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    Default Warlock Homebrew: Otherworldly Patron, The Quintessence

    The Quintessence
    Through a warlocks pact, you have become a servant of The Quintessance, the embodiment of elemental energy, which has existed since the dawn of time. It once reigned free in the world. Locked beyond the planes, it now seeks a servant in the physical realms. Bend the energy of the world to your will, in it's name.

    Expanded Spell List.
    The Quintessence lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock list for you.

    Quintessence spell list
    Spell Level Spells
    1st Chromatic Orb, Absorb Elements
    2nd Melfs's Acid Arrow, Maximiillian's Earthen Grasp
    3rd Lightning Bold, Fireball
    4th Conjure Minor Elementals, Wall of Fire
    5th Cone of Cold, Conjure Elementals

    Elemental Attunement
    At 1st level, you gain the ability, upon a long rest, to choose an elemental type, (Fire, Cold, Poison, Acid, Lightning, or Thunder) and be resistant to that damage type until next long rest. Upon 8th level, you may choose two elemental resistances for the day.

    Elemental Channeling
    At 6th level, you gain the ability to channel your daily attuned element into a weapon. A number of times a day equal to your charisma modifier, (Minimum 1) touch a weapon and add 1D6 damage of the damage type chosen for your Elemental attunement for 1 minute. At 8th level you can choose which off your attuned elemental types are channeled.

    Quintesential Burst
    At 10th level, a number of times a day equal to your charisma modifier (minimum 1,) choose a square within 60 ft. All creatures in a 30-foot range of the target must make Dex save or take 4D8 damage (half on a successful save) of an elemental type chosen as part of the attack.

    Aspect of Quintessence
    At 14th level, Once per long rest, you can channel the very power of Quintessence itself. Upon using your action to activate this feature, for 1 minute, become resistant to elemental damage, and add 1d8 damage of any elemental type to all spell or weapon attacks. Once used, you may not use this ability again until after a long rest

    Eldritch Invocations
    Channelled Blast
    Prerequisites: 3rd level, Eldritch Blast cantrip, Quintessence Patron
    When casting Eldritch blast, you may change the damage type from force to the elemental type currently attuned. At 8th level you may choose which of your attuned damage types is used as part of the attack. All beams of Eldritch Blast deal the same damage type.

    Elemental Familiar
    Prerequisites: Pact of the Chain, Quintessence Patron
    You may select a Mephit of any type to be the form your Pact of the Chain familiar takes.

    Quintessential Blast
    Prerequisites: 12th level, Eldritch Blast Cantrip, Quintessence Patron
    When Casting Eldritch Blast, you may choose to deal any elemental damage type as part of the attack. All beams of Eldritch Blast deal the same type of damage.

    Redirect Elements
    Prerequisites: 8th Level, Quintessence Patron
    When attacked with a damage effect with an elemental type, a number of times a day equal to your Charisma Modifier (minimum 1) you may, as a reaction, absorb the damage to yourself, and redirect it into another creature within 5 ft. When redirecting the damage, make an attack roll against the intended target. If you fail to hit them, the damage is dealt to you as normal.

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    Default Re: Warlock Homebrew: Otherworldly Patron, The Quintessence

    Elemental Channeling is gotten at 6th, and then improves at 8th. I'd delay the upgrade a little bit, or allow the upgraded version when you get it.

    Aspect Of Quintessence is too good, combined with Eldritch Blast.

    Redirect Elements needs to specify what kind of attack roll.

    Overall pretty good though!
    I have a LOT of Homebrew!

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    Default Re: Warlock Homebrew: Otherworldly Patron, The Quintessence

    Gaining the second element for channeling at level 8 was less intended as an upgrade to the ability, and more intended as an explanation of how it interacts with the upgrade of the previous ability. I could make it so at level 8 you determine at the start of a day which element you can channel, but at level 10 you can choose as part of the attack.

    How would you suggest changing Aspects interaction with Eldritch Blast without crippling it's reaction with everything else?

    That last part is definitely an oversight on my part.
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