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    Default Cool Hexblade multiclass

    right now i'm a level 5 half elven warlock(hexblade). I'm trying to focus on greatsword but i was curious if anyone had any unique multiclasses that could be a ton of fun. I'm doing pretty good damage so i'm not too worried about losing some damage potential for some versatility. We rolled for stats, so while my charisma and dexterity are my highest stats I have high enough stats in everything except wisdom for multiclassing. So nearly everything except for cleric, druid, monk, and ranger are off the table; I couldn't qualify for them without 2 ASI dedicated to wisdom.

    The common ones i have in mind:
    sorcerer to quicken shadow of moil and more spells
    paladin for fighting style and possibly double smite (this may go well with sorcerer or wizard)
    fighter for fighting style, action surge, and maneuvers

    Outside of those big three, i think other multiclasses might be less useful. What do you guys think? Oh, most of my group is using homebrew classes, so any synergistic homebrew classes/archetypes are fair game.
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    Default Re: Cool Hexblade multiclass

    I say 2 paladin, 3 Sorcerer for your quicken.
    Up to 11/12 hexblade and then ask yourself if you want more Sorcerer goodies or the paladin saves

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    Default Re: Cool Hexblade multiclass

    You're looking for versatility? What about a three level dip in Swords Bard for some bonus actions, skills, and damage?

    There's also the fun flavor that an otherworldly power granted you this powerful eldritch sword but sometimes you just use it to do stunts.

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    Default Re: Cool Hexblade multiclass

    Rogue adds a lot of versatility in skills, expertise, evasion, uncanny dodge, sneak attack, and even spell slots/spells known if you go arcane trickster, though I suppose if you're concentrating on great weapons, that won't work with sneak attack.
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