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    Question Shadowrun 5e Mystic Adept build...

    Wondering if I could get some opinions on this character. Built using chummer, and only the core rule book. GM ins't allowing any sourcebooks and game may move over to the 6th world soon.

    Links are unavailable to me at this time. I will update once I can: .com/file/d/0B2s9x9J2dkAPU2dwMFdRWFpFTmdnTG1NdnJ2RWdwU2dQTksw/view?usp=drivesdk

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    Default Re: Shadowrun 5e Mystic Adept build...

    The Mod Ogre: Here's a link, since I get to break the rules if warranted.
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    Default Re: Shadowrun 5e Mystic Adept build...

    The spell casting looks solid enough. It does look a bit confused on how it wants to combat. Pretty high skills and pools in close combat, but very little damage due to low strength, and no barehanded adept quality that I could see so no casting through unarmed pool. Also a pistol with no skill and an archery skill with no bow. Certainly viable with pretty good defensive pools and useful spell selection, but a little squishy with that 2 in Bod (points get thin quick with mystic adepts though right?)
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