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    Default newbie question (well to this forum) not roleplay or life


    can i ask a q's about this forum are we allowed to promote patreon stuf on here? and if so what section :)

    many thanks :)

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    Default Re: newbie question (well to this forum) not roleplay or life

    The answer is no. Check the forum rules.

    Quote Originally Posted by forum rules
    Commercial (For-Profit) Advertising
    Posting advertisements for commercial products, services, or events will result in an immediate ban, and all advertisements removed. Note that a suggestion of a product in the course of a related discussion is not considered advertising (unless the poster holds a personal stake in the finances of the company suggested). For example, if you are posting to a thread regarding d20 rules for shipboard combat, feel free to point other posters to a sourcebook on the topic. You can even link to the company that publishes it—as long as you do not work for that company. But do not start a thread whose sole purpose is to trumpet Book X and declare its greatness to the population at large.

    (Exception: Representatives of Giant in the Playground and/or its licensees and distributors are permitted to make posts advertising services and products related directly to Giant in the Playground. They are not permitted to make posts advertising other services they might provide.)

    Posters are not permitted to advertise or sell goods or services on this forum. If you wish to advertise a non-commercial website, please refer to rules regarding advertising.
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