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    Default Re: Horror Campaign (prev. Army of Commoners)

    I know there are websites specifically dedicated to blogs and such. Livejournal, and I think the other big one is called blogspot....

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    Default Re: Horror Campaign (prev. Army of Commoners)

    Quote Originally Posted by Grey Watcher View Post
    I know there are websites specifically dedicated to blogs and such. Livejournal, and I think the other big one is called blogspot....
    Yeah, but I can't picture myself continuing to go there to update stuff. I'd just get distracted and wind up browsing here instead.


    And the vestiges got worked on, probably finished, last night
    So here we go, all three of our new vestiges in one easy to digest post.

    Core, the Guiding Light

    Vestige Level: 2nd
    Binding DC: 10
    Special Requirement: Yes

    In life, in the world of his existance, Core was a one-of-a-kind sentient golem. His time as a vestige has left him struggling to bring light and music to a place that can never have either. As a vestige, he grants his summoner the ability to manipulate light and noise around them.

    Legend: Core is the first of three vestiges created during a horrible cataclysm started by pact magic. In the process of saving that world from destruction, Core and two of his allies became vestiges themselves. The full details of his creation, existance, and the nature of his summoning and vestigehood are all excruciatingly detailed in the Pact Execarium, a 2500 page document archived in most reasonable sized churches. While the Pact Execarium warns strongly against pact magic, and advises the destruction of those who would practice it, it does include explicit information about the three vestiges that inspired its creation.
    Special Requirement: When calling Core, the Guiding Light from the veil beyond, you must speak no words. Calling Core is done with nothing buut musical notes (a binder without access to a musical instrument can still call Core by whistling or humming, but his binding DC increases to 15 in such circumstances). Unlike some vestiges, if you do not meet this special requirement (such as by accidently speaking during the summoning or pact making process), Core will still enter a pact with you, but the pact will automatically be a 'bad' pact, and you cannot suppress his influence or sign.
    Manifestation: Core begins manifesting as nothing more than a subtle glow in the middle of his seal. As the summoning and pact making process continues, the glow becomes stronger, spreading outwards to a radius of 60 feet. At some point during the pact making process, glowing magical runes begin taking the vague shape of a humanoid form, as if covering an invisible creature. These runes become more and more defined, until they glow with a peircing light themselves. Just before the pact is made and Core vanishes once more, these runes reveal themselves to be some form of musical notation. Many binder and religious scholars have questioned the exact nature of those musical notes, and it is noted that they always appear identical from summoning to summoning, though they do not know what -if any- exact music they represent.
    Throughout the pact making process, Core speaks no words, replying only to the musical notes the binder summoning him plays in a wordless duet.
    Sign: While bound to Core, your entire body becomes covered in faintly visible musical notes in a pattern suggesting arcane notations like those found in a wizards spellbook. These musical notes are never identical, and seem to change in pattern and color based on what other vestiges, spells, or creatures you come into contact with.
    Influence: Cores influence pushes you to be jovial and good natured, even against those who would oppose you. You are not prohibited from combat of any kind, but your attitude remains sunny and cheerfull throughout, never sullen or angry. In addition, you are inclined towards cleanliness, taking any otherwise idle time to straighten clutter or brush away messes from your immediate surroundings.

    Granted Abilities: Core grants abilities related to light and sound, manipulating them to your own purposes.
    Glow: The area around you glows with a soft friendly light, providing natural light to a radius of 30 feet. This light will fight back darkness, even magical darkness. When facing an area of magical darkness, you automatically make a caster level check (using your effective binder level as your caster level). Success means the area of darkness is surpressed in favor of Core's glowing light. You gain a +1 bonus to this caster level check per four effective binder levels, allowing you to fight off even powerful areas of magical darkness.
    You can turn this ability on or off at will.
    Sublime Sunglow: The area of your glow becomes equivalent to true sunlight for one round (affecting creatures sensitive to sunlight as normal). This ability will peirce any magical darkness, regardless of caster level checks succeeded or failed, providing sunlight for one round (but only one round). Once you have used this ability, you cannot use it again for 5 rounds. (Note that one round of sunlight is enough to disorient, but not destroy, a vampire. it will likely urge them away, however).
    Resonate: You create an uncomfortable deep hum in a radius of 30 feet. This hum will distract and sicken creatures who fail a fortitude save (DC 5 + 1/2 your effective binder level, rounded down). This effect lasts for 2 rounds. If a creature who is allready Sickened (such as from another source) fails this fortitude save, they become nauseated instead. Once you have used this ability, you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.
    Pact Aura: You can project an aura that gifts all your allies within a 30 foot radius temporary access to your Pact Augmentation abilities. For 2 rounds, all of your allies gain access to any Pact Augmentations you have as a result of your binder class. Once you have used this ability, you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.

