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    Default Marblegate and Ten Earthshattering Blows, why both?

    These two comics, which were recommended in a single thread here, seem to be drawn and maybe written by the same group, they both update very slowly, and it's always the one, then the other, then the first again.

    There are sort of differences, but overall they seem quite similar (to me, who has no idea where either plot is going, if either of them has a plot, which hasn't been convincingly demonstrated so far).

    So wouldn't it be better to drop one, and have it update more often?
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    Default Re: Marblegate and Ten Earthshattering Blows, why both?

    These two comics are unrelated except that they're both good and you should read both.

    Ten Earth-Shattering Blow is written and drawn by an Italian man. He's a bit shy about his real world identity, but has revealed at least his first name, Tommaso, in this interview.

    Marblegate is written and drawn by Brett Neufeld, who hails from Canada.

    As for the plots, they should be pretty much obvious if you actually try reading them.

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