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    Default Equipment Slots Brainstorm

    Oh, come on. You knew this was coming.

    Design Goals:
    • I'd love to see a player have to leave an item behind in the middle of a dungeon in order to use the loot he just got.
    • I'd love to see the players use hirelings and pack mules to carry stuff.
    • I'd love to emphasize the usefulness of items. Limiting something automatically increases its perceived value.


    What follows looks like a hard-to-read wall of text, but if you just check out this link it should be easier to figure out. It uses the Base values (medium creature, +0 strength).

    The values presented are not the final values, but rather placeholders until I figure out whether this encumbrance / inventory grid system is worth working on.

    The general idea is that only items of mechanical significance are important enough to warrant tracking.


    Equipment Slots
    Each character has a number of allotted equipment slots, separated by types. In order to carry an item you must have the required amount of unused equipment slots and of the correct type. For example, to use a heavy armor you need 4 unused equipment slots of the armor type. In addition, you gain a bonus or a penalty to the number of equipment slots of each type based on your Strength ability modifier and Size above/below medium.

    Base Equipment Slots
    Potions & Scrolls: 3
    Trinkets: 2
    Armor: 2
    Weapons: 3
    Coins: 1000
    Minor Items: 5
    Encumbered Slots: 5

    Strength/Size slot adjustments
    Potions & Scrolls: 1 slot
    Armor: 1 slot
    Weapons: 1 slot
    Coins: 500gp
    Minor Items: 1
    Encumbered Slots: 2

    If you want to carry an item and don't have unused item slots you can use your Encumbered slots. If you spend more than one hour Encumbered you gain two levels of exhaustion that are removed at the end of a short rest.

    Item Changes
    Slot requirements have been added to the following items:
    Two Handed Weapons: 2 Weapon slots
    All consumables: 1 Potion & Scroll slot
    One-handed weapons: 1 Weapon slot
    Two-handed weapons: 2 Weapon slots
    Shield: 2 Armor slots
    Buckler: 1 Armor slot
    All Light armors: 1 Armor slot
    All Medium armors: 2 Armor slots
    All Heavy armors: 4 Armor slots
    Rope, Grappling Hook, Manacles, Healer's Kit, Hunting Trap and tools: 1 Minor Item Slot

    The Rogue
    A +0 Strength Rogue can wear light armor, and choose one of the following item loadouts, due to only having 3 Weapon slots:
    Option 1: Crossbow, Rapier
    Option 2: Rapier, Short Sword, Dagger

    The Cleric
    A +2 Strength War Cleric has 4 Armor Slots and has to choose one of the following armor loadouts, since using both heavy armor and a shield require 5 armor slots.
    Option 1: Medium armor and a shield = 4 armor slots
    Option 2: Heavy armor and no shield = 4 armor slots
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    Default Re: Equipment Slots Brainstorm

    I like the idea of item slots that limit inventory... but feel your implementation is a bit over-complicated for my tastes. At least, over-complicated as far as gaining additional slots for Str, and having weapons or armor take up multiple slots.

    You have slots for a Rucksack, Satchel, Bags and wearable slots. While carrying your Rucksack you are Encumbered and have Disadvantage on Athletics and Acrobatics. Characters are space limited and don't care about their Str for inventory purposes, this forces tough decisions and really captures the traveling light idea.

    I designed an inventory system for my RPG that should fit the bill well enough. Essentially you break carry-able items down into Small(S), Medium(M), and Large(L) categories, occasionally items like carried(not worn) armor or particularly large items will be 2xL or 3xL. Two smaller sizes can be stored in the larger size, not visa versa. Some items like arrows and javelins etc are grouped together, having potentially a different size for their single item and their pack.

    A character has a Rucksack(4L, 8M, 10S), a Satchel(2M, 6S), two pouches(4S), and two Misc(M) slots. They also have slots specifically for four weapons, 2xL, 1xM, 1xS slot sizes. They also have one Shield Slot and one Armor slot whether or not the use them.

    Now, some of the Rucksack is automatically filled, essentially with a basic adventurers kit. It's assumed the character replenishes their pack back up to this point whenever convenient. Also, while wearing a Rucksack, characters are automatically encumbered and suffer Disadvantage on their Athletics and Acrobatics checks. Characters do not want to go into battle with their packs on. So, once adventuring characters are stuck with their wearable, their Satchel, 2 Bags, 2 Miss, and weapons and armor, they'll be quick to be very selective with what they take out of a dungeon.

    What is nice is that the character has these spaces laid out visually and all they have to do is fill in the corresponding blanks. And man, see how long characters try and adventure with their Rucksacks before they realize they need to leave them behind with the horses and travel light. There is no need to track weight or encumbrance etc. If a character tries to carry something more, ask them "How?", and if they can't in their pack etc situation, they have to carry it in their hands and could pose it's own problems for them.

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