    (A note to people who may not know details of the binder class, regarding the last ability, Pact Aura. Binders gain the ability to select from a list of 'augmentations' anytime they have a binder summoned. It's simple mechanical boosts, things like +1 to attack rolls, damage reduction 1/-, 5 resistance to an energy type, things like that. As you level up, you can pick more of those augmentations at once, and they stack. You can also re-select them every time you bind a new vestige, so it can change from day to day as you need it to.
    The Pact Aura just temporarily lets those augmentations apply to your nearby allies in addition to yourself, fitting the theme of a bard vestige who boosts his allies, while using mechanics from the binder class itself).

    Selena, the Corporeal Spirit

    Vestige Level: 5th
    Binding DC: 30
    Special Requirement: Yes

    Selena was a rogue factotum who, through a series of fluke occurences involving Kythons and Vestiges, became a undead creature like no other. Her time as a vestige has only served to further blur the lines between the physical, the incorporeal, and the non-existant. She grants her summoner powers over corporeality, as well as adaptability and the ability to produce venom to use against your foes.

    Legend: Selena is one of three vestiges created during an apocalypse brought on by pact magic. During the saving of that world from the forces bent on its destruction, Selena and two others became vestiges themselves. The full details of her life and vestigehood, as well as the two others, can be found in the 2500 page religious document, the Pact Execarium. The brief version, is that her and her companions were forced to bodily enter the nothingness, transforming themselves into vestiges in an indirect effort to seal off the other vestiges from overrunning reality.
    Special Requirement: Selena will not answer a summons unless the binder calling her has been in a pact with Core, the Guiding Light within the previous day.
    Manifestation: Selena does not noticeably manifest in any way whatsoever. No sound, no shape, nor presence is felt even if she is successfully called from the void. There is only her empty seal. The binder must attempt to make the pact with that empty seal, causing the pact making process (and the binding DC to complete it) to be unusually difficult for a vestige of Selena's level. Only once the pact is actually made, does Selena give any hint of her presence, as a faint gust of wind is felt rushing into the binder who has summoned her.
    If the binder summoning Selena is also currently bound to Core, the Guiding Light, and is showing Cores sign of glowing musical notations, those notes begin to pulse softly when Selena is summoned... the only indication of her presence. In such circumstances, the binder is reassured that she has been called from the void, and the Binding DC to make the pact drops to 24 instead of 30.
    Sign: You become vaguely visually transparent. This effect is not particularily noticeable under most lighting conditions, especially shadowy illumination. However, light sources will be notably visible through your body, and anytime you are between a light source and someone else, that person will realize they can see through you. This applies to your clothing, armor, and any equipment you are carrying. This sign does not affect your hide skill, nor does it provide any miss chance to avoid attacks.
    Your voice also sounds hollow and distant, as if carrying through some invisible barrier. People who are not listening to you directly (only overhearing your speech casually) will be under the impression that you are speaking a language of demons and devils, until they stop to actively listen to you (at which point, they will hear whatever language you are choosing to speak as normal).
    Influence: Selena's influence causes you an intense curiosity when faced with physical barriers such as closed doors or walls. You will have a powerful urge to explore such structures to see what secrets lie behind them.

