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    Post Exotic Weapon II: Deft Weapons, Double Weapons, and Dual Wielding (PEACH)

    this page on the homebrewery

    I've added two weapon properties (deft, and double weapon), and modified two weapon fighting slightly. I've also replaced the pike with the ranseur, and rewritten the former.

    Double Weapons: The special property from the dual-bladed scimitar forms the base for the double weapon property. These weapons deal d4 damage of a listed type, in the same manner dual weapons work. The polearm master feat now applies this property to polearms.

    Two Weapons: To compensate for the lower damage, holding two weapons at once grants you a +1 AC bonus.

    Pike: the new version has extra reach, but becomes useless as very close range (where you wouldn't be able to maneuver such a long weapon). I'm not sure how useful this makes it. You can attack from outside a reach weapon's range, but if your enemy gets in close you're forced to either switch weapons or eat an opportunity attack.

    Deft Weapons: these are probably very weird and poorly worded. When attacking with a deft weapon, you add both your dexterity and strength modifiers, but cannot treat either score as higher than a 14. So if you have 16 Str and 12 Dex, a deft weapon with the same damage die deals equal damage to a weapon without the deft property (all other factors being equal). However, a character with 14 Str and 1+ Dex basically counts as having an 18 when attacking. As does a character with over 14 Str and over 14 Dex, making deft weapons weaker for a character with a 20 in their main attacking stat.

    I intend deft weapons to have two effects. First, characters with high strength and low dexterity can get a +2 bonus on attack and damage rolls when using a ranged weapon. Second, non-martial characters get a bonus to using a weapon if they have slightly above average Dex (which they want anyway) and slightly above average Str (which means they aren't dumping it). Both of which reduce the need for high Dex very slightly, and give more characters a bonus of not dumping Str.

    One noticeable side effect is that mixed Str and Dex characters can more easily use a deft weapon at low levels. Because of this, I have written deft weapons with a damage die one size smaller than the equivalent non-deft weapons. I couldn't really do this for the sling, so I added the two-handed property (which reduced flexibility somewhat).

    I also haven't written out how such weapons would work with a hexblade (or any class that can use a different stat with their weapon). Presumably, only one of the two stats Strength would be replaced.

    Simple Melee Weapons:
    Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
    Brandistock 12 gp 1d6 Piercing 3 lb Deft, Two-Handed
    Fork 3 gp 1d6 Piercing 6 lb Double Weapon (piercing), Two-handed
    Rondel 3 gp 1d4 Piercing 1 lb Deft

    Simple Ranged Weapons:
    Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
    War Sling 5 gp 1d4 Bludgeoning 2 lb Ammunition, Deft, (Range 40/160), Two-Handed

    Martial Melee Weapons:
    Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
    Arming Sword 10 gp 1d6 Slashing 4 lb Deft, Versatile(1d8)
    Dual-Bladed Scimitar 100 gp 2d4 Slashing 6 lb Double Weapon (slashing), Two-handed
    Estoc 15 gp 1d4 Piercing 1 lb Deft
    Falx 75 gp 2d4 Piercing 1 lb Deft, Two-hand
    Gnome Hooked Hammer 20 gp 2d4 Bludgeoning 6 lb Double Weapon (piercing), Two-handed
    Orc Double Axe 60 gp 2d4 Slashing 6 lb Double Weapon (slashing), Two-handed
    Pike 7 gp 1d6 Piercing 18 lb Heavy, Special, Two-handed
    Pollaxe 20 gp 1d8 Piercing 6 lb Heavy, Deft, Reach, Two-handed
    Poniard 7 gp 1d4 Piercing 1 lb Light, Deft
    Ranseur 5 gp 1d10 6 lb Heavy, Reach, Two-handed

    Martial Ranged Weapons:
    Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
    Composite Shortbow 50 gp 1d6 Piercing 3 lb Ammunition, Deft, (Range 80/320), Two-Handed

    Exotic Melee Weapons:
    Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
    Cat O' Nine Tails 15 gp 2d4 Slashing 3 lb
    Double-Bitted Axe 75 gp 1d12 Slashing 9 lb Double Weapon (slashing), Heavy, Two-Handed
    Firbolg Twin Mace 60 gp 1d10 Bludgeoning 9 lb Double Weapon (bludgeoning), Heavy, Reach, Two-handed
    Bugbear Beheader 30 gp 1d12 Piercing 8 lb Deft, Two-handed
    Saroter Spear 21 gp 1d6 Piercing 5 lb Double Weapon (piercing), Versatile (2d4)
    Twin Flail 25 gp 1d6 Bludgeoning 3 lb Double Weapon (bludgeoning)

    Exotic Ranged Weapons:
    Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
    Composite Longbow 100 gp 1d8 Piercing 3 lb Ammunition, Heavy, Deft, (Range 150/600), Two-Handed

    Added and Modified Feats:
    Double Weapon Master
    You have mastered attacking with both ends of a weapon in quick succession.
    • When you attack with the main portion of a dual weapon, you gain a +1 bonus to your attack roll.
    • When you attack using the Dual Weapon property, you can use a d6 as the damage die for the attack, instead of a d4.
    • Instead of making an additional attack with the butt end of a double weapon, you can use your bonus action to parry incoming attacks. Roll a d4 and add the result to your AC until the start of your next turn.

    Dual Wielder
    You master fighting with two weapons, gaining the following benefits:
    • Your AC bonus from wielding two separate melee weapons increases to +2.
    • You can use two-weapon fighting even when the one handed melee weapons you are wielding aren't light.
    • Once per turn, when making your extra attack using one of your weapons you can make the attack without using your bonus action. You cannot make an interaction on the same turn you use ability.
    • You can draw or stow two one-handed weapons when you would normally be able to draw or stow only one.

    Polearm Master
    You gain the following benefits:
    • You can treat a glaive, halberd, quarterstaff, ranseur, or spear as having the Double weapon (bludgeoning) property.
    • While you are wielding a glaive, halberd, pike, quarterstaff, or spear, other creatures provoke an opportunity attack from you when they enter the reach you have with that weapon.
    • You can attack enemies within 5 feet of yourself when wielding a pike, but you have disadvantage on the attack roll.

    Deft Striker
    You have trained to combine strength and dexterity when wielding a weapon. You gain the following benefits
    • When you attack using a weapon with the deft property, you can treat your strength and dextery as a 16 for your attack roll if they would be equal to or higher than 16. You still cannot treat either stat as higher than a 14 for your damage roll.
    • When you make a melee attack roll against an enemy that cannot see you, you can ignore one source of disadvantage on your attack roll. You must be able to see the target to use this ability.
    • When you make an Intimidation or Performance check while holding a weapon that has the deft property, you can replace your Charisma bonus with a your Strength and Dexterity bonuses, but you cannot treat either stat as higher than a 14 when doing so.

    Weapon Master
    You have practiced extensively with a variety of weapons, gaining the following benefits:
    • Increase your Strength of Dexterity score by 1, t a maximum of 20.
    • You gain proficiency with four weapons of your choice. These weapons can consist of any mix of simple, martial, and exotic weapons.
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