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    Default Swordmaster Class | 5e Homebrew | Fire Emblem inspired

    Hi guys. I decided to make my own class for a campaign I was about to start and after some hours writing, and writing... And balancing the insane monster I had created, I came to the first prototype of my first homebrew class, The Swordmaster!

    The Lore has to be added as well as more description of how is it to be a swordmaster, what makes them distinctive and such, but I wanted to make sure the concept seemed cool and somewhat balanced before going into it. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Default Re: Swordmaster Class | 5e Homebrew | Fire Emblem inspired

    I wouldn't give Extra Attack 2 at level 11. Maybe 17, but not at the same level you get Swoardfaire.

    Astra is just worded poorly, and kinda wonky. It's not OP or anything, just needs cleaning.

    Overall, feels mostly okay on the balance front, but lacks a good identity. I think this might work better as a Fighter subclass or something, honestly. If you'd like, I can take a stab at it.
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