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    Default My computer just restarted - should I be worried?

    Title pretty much says it all. My computer restarted on its own. I got a message, said there was some kind of problem and it needed to restart. I was able to take a picture of my screen:

    Spoiler: image

    (Part of the image may be cut off so here's also a link to the image.)

    Just wondering if I should be worried. This has never happened before. I'm currently running a complete scan with my anti-virus software (McAfee). Just wondering what others think.

    edit: I'm making this post (and uploaded the screen image) from my old computer that didn't get the restart message.
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    Default Re: My computer just restarted - should I be worried?

    If it just happens once, everything should be fine. This is ' just' a blue-screen crash (IE: a crash windows accounted for and can handle by turning your computer off and on again), and those happen once in a while. Please note that that screen actually listed some information regarded what happened in the form of that stop code (PFN_LIST_CORRUPT in your case). You can google that one to find out more information on what happened
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    Default Re: My computer just restarted - should I be worried?

    PFN List Corrupt looks like a file lookup hiccup and is easily fixable.

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    Default Re: My computer just restarted - should I be worried?

    Yeah, that's just the "new" blue screen of death. There's a bit more variety in message and such, and on some machines it's actually pink, but for most purposes it's the same old thing.
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