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    Default GURPS Fantasy Homebrew

    Starting with GURPS lite and building my own setting (including skill, advantage, and disadvantage lists and my own magic system). Yes, I could use Yrth or Fantasy but I don't particularly like them and I enjoy building.

    I've got my setting lore in place but I initially set it up with D&D 5e in mind. I got tired of spending a bunch of time trying to shoehorn my stuff into WotC's structure so I jumped over to GURPS. My magic system is slowly taking form (borrowing heavily from Magic and Thaumatology). Putting together the list of skills I'm going to use. I'm planning on using templates for backgrounds and occupations. Still need to prune the list a little and make a few additions.

    Working on my base template, skills that everyone has:
    -Fire Making: Using a fire-iron
    -Hiking: Walking long distances and sleeping rough
    -Simple Math: Counting currency. Addition and subtraction up to 20-30.
    -Language: Spoken fluency in one language (additional language will be by player selection or locality or background templates)
    -Housekeeping: Simple housekeeping tasks such as laundry, sweeping, getting rid of bed-bugs/lice, etc...
    -History: Basic local history and even more basic general history.
    -Knife: Using a knife (not a dagger) as a utility tool, for eating, and for basic self-defense
    -Local Area Knowledge: Accurate knowledge of the area for 1 mile and most of the inhabitants within it

    I got heavily sidelined by work and life, but I've started moving forward on this again. I'm pretty much done with the skills list first draft. Fleshing the skills in will take a little time and experimentation but I'm happy with the basic list. Now I'm working on advantages and disadvantages. I was having problems with this until I realized that I only needed the player apparent set. The tools I use to create new races/species I don't have to put in front of them. They're going to be choosing from a relatively limited palette. Which, in some ways, seems like a betrayal of the idea of GURPS. But, in other ways, it's exactly what GURPS is meant to be, a toolkit. Anyway, realizing that I could use a much smaller subset of dis/advantages put everything into perspective and I'm sailing along nicely for the moment. I've got my races/species set up with templates and that informs a lot of the dis/advantages. Now I'm just adding the general pan-species dis/advantages.

    I'll probably vet the equipment lists next, because it's a fairly easy task. The magic systems are the last big component but, again, realizing I don't have to show how the sausage is made greatly simplifies matters for me.
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