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    Default Botanist [Class]

    Hit Dice: 1d10
    Hit Points At 1st Level: 10+Con Mod
    Hit Points At Higher Levels: 1d10 (6)+Con Mod

    Armor: None
    Weapons: Simple Weapons
    Tools: Farming Supplies

    Saving Throws: Constitution and Intelligence
    Skills: Choose any two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Stealth, Arcana, History, Investigation, Religion, Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Perception, and Survival

    You start with the following equipment in addition to that supplied by your background:

    -Any two weapons you are proficient in, with 20 pieces of ammo if needed or two extra copies if thrown
    -Any one simple melee weapon
    -Farming supplies
    -Any one pack

    Level Proficiency Bonus Features Knacks
    1st +2 Natural Defense, Botany 1
    2nd +2 Botanical Study 1
    3rd +2 Spellcasting 1
    4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 1
    5th +3 Extra Attack 2
    6th +3 Study Feature 2
    7th +3 - 2
    8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 2
    9th +4 Plantlike Form 3
    10th +4 Study Feature 3
    11th +4 Lumbering Strikes 3
    12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 3
    13th +5 - 4
    14th +5 Study Feature 4
    15th +5 Apotheosis 4
    16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 4
    17th +6 Improved Photosynthesis 5
    18th +6 Study Feature 5
    19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 5
    20th +6 Study Feature 5

    Natural Defense
    At level one, your body is infused with natural potency. Your AC may equal 10+your Dexterity modifier+your Intelligence modifier. You may use a shield and still gain these benefits (though you must acquire proficiency from elsewhere) and may wear armor and still benefit-though in that case, you must choose whether to use your Natural Defense AC or your armor's AC. They do not stack.

    Also at level one, you gain a Knack, which is a special ability that functions in a similar fashion to Warlock Invocations. You gain an additional Knack every fourth level (so five, nine, etc.) and may switch out a Knack for any other Knack you qualify for whenever you gain a level.

    In addition, you gain Expertise in the Nature skill, doubling your proficiency bonus in any checks made using it.

    Botanical Study
    At level two, decide whether you wish to focus on studying Trees, Flowers, or Fungi. This grants you features at levels two, six, ten, fourteen, eighteen, and twenty.

    At level three, you gain spellcasting. You start with three spells known, and gain a new one at every level up (for a max of twenty Botanist spells known at level 20) and have three cantrips known. You gain additional cantrips every six levels (so levels nine and fifteen). Your spellcasting ability is Intelligence, and you have the same spells per day as an Eldritch Knight or Arcane Trickster.

    Spoiler: Spell List
    Thorn Whip

    1st Level
    Animal/Plant Friendship
    Create Or Destroy Water
    Cure Wounds
    Detect Magic
    Detect Poison and Disease
    Fog Cloud
    Healing Word
    Purify Food and Drink
    Speak with Animals and Plants

    2nd Level
    Animal/Plant Messenger
    Beast/Plant Sense
    Gust of Wind
    Heat Metal
    Lesser Restoration
    Locate Animals or Plants
    Pass Without Trace
    Spike Growth

    3rd Level
    Meld Into Stone/Wood
    Plant Growth
    Protection From Energy
    Speak With Plants
    Water Breathing

    4th Level
    Control Water
    Freedom of Movement
    Grasping Vine
    Ice Storm

    Ability Score Improvement
    Usual levels, usual deal.

    Extra Attack
    Level five, usual deal.

    Plantlike Form
    At level nine, your body has become even more like that of a plant. You no longer require food to survive, only sunlight, water, and soil. You may, however, still eat food if you wish to or gain benefits from it (such as a Heroes' Feast). In addition, you can hold your breath for ten times as long as normal.

    Lumbering Strike
    At level eleven, your blows strike with the force of a massive tree. When making a melee weapon attack, you double the weapon dice.

