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    Default Kingdom of Aperon OOC

    For those folks playing in Land Rush to Kronjewelen, if you aren't the Regent of Aperon, get out!

    Spoiler: What you know of the area surrounding Aperon

    The green cubes represent wild hexes. If there is no cube, then the hex is explored. The red star represents your Capital. Other settlements that you come to own will be represented by black stars. Settlements owned by other realms will be purple stars.
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    Default Re: Kingdom of Aperon OOC

    Moving the Information over:

    Spoiler: Aperon
    A largely coastal civilisation with control over many large islands.
    Culturally diverse, the kingdom was only formed 200 years ago. Previously a collection of tiny, unconnected civilisations, each was conquered by the great general-king Aperos (Who named quite a lot of places after himself). Each king since then has expanded their country, until the current king was forced to accept the Vertrag.
    The culture of Aperon is hard to describe, because it has so many. Collectively, they have only a small standing army. However, most citizens are trained for combat and participate in sporting events designed to support this training. In battle they value discipline.
    The largest cities of Aperon are on the mainland plains, supported by their farms. Coastal cities are usually smaller, but this varies depending on the size and resources of the island. Apera, the capital city, is located in the second largest island. Trade is frequent between the coastal and island cities, slowly homogenising Aperon through cultural and resource exchange.
    Racially, Aperon is mostly human. However, many of the islands belong to other races. The second most common race found in Aperon is elves, followed by lizardfolk. Discrimination against races that have been absorbed into Aperon is illegal since the time of Aperos, who turned conquered enemies into allies.

    Aperon is a monarchy, led by the descendants of Aperos. Each island has its own form of nobility, which answers to the king. The form of government varies per island, but can be overridden by the king.

    Spoiler: Other
    Spoiler: Notable Islands/Cultures
    Apera: (Previously Spiracia)
    Capital: Apera
    The seat of power in Aperon and the birthplace of Aperos, who renamed quite a bit of it after himself.
    Apera places high value in its military might, with most citizens receiving some form of military training. This tradition has been spread with Aperosís conquests throughout Aperon.
    Aperaís closest neighbors are Thenis and Medeas, which have most influenced it.

    Human Island.
    Thenis has become the seat of knowledge within Aperon.
    It has a long history of philosophers and psionics, being guided by a council of philosophers.
    Thenisís interests were once protected by a band of assassin-philosophers, who would earn positions in the courts of neighboring kings as tutors. This tradition largely continues, however they now serve as bodyguards rather than assassins.
    Thenis has been closely allied with Apera since long before the reign of King Aperos. When Aperos launched his campaign of conquest, Thenisís council decided to peacefully join the empire. While the people of Thenis are largely pacifist, many philosophers study and specialize in military tactics.

    Elven Island
    Medeas and Apera have had a strained relationship for many centuries. With the islands in close proximity, humans have tried to invade Medeas whenever they grew too many for their home island to sustain. Each time, the elves beat them back.
    The elves of Medeas were the first to develop the military traditions that Apera copied. With long lives but relatively few numbers, the elves of Medeas developed strategies that kept their island free for centuries.
    Medeas would have been the first conquest of Aperos, and the young king knew that it wouldnít be easy. But before he could land on its shores, the orcs landed on the far side.
    The largest warband in recorded history at that point, but laughably small when compared to the army later amassed by Agog Bloodletter, took the elves by surprise. Seizing the opportunity, Aperos led his army to fight side by side with the elves until they drove the orcs back into the sea. While this was going on, Aperosís envoys made deals with the elven royalty. Once the orcs were dead and the land was cleaned of spores, Medeas joined the empire.

    Both Thenia and Medeas are treated as near equals to Apera, with a lot of political influence.

