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    Default Scrolls and metamagic

    Some relevant facts:

    -PHB, page 141, "Read a Scroll" is listed as a standard action that provokes AoO.

    -PHB, page 142, activating a spell completion item (including scrolls)

    -DMG, page 238, activation and effect of a scroll

    -DMG, page 236, metamagic rods

    EDIT: Pages listed are from 3.5

    Based on these facts, is it possible to apply a metamagic effect on a spell that is being cast from a scroll, using a metamagic rod or a sudden metamagic feat?
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    Default Re: Scrolls and metamagic

    No. Metamagic rods are activated by casting a spell. While using a spell completion item such as a scroll is similar to actually casting a spell, it is a subset of the "Activate a Magic Item" action (see the Actions in Combat:Activate a Magic Item).
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