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    Default Need Keypad for Someone Who Canít Speak

    I have a parent in the hospital whoís on a breathing mask and unable to speak. Iím trying to find something she can use to type out letters on a screen.

    Weíve tried my phone, but the virtual keys are too small and she doesnít have the coordination for it. Is there anything else we could use? I feel like there should be some sort of kidís touchpad that could work here, but not sure what would fit the need.

    Something with keys is essential, since her handwriting is too shaky. The ones Iíve found on Amazon are either too expensive or complete junk. Can anyone recommend something that would work?

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    Default Re: Need Keypad for Someone Who Canít Speak

    You could get a kids EZ type keyboard and hook it to a tablet. That would give her large keys to use and a screen that shows what she says. There are other ones built for adults that cost a lot more for what is basically the same thing if bright colors seem offensive.
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    Default Re: Need Keypad for Someone Who Canít Speak

    If she can use a regular computer keyboard, she can type on a phone/tablet using either a Bluetooth keyboard or a USB keyboard (you'll need an adapter to plug it into the phone - my friend has one for the "fake laptop" he built with a mechanical keyboard and a tablet on a stand).

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    Default Re: Need Keypad for Someone Who Canít Speak

    Would something like this do it? Big Button Keyboard.

    The Royal National Institute for the Blind also do stuff like this: Large print Bluetooth mini keyboard for iOS and MAC. Might be worth having a look around their site for other ideas.

    (Granted, these are UK outlets, but you should be able to get the same sort of stuff locally)
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    Default Re: Need Keypad for Someone Who Canít Speak

    You could try to simply use a tablet or laptop. On that the virtual keys are larger than on a Phone (at least, on my old and large tablet they are). My dad also has coordination issues after a stroke and he can use a tablet and laptop without too much problems.
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