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    Default Be a pretty psion! [Psionic feat]

    I came up with the concept today while waiting for my ride home, then I pitched it to The Demented One and he came up with all the hard mechanics other than the Cha for Int stuff.

    Empathic Psion
    Requirements: Psion level 1st, 1st level only, must be a telepath
    Benefit: You may use your Charisma modifier in place of your Intelligence modifier for manifesting. In addition, you may manifest either empathy, missive, or telempathic projection once per day as a psi-like ability, ML 1st.
    Normal: Intelligence is the main manifesting stat for all psions.
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    Default Re: Be a pretty psion! [Psionic feat]

    Does this apply for determining bonus power points? I can see how the DCs and such for a Telepath could be Cha-based (and I like the idea, myself), but Int still seems to fit better for determining how much mental power you can unload in one day (i.e., the number of power points you have per day).
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    Default Re: Be a pretty psion! [Psionic feat]

    Costing a feat to swap your primary casting stat entirely from one mental stat to another isn't overpowered, when it doesn't do anything else for you.
    Of course, by the time I finish this post, it will already be obsolete. C'est la vie.

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    Default Re: Be a pretty psion! [Psionic feat]

    In fact, why not just allow for all 6 of the types of Psions base their DC's, bonus PP's, and give a few bonus psi-like abilities? This way, we can embody one of the best parts of 3.0 psionics (in my opinion), but it wouldn't be as broken. The only problem would be the Psychoportationist, Dex is an uberstat, and he could easily Cast, have a high AC, and a good Int easily.
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