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    Default [M&M 3e] Queen Hatshepsut, AKA Dr. Lapis Falsey, PhD, AKA Nile Queen

    See the live science article.

    Spoiler: Complications
    3 Secret Identities: Born Queen Hatshepsut in Ancient Egypt, she assumed a two new public identities once her burial rites brought her back to life—a secret identity she used to live quietly among the populace which was disposed of and replaced when her agelessness became a problem, and her superhero identity known as Nile Queen. Her current social identity is Dr. Lapis Falsey, PhD, which she has managed to keep for over a century due to help from Oxford University. Her time there has given her a British accent. If anybody is perceptive enough to question her social identity, she says she kept her maiden name as her mother did before her and she is Dr. Lapis Falsey III, PhD, and that Egyptology runs in her blood. This shuts down most questions. Any any given identity, she strives to distance herself from the other two identities. That said, you’ll never see her assume the identity of Hatshepsut since that identity is supposed to be dead. Her social identity teaches Egyptology.

    Doing Good (Motivation): In her over 3500 years of life, Hatshepsut has passed the time by improving the world around her by using her powers and knowledge.

    Spoiler: Powers

    Spoiler: Powers from Ancient Egyptian Relics

    See 10 Ancient Egyptian Gemstones
    Also See Ancient Egyptian Amulets and Their Meanings
    Also see Was-Scepter
    Also see Ancient Egyptian Music

    Spoiler: Carnelian “Djed of Osiris” Amulet

    This Carnelian Djed

    Spoiler: Lapis Lazuli “Ankh of Isis” Amulet

    Spoiler: Was-Scepter of Anubis

    Spoiler: Malachite “Right Eye of Horus” Amulet

    Spoiler: Malachite “Left Eye of Horus” Amulet

    Spoiler: Golden Cartouche Ring of Hatshepsut

    Spoiler: Abilities
    (+2 power points) Strength: -1
    (-2 power points) Stamina: +1
    (-2 power points) Dexterity: +1
    (+2 power points) Agility: -1
    (+2 power points) Fighting: -1
    (-2 power points) Intellect: +1
    (+2 power points) Awareness: -1
    (-2 power points) Presence: +1

    still a work in progress, but my question will be whether or not I’ve built this character following all the rules. I’ll post a reply to this thread when I’m ready to have it reviewed.
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