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    Default Re: Eclipse Phase : How to Convince a Player to Try

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Hall View Post
    For a campaign idea, since you have some folks resistant to the transhumanism aspects, what if you put the Jovians in a situation where they HAD to work with some of the rest of the galaxy, so they sent the PCs. Those who don't mind transhuman stuff can be regular characters, while the Jovians you stick in natural sleeves and give some extra equipment.
    I would suggest running a game based on Altered Carbon (either the book, or the Netflix adaptation), where the PC's don't swap morphs, but all the bad-guys do. Or just make your two hold-outs watch Altered Carbon. (Netflix did a good job adapting the books, but the books were better. However it would take too long to expect them to read the first book in the trilogy.)
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    Default Re: Eclipse Phase : How to Convince a Player to Try

    • You have two players that seem to hold bioconservative stances and are unwilling to explore outside of this with their characters.
    • You have a game setting written by a team of authors that say the bioconservative view is wrong.
    • You have a game where the authors put their politics into almost every part of it, so those holding the wrong views might be/get tired of the authors' preaching.

    Give it up; EP does not appear compatible with these two players, and that's OK. There are other players (and you already have several that like EP) and other games. Trying to force three groups into playing something they may not want to play seems like you're pushing an agenda rather than a good time.
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