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    Default [3.5] feats useful for the team

    Need your help. I'm looking for feats which are useful for my team. Something like “expert tactician“. Not “phallanx fighting“. A feat I choose and that has benefits for my comrades.

    Besides expert tactician and some of the devotion feats I don't know any... But you know others, right?

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    Default Re: [3.5] feats useful for the team

    Touch of Healing
    Draconic Aura
    Martial feats for a decent White Raven or Devoted Spirit manoeuvre?

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    Default Re: [3.5] feats useful for the team

    Fell Conspiracy (EoE)

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    Default Re: [3.5] feats useful for the team

    Martial Throw lets you swap positions with a teammate (or with an enemy if they fail to resist). Miniatures Handbook.
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    Default Re: [3.5] feats useful for the team

    Due to the very vague criteria, there are lots and lots of feats which can be useful for a team in some way

    There are some from the books:
    Adaptable Flanker
    Arcane Insight
    Broken One's Sacrifice
    Chain Power
    Chant of Fortitude
    Chant of the Long Road
    Chord of Distraction
    Clarion Commander
    Combat Awareness
    Combat Charm
    Combat Cloak Expert
    Combat Panache
    Coordinated Shot
    Deadeye Shot
    Deafening Song
    Divine Accuracy
    Divine Cleansing
    Divine Conduit
    Divine Resistance
    Divine Spellshield
    Double Team
    Dragon Hunter Bravery
    Dragonfire Inspiration
    Dual Strike
    Dutiful Guardian
    Epic of the Lost King
    Expert Tactician
    Faith Unswerving
    Fearsome and Fearless
    Feral Mark
    Fling Ally
    Gestalt Anchor
    Glorious Weapons
    Great Teamwork
    Group Inspiration
    Heart of Siberys
    Hindering Song
    Improved Aid
    Improved Cooperative Metamagic
    Incite Rage
    Initiate of Gruumsh
    Initiate of Varae
    Inspire Excellence
    Inspire Spellpower
    Ironheart Aura
    Ironskin Chant
    Lingering Song
    Martial Throw
    Master of Wards
    Mastery of the Dead
    Mitigate Suffering
    Mortifying Attack
    Nomadic Trekker
    Pack Feint
    Pack Tactics
    Profane Vigor
    Protective Ward
    Ranged Inspiration
    Ritual of Blight's Embrace
    Ritual of the Timeless Soul
    Ritual of the Woodland Bond
    Sacred Resilience
    Scorching Sirocco
    Sentinel Stance
    Shadow Striker
    Shield Wall
    Slayer of Dragons
    Song of the Heart
    Spiderfriend Magic
    Spurn Death's Touch
    Undermountain Tactics
    Warning Shout
    Widen Aura of Courage
    Widen Aura of Despair

    Shape Soulmeld (Bluesteel Bracers) + Open Lesser Chakra (arms)
    Shape Soulmeld (Lammasu Mantle) + Open Lesser Chakra (arms)
    Shape Soulmeld (Lucky Dice) + Open Least Chakra (hands)
    Shape Soulmeld (Shedu Crown) + Open Least Chakra (crown)

    Also, Precocious Apprentice with spells:
    Spoiler: Spells
    Animal Messenger
    Augment Truefriend
    Aura of Glory
    Baleful Transposition
    Bewildering Substitution
    Blessed Aim
    Body Ward
    Camouflage, Mass
    Cloak of Bravery
    Close Wounds
    Divine Protection
    Essence of the Dragon
    Interfaith Blessing
    Linked Perception
    Lively Step
    Loyal Vassal
    Lucky Streak
    Magic Weapon, Legion's
    Mark of Judgment
    Protection from Negative Energy
    Quick March
    Share Talents
    Snake's Swiftness, Legion's
    Snake's Swiftness, Mass
    Speak to Allies
    Stone Bones
    Tactical Precision
    True Prayer of the Faithful
    Wings of Cover

    And more - from magazines:
    Aid Giver
    Aura of Bravery
    Body Guard
    • Defense of the Righteous
    • Gang Tactics
    • Halfling's Cunning
    • Inspire Bloodletting
    • Inspire Bloodthirst
    • Rouse Courage
    Curse of Paranoia
    Haunting Weapons
    Holy Calling
    Improved Aid Another
    Initiate of Heironeous
    Initiate of Pelor
    Presence of the Mage
    Scout The Path
    Spirit of Dawn
    Strengthened Resilience
    Superior Flanking
    War Chant
    We Few, We Happy Few

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    Default Re: [3.5] feats useful for the team

    Do you know about teamwork benefits? Consider choosing them to enhance command work further.
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    Default Re: [3.5] feats useful for the team

    Pathfinder does this better than 3.5 imo, with several classes granting teamwork feats to nearby allies. Cavalier gets to share teamwork feats at 1st level, several other classes get that later. You could port cavalier wholesale into 3.5, it's just a kind of martial paladin with a better than normal mount and some neat tricks.

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    Default Re: [3.5] feats useful for the team

    Mercantile Background.

    Yeah, it's a Faerûn regional feat, so sue me, but I was just looking at it and then I saw this thread. :^)

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    Default Re: [3.5] feats useful for the team

    I definitely agree with the Mercantile Background. selling back loot for 75% instead of 50% is huge. And it's a "background" feat so who says you're not from Faerûn.

    Also if you're playing the skill monkey I like item familiar. In this case for the bonus skill points. Unlocking doors, disabling traps, etc. helps the party. IMO

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    Default Re: [3.5] feats useful for the team

    there are sections in some books called "Tactic feats" and "Teamwork feats" actually one of my favorites called "Swarm" where you and other small creatures or smaller can occupy the same area as the target and attack with little to no penalty. its fun :) you can find these types of feats in several books and magazines.
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