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You may not have the equipment for everything here, but I believe due to the resume you posted you have no shortage of ability. So let's see:

Rainbow-coloured/sprinkle-covered doughnut holes -> Unicorn balls, or unicorn droppings
Glittery or rainbow-dyed Teriyaki meatballs would also work.

Make some sweet sausage, but mix edible glitter into the filling, for unicorn meat. Since you're going for Hawaiian themes, you could instead make homemade glittery Spam and use it in a traditional Hawaiian way. The spam sushi is always interesting.

If you're willing to make your own hot dog buns for the hot dogs, you could take inspiration from the many rainbow swirl bread recipes that exist: https://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/r...2-7090842fcea4
I wonder if it would be possible to do that with tortillas, for the tacos? Since it's more of a batter, it'd probably be difficult.

Unfortunately, most unicorn dish ideas (for good reason) tend towards desserts, or at least sweet. Hopefully you can use something I've posted. The glitter-spam hawaiian dish would be really cool.

These are some ideas. Having done similar things in the past; I highly discourage anyone from attempting bulk deep frying at home. Unless you rent a commercial fryer, you're going to spend all day chained to small batches of whatever you're doing.
A rainbow galaxy glaze over store bought donut holes would be doable fairly easily.

Homemade sausages with glitter is intriguing.......

Personally I dont like using a ton of food coloring in things and very much favor fresh unprocessed ingredients whenever possible.

To say the menu was a Hawaiian theme isnt exactly true, but Hawaiian regional cuisine is a mishmash of Portuguese, new england, polynesia and more anyway. I kinda pulled Brazilian, Cuban, Hawaiian, japanese, Mexican and italian together in a way that worked well. There was a movement about a dozen years ago to push out the corporate shipped in food mentality and resurrect cultural staples (cookbook called "new Hawaiian regional cuisine" is quite good).

Making tortillas isnt hard, but it is very time consuming if you're not practiced, coloring several small batches of Masa dough (it is a dough, just a soft one, as corn doesnt have gluten so it wont get the texture of a wheat based dough) and using several mini balls in a tortilla press at once may yield a cool effect.