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    Default Lets Make Some Curses

    Mind Cloud:

    Each day, target creature has a 75% chance of forgetting a specified item or creature exists.
    The target creature may not attack or target a forgotten creature with a spell or combat maneuver, nor speak to nor touch a forgotten creature or item, nor refer to it in conversation.
    If the specified item or creature interacts with the target creature, such as a specified item worn by the target creature, or an attack upon the target creature by a specified creature, the target creature automatically remembers the specified item or creature as an immediate action.
    Mind Cloud does not prevent a target creature from hearing or viewing a reminder as defined by the GM, such as a knotted handerchief, arcane mark, scar, spoken remark by a third party, or a written note.
    Regardless of whether the target creature successfully remembers the specified item or creature, it must roll each day against the chance of forgetting it while the Mind Cloud curse is active.
    Deities, because of their power, are not suitable specified creatures to be forgotten by Mind Cloud, nor are abstract concepts such as a kingdom or a location.
    Multiple curses of Mind Cloud may be operable at a given time upon a target creature, each time specifying a different item or creature.
    This is a mind-affecting spell.
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