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    Default Posting anxiety - worried about getting banned for unknown offenses

    Hello -

    I'm new to the site/forum, and I have considerable anxiety about posting. I've read the rules, but I'm still worried/anxious about posting. I'd like to 'promote' my campaign. I'm a DM looking for players, but I'm very worried that I'm going to get banned for seeking players. I'd like to post in a couple forums 'Dungeon Master [DM/GM] Registry' and 'Finding Players (Recruitment)' but both seem to be originally created/intended for 'Play by Post' campaigns. I run a 'face-to-face' campaign and I'm worried that posting in the mentioned forums will just result in my getting banned/censored/moderated. Are there places where I can post that would be more appropriate for a face-to-face campaign?

    I have no idea whether anyone will ever see this post/given the number of posts and forums, so I guess I'll wait a day or so before I attempt my post anyway. I'm definitely worried (after reading the forum rules) that I'm going to get banned/censored/moderated for something - probably for this post. There's a lot of rules, and the rules read in a very 'No Mercy' tone. I'm not a spammer, but I'd like to include a URL that points to my D&D campaign web site. I'm worried that this will be seen as spam or advertisement (I'm not selling anything).

    - Shivering in my newbie boots / Robert

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    Default Re: Posting anxiety - worried about getting banned for unknown offenses

    Sheriff: Hello and welcome to the Giant in the Playground Forum! You can certainly post here seeking players for a face-to-face game. The place for that is the Finding Players (Recruitment) forum. You are correct that almost all posts are for games to be run here, a few are for games to be run elsewhere online, and very few are for in-person games. But that's okay. If you're looking to run a game, you can seek people here. Feel free to link to your game. Assuming you're not selling anything at the other end of that link, you should be fine. (Do note that to reduce ad spam, posters must have ten posts before they can post a link. So read a little more the Forum and post in a few threads on topics of interest. One easy one is the Hello and Welcome Thread in Friendly Banter.)

    As for the Forum Rules, nice work reading them! You're already way ahead of the game. They are lengthy, they cover a lot of ground, and we do enforce them. If you ever have a question about them, feel free to send a Private Message to a moderator (or to me). If you see something you think violates a Forum Rules, please report the post or message.

    As you read in the Forum Rules, a first offense of pretty much everything results in a Warning. A Warning carries no points toward eventual banning; it's just there to note the error and remind you about the Forum Rules. Except for ad spammers, people who try to return after being banned, or straight-up hate speech attacks on other posters, no one gets banned for a single post. The path to eventual banning is a long one with many Warnings, Infractions, and other steps aimed at getting posters to follow the Forum Rules.

    Go have fun in the Playground. If you get a Warning, you should just review the Rules, chat with the Moderator, adjust whatever you're doing, and go back to having fun.
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