulet does not require proficiency in any skill and takes 1 week to craft. Unlike other constructs created by this spell, the shield guardian is not bonded to you but to the wearer of the amulet used in the casting of this spell.

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    Default Re: 5e Homebrew Spell: Create Construct

    This just reminds me of the 6th-level spell Create Homunculus in XGtE.

    Casting time: 1 hour (yours is 8x the official spell; makes sense)

    Components: V, S, M (clay, ash, and mandrake root, all of which the spell consumes, and a jewel-encrusted dagger worth 1000gp)

    From these two alone this homebrew spell's base effect vastly underestimates the capabilities of a Homunculus, instead scaling its power by what CR each construct is. A Homunculus is a conscious, infinite range messenger who is in constant contact with its master. While it isn't instantaneous, for sending non-urgent messages across town for less gp over time and no spell slots is powerful.

    This spell bases its scaling off of conjure spells like Conjure Elemental or Summon Greater Demon, just increase the CR by 1 each level it goes up, duh. But its base purpose is better than a thousand sendings in a town you're well known in as well as a free hireling for carrying gold, buying magic items and supplies, etc. and makes a sixth level spell irrelevant for the low price of 7 hours and saving 950 gp.

    This can be made if it starts at 4th level and first construct is the Animated Sword.
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    Default Re: 5e Homebrew Spell: Create Construct

    I think you might get a little more mileage out of a spell thatís limited to the clockworks from MTF or Volos. Animated Objects can just be magic items or a combo of Spell Glyphs and Animate Objects (assuming you can give the objects orders, up to your dm).

    So like:
    create Clockwork
    4th Level transmutation
    Cast time: 12 hours
    Components: material (a clockwork construct that costs 100 gp/ hd and an amulet worth 1000gp)
    Range touch
    You grant limited life to a (snake one that shoots lightning). This creature will follow the verbal commands of any creature attuned to the amulet, acting on its own initiative. Follows last order given.
    Higher level slots: create the better varieties with maybe a 7th level slot for the Oaken Bolter.
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    Default Re: 5e Homebrew Spell: Create Construct

    ...why did you not call this construct construct? It was right there!
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