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    Default Re: The Legacy of Dominic Deegan: The Unending Snark

    Quote Originally Posted by Traab View Post
    I dont see that, I see him basically going "Oh god! What do I do?!" Then she strips off and he is going, "It just got worse!" Not because he doesnt want it but because having a woman curl up onto you without being sure if she means to or not could lead to a very unpleasant morning, her stripping off just makes it even worse. As a variation on this, say you are at a party and you go lie down. Some drunk girl stumbles into the room, flops on the bed, and passes out on top of you. You arent going to do anything inappropriate but if you cant get out from under her before she wakes up, the morning is going to get loud. Especially if she stripped down to her panties.
    His expression definitely seems to suggest dislike/annoyance more than panic/fear/worry to me.
    So I think it's more that he has a problem with her snuggling at all and not that he thinks about potential trouble.

    Even the first time it happened looked like a reaction to waking up with someone this close at all, so it seems he doesn't like being touched.
    Wether that's in general, women, humans or the witch specifically* is unclear.

    *Maybe he sees her as something like family, someone you like, but not that way.
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    Default Re: The Legacy of Dominic Deegan: The Unending Snark

    Whatever the reason, he clearly doesn't like her that way.
    The end of what Son? The story? There is no end. There's just the point where the storytellers stop talking.

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    Default Re: The Legacy of Dominic Deegan: The Unending Snark

    Right now I wish I was a betting type of man, because I think that:

    1. His facial expression signals uncomfortable, not revoulsion.
    2. They will get it together.
    3. He sleeps naked due to cultural norms/habit.

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