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    Default Can I ask how to facilitate a religious accomodation for TTRPGers?

    So I have a groups of friends who follow a particular religion that has particular rules about what you can do at particular times. They have a fairly regular, though informal, game group in which I sometimes take part. I have considered running a D&D group for them and they have not dismissed the idea outright, but before pursuing the idea in depth I want to figure out how it would work with their particular ideas.

    So, could I post to the gaming forums to ask for advice on how to accommodate their religious concerns? They aren't issues with belief or with the nature of D&D as a 'magic system', but rather practical concerns about what is/is not an acceptable action to take. If so, can I name the religion in question so people have the ability to find out more details on their own, or should I leave it vague, a la this post, and simply list the restrictions they have as they would be relevant to a tabletop RPG?

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    Default Re: Can I ask how to facilitate a religious accomodation for TTRPGers?

    Sheriff: My first instinct is, no. This just isn't the forum for that kind of discussion. Our prohibition on real world religion discussion is broad and tightly enforced. The Forum Rules specifically note that real world religion is out-of-bounds, even when it intersects a gaming topic.

    But maybe, if you listed the limitations, without any reference to their source or nature, you might be able to have a logistics discussion about how to game under those limitations. Maybe? If the limitations aren't themselves inherently religious in nature, and for as long as the discussion avoids all reference to real world religion.

    Even being as vague as you are in the post above is too far for this forum, because we're talking about real world religion, albeit vaguely.
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