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    Default 5e Homebrew Class- Minionmancer

    Inspired by Pikmin, Minions (Ugh), Overlord videogame, The Darkness videogame, any input is appreciated.

    I've never seen the Minions movies or Despicable me, nor have I played the Overlord game, though I've seen video. I did play the Darkness and I've seen the pikmin in Smash Bros. So here's the idea:

    This is a little like the Warlock in that there are two major decisions which determine how the class plays. Overlording style and Horde Type.

    Your Overlord style is either Martial (Dread) or Caster (Magnificence). Martial gets better armor, hp buff, a second attack @ 5th and some other benefits later. Caster gets a Pact Magic feature, gaining spells and slots like a warlock (counts as warlock for attunement purposes).

    Your Horde is a bunch of tiny creatures. There are too many to count or name, but when enough of them die or are blasted out of combat, the horde disperses. You either "wear" the horde, so they scurry around your space and up and down your form, or you send them out as a swarm. You can rearrange them as an action (they're stupid and excitable so its like herding cats) and each arrangement has its own merits. The Horde type determines what kind of damage it does and what additional benefits it has or will grant as you level.

    As a swarm they have 4x lvl hp, their 10x10 space is considered rough terrain and creeps take damage for entering or ending their turn their. Damage starts low but scales with level. since its intended to supplement you blasting with spells or attacking.

    As an Aura they grant Temp HP to you, as long as you have these Temp HP, each time you're hit in melee the creep that hits you takes automatic damage as the horde retaliates.

    Below is a very rough skeleton of what I'm thinking:

    You stumbled into or sought out the responsibility of lording over a bunch of generally useless minions. These Lesser spirits are usually minor nuisances, the variety commonly warded off by a horseshoe over the door or salt over the shoulder. One would be suitable to be summoned as a Wizardís familiar, but these have amassed into a disorderly horde. An individual hordeling is typically useless, but you have the whole horde following you everywhere.

    They are servile, sycophantic peons that serve one of two purposes. Their endless optimism and confidence in your abilities emboldens and empowers you, their champion, or they squander their useless lives in a comically destructive fashion to achieve your every want and desire.

    D8 HD
    Light Armor, Simple Weapons
    Con/Cha saves
    Skill selection is mostly Social and Knowledge based

    Lord of Dread- Medium Armor, Shields, Martial Wpns
    Lord of Magnificence- Spells (Warlock, mix of divine and sorcerer)

    1 - Lord of Magnificence or Dread: Choose fighter stuff or caster stuff and gain a Herald that tells you youíre destined for great things among his people. Herald is basically a familiar.

    Lord of Dread- Medium Armor, Shields, Martial Wpns +1hp/level
    Lord of Magnificence- Spells (Warlock progression, mix of divine and sorcerer)

    2- I am your King(!/?) You gain your horde of tiny creatures. Horde is composed of Fey, Constructs, or Oozes.

    When you roll initiative you decide if your Horde clings to you as an Aura or moves about on its own as a swarm. You can use your action to switch from one to the other.

    As an Aura they can grant Temp HP and reactive Level+Cha damage till THP are gone (ala armor of Agathys), as a swarm they fill a 10x10 space, create rough terrain and AoE Level+Cha damage till discorporated. Temp HP is 3/lvl, HP of swarm is 4/lvl.
    Fey- can fly and does piercing damage.
    Construct- Immune to poison, functions as 3 toolkits, deals bludgeoning damage.
    Ooze- amorphous, deals acid damage

    3rd- Cheers and Jeers- 1/rest Aura- bonus action advantage on a skill check, Swarm- bonus action disadvantage on next skill check by all targets in swarm 1/rest, at 11th Level this improves to attacks or Debuff saves and can be used 2x.

    4- ASI

    5- Dread: 2nd attack or Magnificence: Minions are immune to your harmful spells

    6th- Carried Away 1/rest- Aura- Use reaction to move, Swarm-Bonus action to shove target up to Cha x 5 feet or 1/2 that and knock prone

    7th- Horde feature
    Fey- The Horde can become invisible at will. Attacks and spells do not end this invisibility.
    Construct- The Horde becomes immune to critical hits
    Ooze- Enemies that take Acid damage from your Horde Aura have the effectiveness of their nonmagical weapon reduced by 1/2 your Proficiency bonus, round down. Enemies that take Acid damage from your Horde Swarm have the effectiveness of their nonmagical armor reduced by 1/2 your Proficiency bonus. Normal maintencenand repair eliminates this penalty.

    8th- ASI

    9th- Dread Lord- Knockdown Blows Attacks against targets in swarm require save or prone. Magnificence gets 5th level spells

    10- WHAT?!? 1/rest Aura- Reroll Int, Wis, Cha save. Swarm (passive bonus) Advantage on Perception/Investigation/Insight checks

    11- Cheers and Jeers- Aura- Advantage on attacks, Swarm- target has disadvantage on saves

    12- ASI

    13- Horde Feature
    Fey- Conjure Woodland Beings
    Constructs- Resist all nonmagical damage
    Ooze- Alchemical Oozes- Alchemy Jug and Minor Potions 3/day

    15- Timeless body- the faith of your servants inures your form to infirmities of age. You stop aging and your natural life span becomes difficult to measure but could be infinite.

    16- ASI


    18- Horde Feature
    Fey- Conjure Fey
    Constructs- Form Devastator (3 rds of Iron Golem)
    Ooze- Alchemical Oozes- (Marvelous Pigments, Sovereign Glue, Universal Solvent

    19- ASI

    20- I am the Overlord
    In the event you die your minions gather the necessary arcane reagents to perform a ritual that returns you to your rightful place as their ruler. This process takes 2d10 days. Thereís a 10% chance your peons have stolen something important for the process which angers a powerful entity whose agents will be hostile to you and your horde. You must complete a long rest before
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