    Human Island
    Perisus lies in the middle of Aperon. Famed for its ship builders, the Aperon navy is largely built, stationed and maintained here.
    In the time of Aperos, the navy of Perisus controlled the waters around the nearby islands. They prided themselves on the fact no enemy had survived to set foot upon their island. Aperosís own navy had no chance against it, forcing him to change direction. Unable to bypass Perisus, he landed on the mainland. Among the many coastal cultures he conquered were the lizardfolk of Derkesthai.
    The lizardfolk owned many islands of their own, being of one culture rather than many. Originating from the mainland, Aperos was able to capture their ruling shamans. With them under control, he was able to take on Perisus.
    Sending his fleet against Perisus as a distraction, Aperos led small forces of lizardfolk across to land on the far side of Perisus. While his weaker fleet let Perisusís fleet chase them around the islands, his small army of lizardfolk took the weakly defended capital and brought Perisus into the empire.
    Lizardfolk Ė Mainland and Islands
    The mainland home of the lizardfolk. Its population largely lives within the swamplands, though a sizeable population lives along the coastline. Islander lizardfolk stick to living next to the sea and usually love to travel. Most lizardfolk seen outside of their ancestral lands come from the islands.
    Derkesthai is ruled by a circle of shamans. Believed to be attuned with the spirits of nature, the shamans are the head of not just the state, but of religion. The lizardfolk of Derkesthai worship nature in general, with a focus on the sun and the swamp.
    Derkesthai is largely split into tribes. Each tribe is led by a chief, who usually listens to the counsel of his shaman.

    Spoiler: Religion and Gods
    Each island had its own religion, though close proximity means that many share some of the same gods. Occasionally, it is discovered that God X of some island is God Y of another, using a false name. No one knows why.

    With two centuries of unification, the religions have started to blur even more than before. Gods from one side of Aperon can be found worshiped on the other. The New Pantheon is a collection of the most popular gods from throughout the islands.

    Deities of Note:
    Polis: Goddess of the Dawn
    An elven deity originally, she has spread to be one of the chief gods of the New Pantheon.
    Her connection to the sun has made her popular amongst the lizardfolk.
    In addition to the sun, Polis is tied to the creation and preservation of life, and is popular amongst both midwives and farmers. She is in opposition to her brother Hekatos, God of Dusk, who is tied to death and disease. He is said to chase her across the sky, catching her at noon and imprisoning her throughout the night.
    Depiction: Female Elf. Her head is surrounded by a glowing gold halo. Sometimes depicted in chains.
    Symbol: The Sun.
    Favoured Weapon: Long Bow

    Nympiragos: God of Storms
    The chief deity of Perisus, favoured by sailors throughout Aperon.
    In addition to storms, he is connected to fish and the sea. Storms are seen as a sign of his anger, less as a means to attack those that wrong him and more as a divine tantrum. Followers of Nympiragos seek to keep him soothed. He shows his pleasure in bountiful fishing harvests and pleasant rains for the fields, though these also occur naturally so its hard to tell if he was responsible.
    His children are believed to be the four winds of the world and the twelve major currents of Aperon. New children are discovered all the time. Possibly.
    Depiction: Blue-Green man with massive muscles. Long green hair and beard.
    Symbol: A Swirling Cloud
    Favoured Weapon: Trident

    Melistios: God of Monsters
    A deity found throughout Aperon even before its formation. Ancient lizardfolk and elven temples have been found to contain his mark.
    From his underworld domain, Melistios tames monsters. Sometimes releasing one upon the world, Aperon mythology is full of heroís and gods forced to do battle with one of his pets.
    While a largely unpopular god, he is often invoked in arenas and by animal tamers.
    Depiction: Lounging man, bathed in shadows.
    Symbol: Singular claw marked by a distinctive rune.
    Favoured Weapon: Whip

    Deracils: Demigod of the Forge
    A demigod of unknown parentage, he is a popular figure throughout Aperon. Appearing in nearly all mythologies, each one claims their own chief god as a parent.
    In the legends, he travels between islands. Sometimes fighting monsters, sometimes erecting massive buildings, sometimes running off with the kingís daughter. Aperos (and thus Appolia), along with at least six other noble families, claims to be of the line of Deracils.
    Deracils forged the Aegis, an invincible shield and symbol of Aperon, along with many other relics. These he took with him to the heavens when he attained true godhood.
    He is known as a master craftsman, as strong in mind as he was in body.

