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    Default Pally ACF @lvl6 -- Curse Breaker vs. MFK?

    With the caveat being if the GM would allow Mystic Fire Knight substitution levels in the first place, what would be better for a paladin at level 6 for a grim dark dealing with evil magic enemies game: taking the Curse Breaker ACF or taking the MFK option?

    (No, becoming a Blackguard is not an option)

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    Default Re: Pally ACF @lvl6 -- Curse Breaker vs. MFK?

    "Additionally, greater dispel magic has a chance to dispel any effect that remove curse can remove, even if dispel magic canít dispel that effect."

    Admittedly, you do have to attack the creature/object in question, but you can use an unarmed attack...Punch On Hands.

    Sounds appropriately grimdark to me. I'm going to punch this curse out of you. Consider it akin to CPR, basically.
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