    At level fifteen, you have become a plant. This grants you advantage on saves against anything that specifically targets humanoids (though you may still be affected) and immunity to poison damage and the poisoned condition. In addition, over the course of a minute of Concentration, you may appear as a plant of your chosen study of your size until you move.

    Improved Photosynthesis
    At level seventeen, when in direct sunlight or similar light (such as that provided by a Daylight spell) you regain a number of HP equal to 5+your Intelligence modifier at the start of each of your turns, provided you begin with at least one HP. This cannot bring your HP above half of its maximum. If you are not in direct light, you instead regain 1 HP every round, provided you begin with at least 1 HP.


    At level two,

    Large Form
    At level six, you may treat yourself as one size larger whenever it would be beneficial to yourself.

    Massive Form
    At level ten, you may cast Enlarge on yourself without expending a spell slot. When cast in this manner, the duration is simply Concentration.

    Bariker Bark
    At level fourteen, your Natural Defense improves to 12+your Dexterity modifier+your Intelligence modifier.

    At level eighteen, you gain resistance to non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

    At level twenty, you may use your action to become a forest. You gain the effects of an Enlarge spell, and summon three tree duplicates of yourself, each of which acts independently. The Enlarge spell, further, lasts through your first three failed Concentration checks, though each failed one causes one tree to become non-sentient and simply root where it is. After your fourth failed Concentration check (or one minute passes) all trees are nonmagical and the Enlarge spell wears off. This can be done once per long rest.

    Note that all resources are shared across the duplicates-if one casts a spell, it costs a spell slot from all of them.


    Bend In The Breeze
    At level two, you gain proficiency in Acrobatics. If you already had proficiency, you may instead gain proficiency in another skill of your choice.

    Small Form
    At level six, you may treat yourself as one size category smaller whenever it'd be beneficial to do so.

    Tiny Form
    At level ten, you may cast Reduce on yourself without expending a spell slot. When cast in this manner, the duration is simply Concentration.

    Bendier In The Breeze
    At level fourteen, your proficiency bonus is double for Acrobatics checks.

    At level eighteen, you gain proficiency in Dexterity saving throws.

    A Thousand Petals
    At level twenty,you may use your action to become petals on the breeze once per long rest. This lasts for one minute (or until your concentration is broken). You gain a fly speed of 50', with the ability to hover. You may pass through opponents squares without provoking opportunity attacks, and have resistance to all bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. In addition, if you pass through someone's space, you may deal 2d6+Dexterity modifier slashing damage to them, or half on a successful Dexterity save against your spell DC. This damage can only occur once per opponent per turn.


    Spongy Body
    At level two, you gain two extra HP. In addition, whenever you gain a Botanist level, you gain an extra hit point.

    Rooting Down
    At level six, you gain the ability to put down roots as an action. In order to move you from this spot, an enemy must succeed on a Strength saving throw against your spell save DC (for instance, if a foe were to shove you, they would first have to succeed on the Athletics check, then succeed against your spell saving throw DC). In addition, while rooted, your move speed is halved, but you are under the effects of a Spider Climb spell.

    Improved Roots
    At level ten, your roots provide better sustenance for you, and more mobility. Your speed is now no longer reduced when rooted, and you regain one hit point a minute while rooted.

    Resilient Body
    At level fourteen, you gain fourteen extra HP. In addition, whenever you gain a Botanist level, you gain a further extra hit point.

    Hard To Kill
    At level eighteen, you gain resistance to any two types of damage. You may change what damage you resist over the course of a long rest.

    Fungal Spores
    At level twenty, you may, once per long rest, release fungal spores in a radius of 60' that last for one minute. These spores provide 1/2 cover (3/4ths cover for you) and will attempt to root down in enemies. Any enemy in the radius takes 5d6 poison and slashing (this is only resisted if they resist both poison AND slashing damage) damage at the start of each of their turns, or half on a successful Constitution saving throw. Each successful save reduces the damage taken by 1d6, and the effect goes away when the damage reaches 0d6. This takes effect either when activated or when an enemy first enters the area.