    Promeleus: God of Nettles
    Chief god of Apera.
    Promeleus is also connected to plant life and discipline. Past Aperans apparently considered the patience of plants as some inspiration for their military discipline. He is similar to the elven deity Geus, God of Thorns, to the point many theologians believe them to be the same being.
    Overall an unpopular god, though he retains a strong following in Apera and with military commanders and traditionalists. The royal family claim descendance from him through Deracils. Mostly for the Deracils part.
    Depiction: A green man, clothed in stinging nettle
    Symbol: A barbed leaf.
    Favoured Weapon: Long Spear

    Talianthe: Goddess of Learning
    Chief goddess of Thenis.
    Talianthe is also connected to Psionics, Courage and Murder.
    Patron goddess of the Thenis Philosophers Council and its Assassin-Philosophers. Largely unknown beyond Thenis, apart from a few schools.
    Prioritises the discovery, spread and ruthless protection of knowledge. A secretive Goddess, she doesnít appear in the mythologies of any other of the Asperon kingdoms. Her first know appearance was several centuries ago, where her priests stopped the burning of the Thenisian library through assassinating the agitators and mob leaders.
    The only chief god without any claim to the parentage of Deracils, though he was one of her favoured.
    Depiction: Hooded silhouette. One hand held low and dripping blood, the other holding a scroll aloft.
    Symbol: A scroll, something pointy emerging from one end.
    Favoured Weapon: Disguised Weapons

    Spoiler: Symbols
    The Aegis:
    Shield of Deracils, Demigod of the Forge.
    In mythology, Deracils built the Aegis in honour of his divine parent. Embossed upon it was the figure and face of his father, or perhaps mother depending on which country told it.
    The Imperial Aegis is a symbol based upon this. The figure is indistinct and the face blank. It is surrounded by stinging nettles. In more stylised versions, the symbols of other gods are woven into the nettles.
    They symbol represents the power and protection provided by the royal family. Anything marked by the Aegis is under the protection of Aperon. While found upon all cities and carried by all armies, it is also gifted to anyone carrying out important duties.
    Military heroís and elite units are often gifted with a masterwork shield replica of the Aegis.
    The Apsis:
    Created upon the death of Aperos, the Apsis displays a human, an elf and a lizardfolk in military gear. Where the Aegis represents the power of the royal family, the Apsis represents the combined power of its kingdoms. More stylised forms of the Apsis have the islands of Aperon as a background.
    Veterans of the war against Agog often carry shields with a slightly altered version. The three figures are forming a phalanx against a horde of orcs.

    Spoiler: Inhabitants of KronJewelen/Aperon
    Spoiler: Apollia
    First child of the king and only daughter.
    As a wilder, Appolia is driven by an intense emotion. That emotion is love. An intense love of self. Idolising the figures of Aperon's past, she aims to overcome their achievements. With the appearance of Kronjewelen, she has her chance.
    Appolia favours close combat, especially duels, as a way to show off her prowess and superiority. In training battles, she shows a keen tactical mind hampered by her desire for glory. She seeks to remove all weakness in everything she does, seeking absolute perfection.
    Apollia demands absolute loyalty, which she rewards with her own. She dreams of crowds cheering her name, being idolised by her people and feared by her enemies. She is ruthless to those that oppose or betray her but, in the tradition of Aperos, is merciful to civilians and cities that surrender.
    A noted oracle, she trusts in her visions to lead her to victory


    Spoiler: Cassander
    It would not be try to call him the true power behind Appolia's throne, or throne to be, but he is seemingly an equal. Her closest advisor, Cassander is careful and deliberate in all that he does. An assassin-philosopher from the island of Thenis, he acts as Apollia's bodyguard and confidant in addition to advisor.


    Spoiler: Kux
    Your fanatically loyal NPC is Kux. They (you aren't sure if Kux is male or female) are a diminutive but fierce cleric who comes from one of the more primitive tribes of lizardfolk on Heimat. You didn't choose Kux, didn't do anything to warrant their loyalty, yet, one day, they were found crouched outside your chambers. Nothing you could do could shake them from following you around, sometimes providing something that you wanted without being asked. All of the skin that is not covered by the voluminous robes they wear are marked with bizarre symbols that look to be natural... that is, it doesn't appear to be a tattoo, it appears that their scales naturally formed these symbols and markings.
    Kux only ever speaks in a whisper, and primarily in Draconic, though they can speak Common with a heavy accent. Kux is quiet, sometimes going days without speaking, but is always alert for any danger to you or your people. They have an almost uncanny way of knowing what people are thinking, and has ferreted out more than one spy or traitor to your cause. Kux worships Sess'Innek, the lizardfolk god of civilization and domination, which you have always found odd due to Kux' primitive outlook. They manufacture poisons, primarily a potent contact sleep poison (DC 17, Initial and Secondary damage being unconsciousness). They produce enough of it to ensure that, if you wish it, all of your personal guards and even one martial unit can always have enough to use.
    Not a brilliant strategist, Kux relies mostly on feelings and understands political undercurrents better than you would imagine. Their spells are yours to command. They also have the ability to track, and you have used this talent on more than one occasion to find fugitives or enemies that thought themselves well hidden in the swamps and fens of your homeland.


