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    Default Shadow Illusionist - an Artificer Specialty based on the MCU's Mysterio (PEACH)

    Shadow Illusionist

    A Shadow Illusionist is an expert at using illusion magic to produce exotic, powerful effects that their targets see as real. Shadow illusionists are incredibly flexible and diverse, but their power is potentially frail as it can be disbelieved.

    Tools of the Trade
    When you choose this Specialty at 3rd level, you learn the Minor Illusion cantrip. The cantrip doesn't count against your number of cantrips known. In addition, You gain access to these spells at the levels specified. Once you gain access to an Shadow Illusionist spell, you always have it prepared. These spells donít count against the number of spells you can prepare each day. If you gain an spell that doesnít appear on the artificer spell list, the spell is nonetheless a artificer spell for you.

    While concentrating on illusion spells, you can use your Intelligence modifier instead of Charisma for Deception, Intimidation, Performance, and Persuasion checks.

    Shadow Illusionist Spells
    Spell Level Spells
    1st Disguise Self, Silent Image
    2nd Phantasmal Force, Mirror Image
    3rd Major Image, Hypnotic pattern
    4th Hallucinatory Terrain, Fabricate
    5th Mislead, Seeming

    Shadow Weaving
    At 3rd level, you create a pair of gloves to channel shadow magic into your illusions. When you cast Minor Illusion, you can create both a sound and an image with a single casting of the spell, and can create the image of another damaging cantrip that you've seen, although its range is always 30 ft. Instead of an attack roll or saving throw, the target (or targets) make an Intelligence saving throw, and takes the appropriate damage on a failure.

    In addition, if you use any illusion spell to obscure yourself or an ally, it counts as three-quarters cover. However, if an enemy is obscured by one of your illusion spells, they gain no benefit of cover or obscurement from your attacks or spells.

    Phantasmal Summoning
    At 6th level, you learn more ways to channel magic through your illusions. When you cast Phantasmal Force, it has the following changes:
    • You can target an additional number of creatures equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum 1). However, the spell only ends early if and when all targets disbelieve the illusion.
    • The visible phenomenon of your choice that is no larger than a 20 foot cube, instead of 10 foot cube
    • When the illusion deals damage to a believing creature, it deals 2d8 damage instead. If you use a higher level spell slot, the damage increases by 1d8 per spell level beyond the 2nd.
    • When you target only one creature with the spell, it has disadvantage on the first saving throw.
    • You can use your action to cause the image to move within 20 ft. As the image changes location, you can alter its appearance so that its movements appear natural for the image

    Starting at 14th level, whenever you cast Major Image, you can instead duplicate any other arcane spell of the level cast or lower instead, as long as the duplicated spell doesn't require concentration and has a casting time of 1 action. Any attack rolls and/or saving throws of that spell still apply.

    In addition, whenever you deal damage with an illusion spell, in addition to the normal effect, any creatures targeted or otherwise effected by the simulated spell can use their reaction to make an Intelligence (Investigation) check - on a success, they take half damage

    Spoiler: Notes:
    • Quinten Beck / Mysterio is basically a character who uses advanced illusion technology to give himself the appearance of superpowers. Obviously the UA 2019 Artificer absolutely fits this, and I used the 3.P Shadow Conjuring style of mechanics to emulate this ability to fake other spells with Shadow Weaving and Shadowcaster.
    • The Artificer Spell list doesn't have much by way of Illusion spells, so I included most of them in an Domain-Style list. I also included Improved Minor Illusion from the wizard subclass.
    • Phantasmal Summoning expands on the awesome but confusing and underpowered Phantasmal Force spell.
    • This is my first Artificer archetype, and also one without a pet. I was thinking about giving a familiar-style drone, but thought that it'd detract from the illusory theme.

    Please let me know what you think! Some of the wording is wonky, so I'd like some help there as well.

    Spoiler: Other MCU Homebrew
    • Quantum Trickster - a size-changing roguish subclass, based on Ant-Man & The Wasp
    • The Symbiote - A Warlock patron based on Marvel's Venom
    • Longshot Conclave - A Fate/random manipulation Ranger subclass based on probability manipulating characters, such as the mutants Longshot & Domino
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