A Monster for Every Season: Summer 2
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    Default Re: The Tearing of the Weave (IC) Pt 2

    Kilus follows in the back, his bow at the ready.

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    Default Re: The Tearing of the Weave (IC) Pt 2

    A quick scout around the exterior of the keep uncovers little else - more tracks reminiscent of a great cat, and a ramshackle wooden footbridge that spans the creek at a narrow point, the trail leading deep into the dark swamp towards the Shadowscale warren, according to your recently rescued lizardfolk Steersissk.

    You find yourselves back in the shadowy great hall, the portal an orb of crackling dull white light suspended in the center. To the north is a rusted iron door leading into the keep's tower. Beyond, Temiryl hears muffled scratching and periodically and unsettling wet tearing sounds...Gathan flexes his claws in anticipation...

    Spoiler: Map 1

    Spoiler: Map 2

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