Oh favela, how I do hate thee. Seriously, I love the CoD games, I love replaying them constantly, but this one level is the single most enraging level ever. Not only do you have an endless supply of bad guys to shoot, not only do they pop up literally everywhere from on the ground, inside a house, on its rooftops, or right in a sharp corner you cant even see until the guy clubs you at least once, there is no real set pathway through barring a few specific choke points which causes all sorts of fun as you hit blank walls and have to search for the narrow alleyway that leads in the right direction. This zone is probably worth 90% of my total deaths on a standard run through the entire story. You know what might have been fun? If it turned into the shooting gallery at the start of the game you run to get a certain difficulty. Meaning they pop up, some innocents are present, and you have to make it through without killing the civilians. Rather than dealing with the entire population of brazil armed with the munitions of three americas combined swamping you from a 360 degree sphere no matter how many you kill.