    Spoiler: Minor Characters and Followers
    Will insert more soon.
    Achilla: The hulking bodyguard of Appolia. He changed his name in honour of his charge and her culture, his first name being that of an ancient human hero. He is always close by. While her personal guard, Achilla is also skilled in leading men in combat. While he isn't very smart, he always seems to know the right thing to ay, a gift he can pass onto those around him.

    Eocene: An elven priestess of Polis. The representative of Medeas in the new world, looking out for elven interests.

    The 3 Lords: 3 generals sent to assist Apollia.
    Diokles: A slightly reckless commander, Diokles excels at devastating counter-charges and brutal tactics.
    Thais: Slightly more eloquent than the other commanders, Thais is known for keeping her soldiers alive.
    Agathon: A demon on horseback, Agathon is known for devastating flanking maneuvers at lightning speeds. Prefers to lead light cavalry.

    Spoiler: Hyginos
    A human philosopher specialising in military defence.
    Speaks: Common, Giant, Undercommon, Celestial
    Arcana: 5
    Architect: 7 (Racial)
    Dungeon: 6
    Geography: 6
    History: 5
    Nature: 6
    Politics: 7
    Religion: 5
    Plane: 5
    Strategy: 7 (Skill Focus)

    Craft(Fortification): 7(Skill Focus)

    Remaining Skill Points: 6

    Spoiler: Metrodora
    A human philosopher specialising in politics and architecture. Female.
    Speaks: Common, Infernal, Abyssal, Dwarven
    Arcana: 6
    Architect: 6 (Skill Focus)
    Dungeon: 6
    Geography: 7
    History: 7 (Skill Focus)
    Nature: 7
    Politics: 7 (Racial)
    Religion: 6
    Plane: 6
    Strategy: 5

    Craft(Fortification): 5

    Remaining Skill Points: 6

    Spoiler: Iason
    An elven philosopher specialising in metaphysical concepts. Male.
    Speaks: Common, Elven, Goblin, Gnoll
    Arcana: 7 (Racial)
    Architect: 5
    Dungeon: 5
    Geography: 5
    History: 5
    Nature: 5
    Politics: 5
    Religion: 7 (Skill Focus)
    Plane: 7
    Strategy: 5

    Craft(Fortification): 5

    Remaining Skill Points: 10

    Spoiler: Xenia
    An elven philosopher specialising in military tactics. Female.
    Speaks: Common, Elven, Draconic, Orc, Sylvan
    Arcana: 7 (Racial)
    Architect: 5
    Dungeon: 5
    Geography: 5
    History: 5
    Nature: 5
    Politics: 5
    Religion: 5
    Plane: 5
    Strategy: 7 (Skill Focus)

    Craft(Fortification): 7

    Remaining Skill Points: 6

    Spoiler: Pamphilos
    A lizardfolk philosopher, raised in Thenis. Male.
    Speaks: Common, Draconic, Orc.
    Arcana: 4
    Architect: 4
    Dungeon: 4
    Geography: 6
    History: 4
    Nature: 6 (Skill Focus)
    Politics: 4
    Religion: 4
    Plane: 4
    Strategy: 6

    Craft(Fortification): 6

    Remaining Skill Points: 6

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    Default Re: Kingdom of Aperon OOC

    Spoiler: Starting Supplies
    Workers: 6 (180 RP) [6 Human Worker Units]
    Scouts: 2 (790 RP) (See Units) [2 Elven Scout Units]
    Hoplites: 1 (555 RP) (See Units) [1 Lizardfolk Heavy Hoplite Unit]

