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    Default Attempted death domain fix

    I have some problems with death domain. And that is merely that the paladin is a better necromancer... he's half cleric necromancer half fighter. Why does he outstrip death domain in using undead? And wizards make good necromancers, sure. But that doesn't mean if a cleric of vecna competes in undead minions with a necromancy wizard that the cleric should loose easily. So here is my attempt to level the scales. I tried to avoid changing too much from things that already existed. The big changes to this are:


    Reaper now allows death domain cleric's to heal their undead. I debated using things like inflict wounds for this, but that does too much damage and would be unbalanced fornhealing. So I gave the ability to heal them with basic healing spells but flavored a bit differently.

    Channel divinity is just the Oathbreaker channel divinity, but instead of an issue of only having 1, which makes sense for a half necromancer, this reads as having up to your amount of your channel divinity uses. But balanced by needing to pay 1 use per undead controlled by that. So if you control 2, you use up your only 2 uses for the day. A fair tradeoff.

    Empowered Thralls is just the wizard thralls. Except they get your proficiency to AC if they aren't wearing armor. By level 6 skeletons and zombies are doomed without either armor or this tiny help. And as said, it doesn't stack with armor. Wizards should have this to. Something has to tide the necromancer over untill create undead.

    Advanced necromancy allows for create undead once the player reaches level 6 spells. And finally allows the cleric to compete with the necromancy wizard, without beating the wizard outright. After all, yoy only get 6. The wizard can take many of the higher level.necromancy spells.

    The capstone is basically just the bypassing resistance from the DM'S level 6, buffed slightly, and made up for the lateness by the basic immunity for you, like how the forge capstone gives fire immunity.


    Death Domain Spells
    Level 1: False Life, Ray of Sickness
    Level 3: Blindness/Deafness, Ray of enfeeblement
    Level 5: Animate Dead, Vampiric Touch
    Level 7: Blight, Death Ward
    Level 9: Raise Dead, Contagion

    Bonus Proficiency
    When the cleric chooses this domain at 1st level, he or she gains proficiency with martial weapons.

    At 1st level, the cleric learns one necromancy cantrip of his or her choice from any spell list. In addition, the cleric can heal the undead by targeting them with a basic healing spell, and channeling necrotic energy through it. (This cannot be used to harm others.)

    Channel Divinity:
    Control Undead: Starting at second level, as an action, the cleric targets one undead creature he or she can see within 30 feet of him or her. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the target must obey the clerics commands for the next 24 hours. The amount of undead capable of being controlled is the number of times the cleric can channel divinity, at the cost of using a use per undead controlled. For any more, spells like Animate Dead must be cast again to reassert control, as per normal. An undead whose challenge rating is equal to or greater than the clerics level is immune to this effect.

    Empowered Thralls
    At level 6, the cleric becomes able to control more powerful undead. She can raise 1 additional undead with spells that raise undead. In addition, undead not wearing armor gain the clerics proficiency bonus to their AC. Undead servants also add the clerics proficiency to damage rolls. Finally, they all gain maximum health equal to the clerics level.

    Advanced Necromancy
    At 8th level, the cleric is able to grasp advanced necromancy. He or she chooses a single necromancy spell she has spell levels for, from any spell list, and it becomes a cleric spell for him or her. The cleric may change this spell every time he or she levels up. It is always counted as being prepared.

    Necromantic Infusion
    At level 17, the cleric has become a master of necromancy, and it has changed them. Their necromancy is more potent, and ignores resistance to necrotic damage. Anything immune to necrotic damage counts as resistant instead. In addition, the cleric gains immunity to necrotic damage.
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    Default Re: Attempted death domain fix

    This might simply be unviable. I only now realized that using level 9 create undead gives you 2 cr 3 mummies. That's useless. For this to work... the undead would need to be super buffed or come in huge quantities.
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    confused Re: Attempted death domain fix

    I think you have a misunderstanding.
    Death Domain is not at all meant for PCs who create or control undead.
    It's for NPCs who ARE undead, and who have ways to gain minions outside the standard rules.

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