Just starting a conversation since I have never seen it posted about here. Anyone else play this? I find it a great easy to learn game, that while not exactly historically accurate at least tries. I currently have a bigger although far less expensive pile of shame(in this case it really is a pile of shame in the corner of the room under my laptop table in their respective boxes) but despite that I have a 100% complete Japanese Special Navy Landing Force done to 1250 points. I have multiple 1500 point German armies that are painted and usable but not done(see pile of shame comment) and a US army done based off the 100th Infantry Regiment(Ill get back to why that's important) which also has a pile of shame.

I find the Italian campaign to be the most interesting of the war with all the mistakes the allies made from their commanders having egos the size of battleships. If it wasnt for the fact that Germans and axis Italians were not getting and more reinforcements then they likely could have held the allies for the rest of the war. Everything from not doing a prep bombardment on the shoreline before landing troops so they could surprise the hidden Germans waiting emplaced positions to shoot at them to the massive bombing a thousand year old monastery where the Germans specifically did not occupy due to its historic and religious significance and actively aided the monks in evacuating it and all of its hundreds of thousands of relics(100% accounted for by the Vatican) plus the Italian National Art museum (also 100% accounted for) which had been stashed there at the start of the campaign having been on display in Naples. A bombing so mismanaged that it hit two different major allied command headquarters, one of them 30 miles away from the target. So all of my Germans and US are based on this theater aside from an Afrika korps army(mostly still in boxes :P)

For anyone new to Warlord games you are likely seeing a theme here, a box of 30 plastic, completely customizable troops(Ie you can make everything from riflemen and machine gunners to officers, snipers and spotters) for $30-$45 and they often have sales, plus the army box deals are massive and common. You can buy a complete 1250 point army that is actually good and usable on the field for around $125. So at least I tend to pick some up from time to time and put it on the pile thus why I have a good 300+ various army infantry sitting in boxes on sprue.

As to why the 100th infantry regiment was a big deal, I ran a demo game and an older lady in our community gaming group saw the patch I painted on each shoulder and she pulled out her phone and started looking at pictures. Turns out her father in law served in the 100th infantry regiment and was awarded the medal of honor and she showed me his picture. She was at the ceremony back in the Clinton era when it was awarded. So that was neat.

What rules bug you?
For me its mostly the damage from snipers and transport rules. Snipers can pick who dies when they shoot something which makes weapons teams like heavy machine guns useless. I am looking at treating heavy machine gun teams as artillery teams thus cannot be so easily taken out.

Transports is the other biggie and rules here are screwed up on multiple counts. For one, if an unoccupied transport is ever closer to an enemy model than it is a friendly model it is captured automatically. I can see that for soft skin trucks but not halftracks. Disregard that its armored, has a gunner on the mounted machine gun and that the driver usually has a submachine gun and is trained to use it from the vision slots. Another thing we are experimenting with is 7+(light armor) armor cannot be captured like this, only trucks and jeeps and such.

Further, at least in Germany, mounted troops were doctrinally trained to drive the half track onto the objective with the guys in back shooting the whole way over the sides suppressing the guys on the objective. Basically they used it as a mobile pillbox. Warlord has completely nixed this regardless of how easy it is to do in the rules. Basically guys inside are subject to the conditions and pins that the vehicle is suffering. Measure from the troop compartment. Very simple to implement.