Wasn't sure whether to stick this in Roleplaying Games or here, but I figured since I'm almost exclusively asking about the card game side of things it made more sense to be here.

Anywho, so I started planning out a Duel Monsters RPG for me and my friends and they have started to do their deck building. They get to open up 17 Booster Packs (from Primal Origin backwards) to get 155 cards to build their first deck. There's a few limitations, but mostly just gentlemen agreements.

Anyway, in the game they live in the Outlands, a dirty, grungy crappy place outside of a massive metropolis. they have limited access to cards (thus why their decks are a bit of a mess) and the Main City (name pending) encourages them to duel because all residents of the Outlands have dermal markings that absorb Duel Energy. This goes back into large storage towers that whatever group they belong to gets to use, but each group must tithe a certain amount to the city.

The more energy you gather, the better the cards you can get. Simple, right?

So right now I've got a few factions, The Scrapyard (Machine oriented decks), The Circle (Spellcasters), the Wasters (Zombies and Rock), The Marsh Court (Faries and Water), and the Church of Elemental Union (the Bad Guys). Now, everyone clearly has a theme to work off of, but my issue is that I need to make some scrub decks for the lowest ranks and I'm not sure how to properly simulate the hodgepodge nature of slapping a vaguely themed deck together. Well, outside of just booster drafting, but that would be time-consuming.

Any ideas?