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    Default Blood & Steel Campaign Setting

    Hi all! I'm mostly posting for feedback on my current homebrew world, tenatatively called Candryll, the World of Blood and Steel.

    The basic premise is that it takes the Blood War as detailed in standard D&D settings, but this material plane world is a battleground for it. Pretty simple, right? However, I have chosen to boost the tech level to Dieselpunk levels of tech, so we have Hellknights bearing machine guns loaded with cold iron rounds, diesel-fueled mechs stomping across the battlefield and more. Essentially, it is as if DOOM, Wolfenstein, and WH40k had an orgy and this popped out, with a littler flavoring of Dark Souls and Fallout sprinkled in. Plus the usual D&Disms that using the system comes with. I should note that I initially had it as a D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder mix, but have since shifted to most Pathfinder (and replacing normal magic entirely with Spheres of Power) with apeing elements from 3.5 for my use (such as the stuff from the Fiendish Codecies).

    I will have to warn first and foremost, the documents have gone through many changes as I've changed ideas. For example, I initially wanted it to be a near apocalyptic setting, with mortals on the brink of extinction and with tech that was at most steampunk. However, over time, things have changed and my documents may not perfectly accurately reflect what I desire for the setting. As such, I apologize for any contradictory references or mistakes. Feel free to point them out so that I may edit them.

    Also feel free to posit ideas and anything else that may be of interest, and thanks for your ideas!

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