    Granted Abilities: Selena grants you the ability to move as a ghost, adapt to your situation, strike at your foes with a terrible venom, and speak the languages of devils and demons.
    Kython Tongue: You gain the ability to speak Abyssal and Infernal fluently, if you could not speak those languages allready.
    Discorporate: You can turn incorporeal for one round, giving you a 50% miss chance and allowing you to pass through solid structures. Ghost Touch weapons still affect you normally, and force effects cannot be bypassed even while you are incporporeal. Once you have used this ability, you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.
    When your Effective Binder Level reaches 20, this ability allows you to tread through nothingness instead of the ethereal plane. You cease existing as anything other than a concept of yourself, giving you a 100% miss chance and allowing you to pass through any structure, even force effects. This ability still only lasts for one round, and you must still wait 5 rounds in between uses.
    Inspired: You gain a number of inspiration points equal to one per every 3 effective binder levels you posess. These inspiration points function identically to the class feature of the Factotum (reseting every encounter). If you have Factotum levels in addition to binder levels, these inspiration points are added to your pool of inspiration for that class, and can be used with factotum class features normally. Wether you have factotum levels or not, you can use Inspiration points in the following ways:
    - You may spend an inspiration point before making an attack, damage, or saving throw roll to add 1 to that die result. There is no limit to the number of inspiration points you can spend this way, except for the number of inspiration points you have remaining.
    - You may spend an inspiration point before making a skill check to gain a bonus on that check equal to 1/2 your effective binder level, rounded down. You can only use this ability once per each skill per day, regardless of how many inspiration points you have left.
    - You may spend an inspiration point to make a skill check in skill you have no ranks in, as if you had 1/2 rank in it. You may use this ability any number of times, provided you have inspiration points left to use it. You may use this ability in conjunction with the above ability as well.
    - Before using any vestige ability, you may spend an inspiration point to reduce the delay between uses, on a 1 point per 1 round basis. For example, when activating Selena's Discorporate ability, you may spend 3 inspiration points to reduce the 5 round delay to 2 rounds between uses, allowing you to activate it again 2 rounds later. After you have used this ability, the delay returns to the normal 5 rounds (unless you spend more inspiration points to reduce the delay yet again).
    Spiritual Venom: Once per day, you can produce a spiritual venom as a free action, automatically coating a weapon (or your fists) with it. This venom is a cotnact poison with a fortitude save DC of 10 + 1/2 your effective binder level, rounded down + your Charisma bonus. The venom deals 1d6 points of ability damage to an ability of your choice (chosen when creating the venom, capable of affecting even mental abilities such as Intelligence or Wisdom). It deals an additional 1d6 damage one minute after the initial contact.

    Tevler, the Golden Weaver

    Vestige Level: 8th
    Binding DC: 33
    Special Requirement: Yes

    Once a spider-riding paladin, then a death delver, Tevler was fearless by nature. His courage in the face of death eventually carried over to courage in the face of nonexistance, and Tevler became a vestige. He grants his host the ability to laugh in the face of certain destruction, as well as several abilities related to his spidery companion.

    Legend: The legend of Tevler is unique among most vestiges in how detailed it is. Information about his life prior to becoming a vestige -and the details of his vestigehood- is readily accessible in the Pact Execarium, an infamous document on pact magic archived in most reasonable sized churches around the world. Unfortunately, the Pact Execarium is 2500 pages long.
    The short version of Tevlers history, is that he is one of the brave souls responsible for saving a world from a destruction brought upon it, supposedly, by pact magic. In saving that world, Tevler was forced to bodily enter the void between realities and become a vestige himself.
    Special Requirement: You must swallow a live spider. After you are no longer bound to Tevler (wether through dismissal or the natural binding period coming to an end), you cough the spider up and it will descend from your lips on a silken strand. If you kill this spider, Tevler will never answer your call again.
    Manifestation: Tevler descends from above as if crawling down an invisible strand of spider silk. His form is that of a spiderous creature, similar to an armored drider in shape and size. At times both the spider half and human half will appear dark and chitinous like that of a normal spider, and at other times both halves will appear in beautiful gleaming shades of silver and platinum. Whichever color Tevler appears in, his face always remains the same, appearing as a human male with 6 spider-like eyes which glow with a pale golden light. Despite his terrifying visage, Tevler always greets his summoner in a relaxed and friendly fashion.
    Sign: A golden hourglass appears on your torso - either on your stomach, chest, between your shoulder blades, or on the small of your back. The placement of this hourglass is completely random, and can be seen through most articles of clothing or armor (only metal can conceal this glowing shape).
    Influence: When Tevler influences you, you must go to great lengths to protect spiders and spider like creatures. Any act you can accomplish to keep such a creature safe must be taken, including treating those who would destroy spiders with hostility and anger. Tevler makes exceptions for spiders which are an immediate threat to you and your companions, but if you have a chance of ending combat in a way that leaves the spider alive, you must take it.