    Remainder: 975

    Spoiler: Provinces

    Spoiler: Apotheosium (Capital)
    Hamlet (0.5)
    Plains / Human (6)
    Production: 750*1.1 = 825 (0.5*6 = 3, 3*250 = 750, 750*1.1 = 825)
    True Production: 1547 = 825 * 1.25 * 1.5
    Upkeep: 150
    Upgrade Cost: 1250
    Realm Unit Capacity: 8

    Spoiler: Improvements
    Crop Rotation: 25% Production
    Irrigation System: 50% Production

    Spoiler: Fortifications

    Spoiler: Realm
    Governed Provinces: 1
    Total Production: 1547
    Province Upkeep: 150
    Government Upkeep: 0
    Base Unit Upkeep: 505 = (123(Dragonfly)+45+198(Scouts)+139(Hoplite))
    -Scouts have no upkeep while in Wild
    -Hoplites have 126 Upkeep when Fortified in population center.
    -Dragonflies have 111 Upkeep when Fortified in population center
    Expected Unit Upkeep: 282
    Realm Unit Capacity: 8

    Spoiler: Units

    Will add more unit types on recruiting.
    Spoiler: Elven Scouts
    Elven Warrior 1
    MAB: 3
    RAB: 5
    AC: 14 (Dex, Light, Shield)
    MP: 2
    RP: 11 (Ranged Heavy)
    Toughness: 19
    Morale: 2
    Command: 4
    F: 2
    R: 4
    W: 1
    Shock: 0
    Move: 6
    Move Point: 42
    Cost: 395
    Upkeep: 99

    Spoiler: Lizardfolk Heavy Hoplites
    Lizardfolk Racial 2
    MAB: 5
    RAB: 3
    AC: 24
    MP: 16 (Med Long)
    RP: -
    Toughness: 23
    Morale: 3
    Command: 3
    F: 3
    R: 3
    W: 1
    Shock: 0
    Move: 4
    Move Point: 28
    Cost: 555
    Upkeep: 139

    Spoiler: Dragonfly Warriors/The Winged Guard

    MAB: 8
    RAB: 8
    AC: 13
    MP: 17 (Light Long)
    RP: 9 (Light)
    Toughness: 31
    Wounds: 2
    Morale: 3
    Command: 5
    F: 3
    R: 4
    W: 1
    Shock: 0
    Move: 12
    Move Point: 84
    Cost: -
    Upkeep: 123

    Current Army:
    2 Elven Scouts
    1 Lizardfolk Heavy Hoplites
    1 Dragonfly Guard

    Spoiler: Misc Followers

    Spoiler: Human Guards: 10
    Warrior 1
    HP = 1d8 + 2 = 10
    STR 10 | DEX 17 | CON 14 | INT 12 | WIS 13 | CHA 8

    Melee Attack: MW Short Sword
    Attack: +5 | Damage: 1d6+3

    Armour: MW Breastplate + Heavy Shield
    AC: 23 (6 + 2 + 3 DEX + 1 Dodge + 1 Phalanx Feat)

    Phalanx Fighter: AC Bonus. Can Shield Wall for +2 AC, +1 Reflex
    Dodge: 1 AC

    Spoiler: Elven Guards: 10
    Warrior 1
    HP: 1d8 + 2 = 10
    STR 10 | DEX 17 | CON 14 | INT 12 | WIS 13 | CHA 8

    Melee Attack: MW Glaive
    Attack: 5 | Damage: 1d10+3

    Ranged Attack: MW Longbow (20)
    Attack: 5| Damage: 1d8+3

    Armour: MW Studded Leather
    16 (3 + 3 Dex)

    1 Weapon Finesse: Glaive

    Spell Like: - Cure Minor Wounds

    Spoiler: Lizardfolk Guards: 10
    Warrior 1
    HP: 1d8+1 = 9
    STR 17 | DEX 14 | CON 12 | INT 10 | WIS 13 | CHA 8

    Melee Attack: MW Shortsword
    Attack: 5 | Damage: 1d6+3

    Ranged Attack: MW Javelin
    Attack: 3 | Damage: 1d6+3

    Armour: MW Breastplate, Shield
    AC: 24 (6+2+2 Dex + 2 Nat Arm + 1 Phalanx Feat)

    Phalanx Fighter

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    Default Re: Kingdom of Aperon OOC

    I have updated your map in the original post.

