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Thread: Gnoll PC race

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    d20 Gnoll PC race

    So I couldn't find a good gnoll race. All the ones I have found were very barebones or didn't reflect the lore of the race.

    • +2 strength +2 constitution

    • speed 30ft

    • Size: Medium

    • Type: Humanoid (Gnoll)

    • Practiced Hunter: +2 to perception, stealth, and survial

    • +4 to fort save to disease due to eating rotten or bad food

    • Weapon Familiarity: Gnolls scavenge everything and are practiced in many weapons. Choose one weapon to become proficient in. You are also proficient with any weapon with the word gnoll in its name.

    • Gnoll will eat anything. They live to eat. Their preferred meal is whatever just died. +1 moral bonus to attack, damage, and will saves for one hour after consuming a creature. You do not have to eat the whole creature to gain the bonuses. To eat the corpse of an honored comrade is to pay respect to the fallen. Gain a +3 moral bonus to attack, damage, and will saves for 2 hours after eating the corpse of a fallen comrade. You do not get this bonus if you are the one to kill the comrade.

    • Thick Fur: Due to unusually thick fur Gnoll's have a +2 natural armor.

    • Coward' s Heart: Gnoll would rather flee with the their tails between their legs then seeing their tail chopped off. +10 movement speed when withdrawing.

    • Gnolls like their hyena brethren have great eye sight and noses. Darkvision 60ft and gain the scent ability.

    • Running On All Four: Gnoll, like their hyena ancestors, have the option to run with every limb. When taking the full round action Run you count your speed as 50ft.

    Alternative Racial Traits
    • Fleeing Legs: You are very proficient in running away. But all those near misses have thinned your hair. +10 to base movement speed. This replaces the +2 natural armor

    • Light Build: Replace the +2 to strength with a +2 to dexterity.

    • Civilized Gnoll: This Gnoll has had to find a new pack in a more urban enviorment. +2 diplomacy and sense motive. This replace the +2 to survival and perception

    • Bite: This Gnoll has gained the jaw of their hyena ancestors. They gain a 1d6 bite primary attack (or secondary attack if used with a weapon) This replaces the +2 natural armor.

    • Heat Acclimated: This Gnoll is well accustomed to living in hot environments. You automatic succeed on Fort saves to avoid heat dangers up to and including severe heat. These Gnoll have a more gnarled appearance and even more harsh personalities -2 to charisma.
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    Default Re: Gnoll PC race

    Here's the gnoll race from Pathfinder: [Link]

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    Default Re: Gnoll PC race

    Yeah I saw that one. It's a really bad race though. Very bare bones. Like who ever wrote that didn't even try.

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