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    Default Skill Check Dispel Magic system notes (for possible homebrew later)

    Ever hear of loose leaf books? This is even looser leaf notes :D


    Skill based dispel system

    Non-full casters can use Dispel Magic checks to boost their spell slot power for dispelling up to 8th

    UMD can act as spell resistance for items
    Spell resistance works for items used
    Spell resistance also protects buffs and summons
    Spell resistance items gain an extra boost on spell resistance to protect buffs and summons based on CR

    CR 1-7 add 1 to spell level, 8-14 +2, 15-21 +3, and added on to the CL determined spell level (1 = 1, 3 = 2, 5 = 3, etc.) for the item
    Dispel items also make use of this

    Disjunction is gone

    Make a Dispel Magic (INT based Skill) check (can be done untrained)
    Treat it as a dispel magic spell except the cap is not there, you add your ranks or caster level (whichever is greater)
    You must expend a spell slot when doing this.
    The level of the spell slot expended determines the penalty or bonus (smaller)
    [Maybe something if you prepare a dispel magic in the slot]
    The penalty is -5 per level of the slot below what is being dispelled and the bonus is +1 per level of the slot above what is being dispelled
    [[These numbers of penalty and bonus will likely affect how prevalent or sparse magic is in the game]]

    The level of the spell used affects what can be dispelled
    2nd and lower dispel magic
    3rd and higher dispel magic + 50% potentially conditional removal such as remove curse as well if slot equal to that spell
    6th and higher greater dispel magic + 70% potentially conditional removal such as remove curse as well if slot equal to that spell
    9th disjunction territory + 90% potentially conditional removal such as remove curse as well if slot equal to that spell


    So, I was thinking about how there are multiple balance points in 3.5 and how spells are really powerful. There's probably over 9000 magic fixes out there. I figured I'd see about making dispel magic more available.

    The objectives (loosely) are to make magic a bit riskier, but not items as much (so as not to hurt mundanes who need a magic item Christmas tree). Also, to make it possible to interact with it in a few ways instead of just the one way (UMD, spell resistance, lower level can use the check more than their level, maybe other stuff).

    These are just my notes for now. I plan on tentatively thinking about the possibility of perhaps eventually making a more complete version on the homebrew section of the forums. That's almost commitment ... - 8 spell slot levels. Anyways, just posting the rough notes for people to look at them and perhaps tell me that this is an abomination on par with... with the... the 3.0 psionic attack/defense modes system. Or that they're okay. Or to change stuff. That sort of thing.

    Spoiler: Blasphemy and an explanation of the 3.0 psionic attack/defense system

    I have used this model before, but to really appreciate how this "class feature" worked you should see how it would apply if ported to mainstream D&D where they haven't been conditioned to accept inferior mechanics without question. Lets take the big sacred moo, a Cleric's undead turning ability:

    DM: "Before we get started, Cleric, I just want you to know that I am instituting some changes in your turn undead class feature that will make your class more different and give it a unique divine mechanic."

    Player: "OK. How does it work now?"

    DM: "Well, for starters, when you attempt to turn undead you will now have to burn a spell."

    Player: "A spell???? What level?"

    DM: "Different levels. It depends on what turning mode you want to use. Sanctified Gesture takes a level 1, Divine Dance of Power takes a level 2, High Holly Homina Homina takes a level 3, and...."

    Player: "Wait, I assume I will get a bonus on the roll based on the level of spell slot I sacrifice?"

    DM: "Sometimes you will. Other times you will get a penalty based on the turning defense mode the opponent selects. Turning and turning defense modes will interact on a table. The table determines the actual DC of the roll, not the level of the spell slot burned. Choosing a given defense mode may actually mean you pay a spell to get a penalty on the save, but it will still be better than being defenseless."

    Player: "The undead will get defense modes?"

    DM: "Sure, so will you. Each round you will select a turning attack mode and a defense mode. In fact, you will need to select a defense mode against each undead opponent each and every round and each will cost you spell slots."

    Player: "Wwwwwwhat????!!!!!! What if I am facing undead who do not cast spells, I assume they won't get to mount a defense?"

    DM: "It doesn't matter if you face undead without casting ability because their turning and turning defense modes are free."

    Player: "Wait a minute! This is stupid! One of my 3rd level spell slots could be spent on Searing Light which fries undead; why would I ever spend it on an attack mode that might help me on a turning attempt? And why would I ever take a turning defense mode, much less a separate one vs. each undead opponent? I would simply choose to ignore undead or cast spells against them or go at them with weapons. I would have to have brain damage to choose to turn with these rules!"

    DM: "If you fail to mount a defense then each unblocked undead gets a special +8 bonus to hit you for having this wonderful class feature and choosing not to use it. They also get to drain your stats if they hit. This will apply also to anyone who adds a level of Cleric; multiclassing will be very flavorful."

    Player: "But I am a spellcaster, I need to be able to cast spells. How can I do my job if my spell slots get sucked away every time we run into undead?"

    DM: "Well, how can you do your job if you are dead or reduced to a mindless state? You need to use your spells this way or you may not live long enough to cast them anyway."

    Player: Head down, silently weeping into his hands.

    DM: "I should mention too that you will be able to make turn undead attempts vs. nonundead; if you succeed they will be stunned for a few rounds. Of course, everyone who does not have this feature will get a huge bonus on the save DC. The best part: If you blow a 5th level spell to use High Holy Hokey Pokey then everyone in a large area could be stunned for a long while and they don't get a bonus vs. this one mode -- that makes the entire system usable and balanced."

    Player: "They should all be stunned if they ever see me willingly use these rules. This is preposterous! I need my spells to heal and buff and perform all the functions of a Cleric. How am I going to be of any use to the party if I hemorrhage spell slots every time we run into undead?"

    DM: "That is the beauty of it: You get to choose whether to use your spell slots as they were intended or save your own hide by using them to turn. Come on and at least give it a chance. It will be a mechanic unique to your class so it must be a benefit. You don't want to be just another spellcaster do you? This will add so much flavor and.... Hey! Get him off of me!"

    Player: "How ya like that fist flavor?"
    Credit goes to AntiDjinn on the WotC Boards.

    Cribbed from:

    Post Link to Homebrew:
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