    When you get a chance, please go ahead and put your civilization data here (hamlet, production value, assets, finances, etc) so we can keep track of it easily.

    What title does Appollia receive? Is she Princess? Queen? What are you calling your colony here?

    Oh, and what do the assassin/philosopher/bodyguards call themselves? Who guards Appollia? Does she have a lot of attendants and servants? Is her headquarters Spartan, or elegant and impressive? Is she formal or informal with her servants and advisors?

    Do you intend to send updates and receive instructions from Heimat, or are you planning to stay fairly autonomous?

    Spoiler: Giant Dragonfly Riders (Mercenary Company)

    The Winged Guards
    MAB 8
    RAB 8
    AC 13
    MP 17 (Light Long)
    RP 9 (Light)
    Toughness 31
    Wounds 2
    Morale 3
    Command 5
    F 3
    R 4
    W 1
    Shock 0
    Move 12 Move Points 84
    Upkeep 123 (You're getting a bargain because this was a perk. Normally their upkeep is 246)

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    Default Re: Kingdom of Aperon OOC

    Answering quickly because I've got to get off soon:

    Apollia's title is Princess, . The colonies capital is called Apotheosium and the colony as a whole will be known as Teleaperon. Its seen as an extension of Aperon.

    The assassin-philosophers have no group name or symbol, for secrecy reasons. They don't officially exist, and are controlled by the island of Thenis rather than Apera. They are specially trained individuals and usually have long-term, individual assignments.

    And out of time. Will edit more in later.

    Apollia is guarded by:
    Cassander: Most of the time. He also runs the parts of rulership that bores her, such as espionage. He is only separate when he has work to do. Usually, she is training in this time and surrounded by soldiers.
    Kux: Usually by her side.
    Eocene: Priestess of Polis and poison detector. I'll be adding her to the Minor Characters shortly.
    Bodyguards: Made up of her 1st level NPC Followers. Will edit in number/type.
    Bodyguard: I think I'll use the 3rd level follower as a permanent bodyguard. Details coming.
    Soldiers: Apollia spends quite a lot of time training with whatever soldiers are stationed in the capital.

    Apollia's headquarters are designed to show off. Public spaces are meant to be impressive/show off. The inner workings of the palace are made more for utility, but Apollia's personal rooms are still highly decorated.

    And out of time again.

    Apollia has a lot of servants, probably using whatever 1st level npcs not used as bodyguards. How formal she is with people varies, though she expects most people to be at least slightly deferential towards her. Cassander is allowed to treat her with familiarity, as are the people she has respect for. This list includes high ranking military officials and some head servants. Spending a lot of time around soldiers, she allows an amount of familiarity as long as it also comes with respect.

    Apollia, or at least Cassander, will be ending reports back to Aperon. But she is largely expected, and expects, to run things independently.
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    Default Re: Kingdom of Aperon OOC

    Season 1 Actions:

    Spoiler: Realm Turn:

    Realm Event rolled in discord: 75 = Nothing.

    Realm Production: 825
    Taxation: Light and taking 1 for 20%.

    Income: 165
    Surplus: 660

    Remaining Start Supplies: 975
    Putting some in income, some in surplus:
    Income: 850 (165+685)
    Surplus: 950 (660+290)

    Unit Upkeep: 505 from Income
    Province Upkeep: 150 from Surplus.

    True Income: 345
    True Surplus: 800

    Spoiler: Week 1 Actions

    Scout Unit 1: North-West to (10,25) costing 48 (Move Martial)
    Scout Unit 2: North-East to (12,25) costing 48 (Move Martial)
    Hoplite Unit 1: Fortify
    Dragonfly Unit 1: Fortify

    Scout Units begin to scout. I think that needs the Annex Action, using both of the Regent Standard Actions. I'm not planning on moving them, so I won't bother roll the variable scout roll. Moneys tight.

