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    Default Re: First generation in a world built by gods...

    Quote Originally Posted by RatElemental View Post
    Well in the case of minecraft, the contents of the chunk actually aren't determined necessarily. If you update editions, install mods that affect world generation or perhaps change the seed somehow then when the chunk generates it will be different.
    While true if the chunk hasn't been generated yet, and depending on where the cut off for "predetermined" is chosen....Is it really the same world once its fundamental nature has been drastically altered in such a fashion?
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    Default Re: First generation in a world built by gods...

    In the case of self aware stick figure fantasy RPG parody I would conjecture that PCs are aware of their status as newly created entities with a backstory, but NPCs would only be aware of it if it was somehow relevant to the plot or joke.

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    Default Re: First generation in a world built by gods...

    I'm imagining the first peoples awakening in a sort of mystical cave complex before being ushered by angels into a theater for a "New Lifeform Orientation" video. They eat their first meal of bad popcorn as they are given an overview of the myths and their place in the new world. Then when they are done they draw a basic profession in a lottery providing them with an outfit and simple tools. One lucky winner even gets to be the new divinely appointed leader!
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