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    Default Re: So, Dark Crystal.

    I was really happy when I learned there was a new animated fantasy show on Netflix, so I decided to learn more about it and found out it was Dark Crystal.

    I vaguely remember enjoying the original movie (even if I can't recall more than a few scenes)... But for some reason, this series just didn't pique my interest.

    I think visuals are supposed to be a big sell, but while it is quite unique, it isn't particularly good. It's not bad either... Just... Ok.

    Still watched it out of curiosity, but dropped after 2 episodes. It's... Ok (which already makes it much better than 98% of Netflix productions, but I digress).

    I suppose if you really like the visual style and/or have some nostalgia for the original movie, it might be a good watch. I don't fit either category, so it didn't really hold me.
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    Default Re: So, Dark Crystal.

    I finished Season 1 last night. Overall, I think that's about was good as one could expect from a faithful prequel series to the Dark Crystal. It had excellent visuals as expected, but also really solid voice acting seriously, I think the creators should be applauded for how well the voices synced up to the puppets and a pretty involving plot.

    My only complaint is that I'm not totally sold on Rian as the main hero. Did anyone feel he got over Mira just a bit too quickly? Maybe it's a Gelfling thing to fall in love quickly, but your girlfriend just had her essence drained and you're already making doe eyes at another girl, dude.

    On the other hand, maybe that's just because I thought Hup/Deet were kind of cute. Podling justista!
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    Default Re: So, Dark Crystal.

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