    6 Worker Units begin to construct the Crop Rotation and Irrigation Assets with both Realm Standard Actions.
    Crop Rotation = 825/4(Workers+1) = 206.25
    Irrigation = 825/2 (825*2/4) = 412.5
    Total (Rounded up) = 619

    Final Income: 249 (345-96)
    Final Surplus: 181 (800-619)

    Edit: Banking Remainder, if that happens now.
    Divination: What dangers should our scouts expect near our borders?
    Divination: Where should we send our scouts for the benefit of the kingdom?
    New Edit: Forgot to make the rolls, so did in discord. A 54 and a 100, so the second one failed. Going for 78 or less.

    As Aperon settles into the new world, Apollia sends out her workers to prepare the fields for rapid population expansion. She sends two scout units in opposite, northward directions to see what surrounds their landing site. The hoplite unit and dragonfly mercenaries set about patrolling the hamlet, who knows what lurks in this new world?
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    Default Re: Kingdom of Aperon OOC

    Season 1 Responses

    Your scout units entered 10.25 and 12.25, discovering them to be heavily forested, and full of normal wildlife, but with no settlements or major clusters of monsters or other enemies you would have to clear away.

    The annex action requires that scouts enter a hex, and that some troops remain for the entire season, but it doesn't have to be the scouts that remain. For example, in 10.25, your scouts entered, and did not encounter anything. You could (if you wanted to), have your scouts continue on to explore another province, and still complete the annexation, as long as you sent another military unit into the province.

    Also, you can have two Annex actions going simultaneously, but if you chose to build a Thorpe in one of them, it changes Annex Land to a full season action. (I'm interpreting that to mean that you still annex both, but can only build one Thorpe per season).

    Spoiler: Results of your Divination

    "Ware the scaled defenders where the ground grows soft, else fury descends and flames aloft"

    Appollia has already received an update from her construction project heads. Both the irrigation and crop rotation projects are proceeding nicely. They anticipate full production next season.

    A Head Clerk arrives with messages while Appollia and her advisors peruse newly made maps of your immediate surroundings. You think her name is.. Karina, yes, that's definitely it. Her long black hair is pulled into a severe ponytail, and a small emblem indicating her rank among your clerks is visible on her neatly pressed tunic.

    She goes to a knee, head bowed. "Princess, we have received messages from both scout companies".. When you allow her to continue, she continues. "Good news from both, they have encountered no resistance. Moderate to heavy forests, ripe with wildlife and timber, but no opposition of any kind. Scout Company 1 reports finding the remnants of a few buildings, but these are ancient and have been completely reclaimed by the forest. They specify that they are not ruins that remain to be searched, just rubble that used to be buildings. Both Scout Companies request further orders, Princess".
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    "Thank you, Karina," Apollia nods from her throne, trying to remain visibly confident while pondering her secret vision. "A good start to our new empire. Those woods will be colonised by this time next year, giving us a new foothold in this land."

    "Scout companies will hold position for now and map out the provinces. Have the Scout Company 1 prepared for my arrival, I want to see these ruins for myself."
    Spoiler: Scouts
    May as well make the variable roll for scout duration, if I ever decide to move them this season.
    Scout Unit 1: (1d12+1)[6]
    Scout Unit 2: (1d12+1)[9]

    Privately, she confers with Cassander.
    "I had another vision," she says. "Our army fighting scaled defenders in... a marsh I think. But as we fought, flames rained down from above and consumed us all. A bad vision, is it not?"
    She lays out the rough map of her kingdom, newly filled in with the scouts reports.
    "I had thought the danger was to the west, where our surveys had located some seaside marshes. But with the latest report, another lies to our north. I'll be leading a force to discover the source of my vision. When Scout Company 1 has finished surveying, I will lead them into this province (9,25) to search for the source of my vision."

    Spoiler: Ruin Checking Party
    Achilla (Secondary Bodyguard)
    Her personal unit (LVL 1 Followers. 10 Human, 10 Elf, 10 Lizardfolk, all Warriors. Will get Stats/Equipment sorted shortly)
    Philosophers (Remaining LVL 1 Followers. 2 Human, 2 Elf, 1 Lizardfolk, all Experts)

    Cassander will stay behind to make sure the kingdom stays running.

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    Let me know what you intend to do following your divination vision. Your scouts stand ready.

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    Kux' survival roll


    Boy is he going to be embarrassed by that, lol.
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