    Granted Abilities: You gain abilities related to spiders, as well as a chance to walk back through death's door.
    Lifeline: You gain a single extra life in addition to your own. One time during the 24 hour period you have summoned and bound Tevler, upon your death or destruction, you will return to life with half of your hitpoints, no matter how violent or seemingly permanent that death was. If your corpse is destroyed entirely, or is in a location where returning to life would be immpossible (such as being crushed underneath rocks) your body will reform at the nearest safe location. This will occur 5 rounds after your death, but prior to your death you may willingly increase that delay by a number of rounds equal to your effective binder level.
    Spider Climb: You can constantly move as if under the effects of the Spider Climb spell, except you have a climb speed equal to your base land speed regardless of surface traversed, instead of 20 feet as normal.
    Spidersilk: You can freely call into existance a wonderously strong rope which resembles unusually thick spider silk. At any given time, you can have 10 feet of rope per your effective binder level. You can choose to produce this rope as one long strand, or any combination of shorter strands at least 5 feet in length each and totalling your maximum amount of rope available. If you call more rope into existance, existing rope begins to dissipate in the order it was created.
    This rope can be burst with a Strength check (DC 31) and has 20 hitpoints per inch of thickness and 15 hardness. This rope will also stick to any surface you choose at your discretion. In addition to creating easy climbing points, this grants you a +8 circumstance bonus to Use Rope checks made to tie up a creature.
    Silken Armor: One creature of your choosing gains a +4 boost to their armor class, as their armor (or body) is coated in a layer of the strongest spider silk. You can use this ability on yourself or on any one ally you can physically touch, and can change the target of this ability as a free action, but once you have chosen a target to receive this armor boost you cannot change the target again for 5 rounds.
    This spidersilk armor will last indefinately while your pact is active, but will dissipate immediately when you are no longer bound to Tevler.
    Parlour: You can instantly create a mass of webs that cover all terrain, objects, walls, and even ceilings in a 120 foot radius centered on yourself (these webs will stop at natural barriers such as walls, so indoors they will only cover one room unless there are open doors and windows leading out). These webs are not particularily sticky, and will immediately fall off of any creature of object in motion, and can easily be brushed aside to allow access to areas or objects. However, the build up of these webs causes all non-allied creatures to acrue penalties to their attack rolls, reflex saving throws, and any dexterity boost to their armor class.
    This penalty begins accumulating each round they are within this area at -1. They continue to collect -1 penalties each round they spend within this area, until they exit it (at which point, the penalty starts fading at 1 every round). This penalty has a maximum of 5.
    This ability can only be used once each day, but the webs last for 24 hours, or until Tevler is no longer bound to you.

    An a note on balance, Selena's ability to turn incporporeal is touching the high end of the power curve for 5th level vestiges, but it's not out of line when you remember that it's only for one round. Comparably, spellcasters who turn themsevles ethereal get to do so for 1 round per LEVEL, so her ability is really nerfed compared to a real caster.

    The only current balancing issue might be turning Selena's Inspired ability into 1 inspiration point per FOUR levels, instead of 3. That'd round her out to half as many as a real factotum, which seems like a good compromise. every 3 levels isn't too bad either though. Just need to examine the numbers a little more, really.
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