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Hux's first impulse upon seeing Kylo Ren vulnerable was to prepare to execute him. He only held back because he knew he'd be killed in a direct confrontation. He served Kylo Ren out of fear, he served Snoke because of indoctrination and loyalty.

" You presume to command my army, The supreme leader is dead we have no ruler! "
He submits because he knows in this moment he'd be killed.

Hux is the one to order the walkers to stop their firing, he flat out backtalks him in front of the other soldiers on the command ship.

Kylo Ren' been made to look even more the fool by fighting an illusion in front of all of his troops and allowing the resistance to escape.

In both Force Awakens, and Last Jedi it's established that the military doesn't support or even like Kylo Ren. And the most likely outcome is an uneasy truce to keep things in order with Hux as the Starscream like character trying to bring down Ren He's got more to fear from his own men than he does from the Resistance.
This could go a lot of interesting ways. In a eposodic adventure I'd expect a 3 way war between the Resistance, the Hux Order and the elite Knights of Kylo. That may be a lot for a even a 3 hour movie with soo many main characters though.

Shakesphere would be proud and the fracturing of the 1st Order may provide the Rebellion/ance their opening. Also it would make Luke's death even more meaningful if the military minds lost faith in Kylo because of it. Oh! Or if Finn somehow subverted his authority to other troopers