    Awaken Plants
    Requires 17th level
    You may, once per week, cast Awaken without expending a spell slot. This may only target plants, and requires no material components.

    Master Of Combat
    Gain any one Fighting Style of your choice.

    You may, given an action and a small amount of dirt or compost, cause a Glintweed to grow. This sheds bright light in a 15' radius, and dim light for 15' beyond. The plant lasts as normal if fed and watered, and will last for one day when picked.

    Poisonous Touch
    Requires 11th Level
    You may, in place of an attack (though no more than once per turn), make a poison touch against a foe. On a successful hit roll (using Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence as your attack stat and with proficiency) deal 2d8 poison damage. The enemy is also poisoned for one minute, though they may make a Constitution save against your Spell DC to remove the condition at the end of each of their turns.

    Growing Corpses
    Requires 5th Level
    You may, once per long rest, cast Revivify without requiring a spell slot or material components. However, when cast in this manner, you take damage equal to half the maximum HP of your revived target.

    Improved Growing Corpses
    Requires 15th level
    You may now cast Revivify at will using your Growing Corpses Knack, though each use after the first requires you to expend a hit die.

    Great Shillelagh
    You learn the Shillelagh cantrip. (if you already know it as a Botanist spell, you may learn a single other Botanist cantrip in place.) When casting Shillelagh, it deals 1d10 damage or 2d6 if wielded in two hands.

    Greater Whallop
    Requires 9th level and Great Shillelagh
    When using Shillelagh, you may add both your casting stat and your Strength modifier to damage rolls.

    Nature's Stride
    You ignore all nonmagical plant-based difficult terrain, and have advantage on saves against magical plant effects that would impede movement, such as Entangle.

    You gain proficiency in the Survival and Animal Handling skills.

    Improved Natural Defense
    When using Natural Defense, your AC improves by 1.

    Master Of Defense
    You gain proficiency in Shields, and may cast Shield once per short rest.

    Natural Supplies
    Over the course of a short rest, you may make up to 5 GP worth of mundane supplies from natural materials. Not all equipment can be made (subject to DM approval) but common items such as rope, grappling hooks, quarterstaves, and similar can be made without issue.

    Increase the amount of items made to 25 GP over a long rest.

    Such equipment is improvised, and won't last longer than 24 hours without you maintaining it, but is otherwise perfectly functional.

    Plant Speech
    Requires 8th Level
    You are under a permanent Speak With Plants effect.

    Cloaking Miasma
    Requires 5th Level
    As a bonus action, you can surround yourself in a miasma of toxins and other nastiness. The aura extends 5' from you, though not through total cover, and lasts one minute, until you are incapacitated, or until dismissed as a bonus action. Any creature that starts its turn in the aura or enters the aura for the first time in their turn takes 1d4+your Intelligence modifier poison damage. You may only use this Knack once per short or long rest.

    Acidic Miasma
    Requires Cloaking Miasma
    Your Cloaking Miasma now deals 1d8+your Intelligence modifier acid damage.

    You can cast False Life on yourself at-will, though only as a first level spell.

    Mutable Form
    Requires 11th Level
    You may cast Alter Self on yourself at-will.

    Chameleonic Skin
    Requires 11th Level
    You may cast Pass Without Trace at-will. In addition, while you are under the effects of the spell as cast by yourself, you may Hide without being obscured by anything as your skin shifts to match the environment. However, while hidden in this manner, you become immediately exposed if you move more than 10' in a turn.
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    Default Re: Botanist [Class]

    Your formatting is always so pretty and your posts easy to read *_*

    I think the invocation style should be used for more homebrewes. it opens up so many different possibilities. I think I'll make a Gith with a Pirate background and call him Mark Watney - Space Pirate.

    Spoiler: How to Make Custom Monsters

    The damage column shows total damage output on hit over an entire round, and is modified based on factors like recharge, AoE etc.

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    Default Re: Botanist [Class]

    Okay, added a lot of Knacks.
    I have a LOT of Homebrew!

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