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    Default [SWSE] 1/Turn abilities VS 1/Round abilities

    So, I was recently going over character options for SWSE and I realized that the distinction of 1/Turn and 1/Round seemed synonymous to my understanding (of D&D-like games, such as SWSE).

    I decided to do a Google search and found an interesting article (written for 5e):

    Of particular note was:

    Quote Originally Posted by Merric's Musings
    The Rogue’s sneak attack ability can be used once per turn. This means that if a Rogue hits twice on their turn, the sneak attack damage can only be applied to one attack. However, if, on the Fighter’s turn, the Fighter uses an ability that allows the Rogue to make an attack, the Rogue gets sneak attack on the damage even if they used it on their turn. The reason? Despite being in the same round, the Fighter and Rogue have separate turns.

    The Cleric/Wizard casts shield of faith on their turn using a bonus action. By the rules of spell-casting, the only other spell they can cast that turn must be a cantrip with a casting time of one action. However, when the Ogre attacks the character on the Ogre’s turn, they can cast shield as a reaction – it’s no longer the same turn.
    I was looking specifically at Feat options in SWSE when I was reading this article. Let's look at some examples.

    Cleave (in SWSE) is defined as being used 1/Round, which means that no matter how many chances you get to attack in a round, you can only benefit from Cleave once a round.

    However, Duck and Cover is defined as 1/Turn (whenever you are the target of an area attack that misses) and allows you to move 2 squares as a reaction without provoking AoO.

    In all the time I've been playing, I would have ruled that Duck and Cover was basically a 1/Round ability, but the article above would imply that Duck and Cover may be used on the Turn of each enemy who misses the PC with an Area Attack (any number of times per round, but only once per Turn of any given enemy attacker).

    Does this seem right? I ask because yet other feats, such as Collateral Damage, say 1/Turn on your turn, which seems to imply that you can use it more than once per round only if you somehow manage to gain the benefit of having more than one turn per round. Still other feats, such as Dive for Cover say you may use it 1/Turn, but you always end the movement it grants you prone. I would guess being prone would prevent you from using Dive for Cover again on a subsequent turn in the same round, since you have to wait for YOUR turn to get a chance to Stand Up from Prone, but RAW is getting a bit fuzzy here. I forget if SWSE has a Kip Up ability (I think it does because it's a very Jedi type maneuver), but if they do, then you could Dive For Cover, end up Prone, Kip Up as a Free action, then Dive For Cover again on yet another attacker's turn.

    Yeah, yeah. These are all Reactions and typically you only have 1 Reaction per round, but I'm also pretty sure there are ways of getting more Reactions per round, too.

    So tell me, am I onto something here, or does it just not work that way?
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    Default Re: [SWSE] 1/Turn abilities VS 1/Round abilities

    Quote Originally Posted by Pleh View Post
    So tell me, am I onto something here, or does it just not work that way?
    Should work that way, but many, many abilities stipulate "your turn".

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