I was looking over the morph class and the reviews on how it didnít stand out when compared to the moon circle cleric, so I had the idea to try make something that might set in apart with a custom essence and 2 talents exclusive to them and was hoping to get some feedback:

Shapechanger Essence
Translings are especially talented shape shifters with exceptional control over there shifting abilities.

Master of form

Choose one of these creature types: celestial, fey, fiend, plant, aberration, or monstrosity. In addition to the beast creature type, you may also turn into creatures of your chosen type of an appropriate CR that you have seen when you Shapeshift.

Transling rejuvenation

Your shifting abilities are so potent, you can pull yourself from deaths door and reinvigorate yourself, rebuilding your body in its entirety. Whenever you are killed, you automatically activate true resurrection(self only). Once this has happened, this feature will be unavailable until you have completed a long rest.


Durable shifting:
Needs: lv 5, Transling

Your refreshed shifting is improved, allowing you to regain an extra use of your Shapeshift feature whenever you end your Shapeshift at more then half that forms hitpoint maximum.

Reactive shift
Needs: Transling

Your control of your shifting abilities is refined to the point you can react in an instance to protect yourself from harm by shifting you bodies composition momentarily, moving vital organs, forming scales or armor, etc to defend yourself. When an attacker you see hits you with an attack, you can use your reaction to halve the damage against you.