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    Default A Legendary Weapon PLS PEACH

    Laskulturnine, the Whip of Wounding
    Neutral Evil Tiny Aberration, Int: 15, Wis: 17, Cha: 12
    This Mindflayer spawn was captured and experimented upon by its parent, the rogue Mindflayer, Lorsk, before evolving into a dreaded Neothelid. Rendered dependent on a host for survival, it is capable of granting potent sorcerous and psychic powers in exchange for permanent residence in the host's body and Psyche, functioning as a Warlock Hexblade or Great Old One Patron if its host so chooses (though once this decision is made, it cannot be changed).

    Despite its advanced intellect, Laskulturnine is generally concerned only with its own safety and a steady food supply. It is protective of its host as a matter of pragmatism, though it does have a bad attitude and urges the host to fight rather than flee when threatened. It has a general desire for the destruction of its parent but is wise enough to recognize the danger posed by such obsessions.

    While attached (See Symbiotic Equipment below) the Whip functions as a magical whip that cannot be disarmed and deals 2d4 + Dexterity modifier slashing damage. You can direct it to coil or uncoil itself around your arm as if you were stowing or readying a weapon. In combat it grants the following Actions:
    Melee Weapon Attack : using your attack bonus, Reach 10ft., one target. H i t 2d4 + dexterity modifier bludgeoning damage and the target is grappled (Escape DC equals 13 or your Spell Save DC), the target is restrained while grappled.
    Blood Drain.
    Melee Weapon Attack : using your attack bonus, Reach 10ft., one target it has grappled. H i t 7 (2d6) Necrotic damage. You gain Temporary Hit Points equal to half of the damage dealt.

    The injuries dealt by Laskulturnine are vicious, open sucking wounds left by the horrible enzyme adult mindflayers use to dissolve the cranium during cerebral predation. Once per turn when damaged by Laskulturnine the target suffers a grievous wound that deals 1d4 necrotic damage at the end of their turn. This continuous damage ends when the creature succeeds on a DC 15 Constitution save at the end of their turn, or they or an adjacent character uses their action to treat the wound and succeeds on a DC 15 Medicine check, or they recieve any magical healing.

    SPECIAL: When a 20 is rolled for the Blood Drain attack Laskulturnine latches on to a creature's head and the target suffers must succeed on a DC 15 Intelligence saving throw or suffer Intelligence damage equal to the Necrotic Damage dealt. If this reduces the target's Intelligence to 0, the target's brain is removed and it is slain instantly unless it can survive without one. Ettins, for example, have a spare.

    If left unattached for too long, Laskulturnine enters a cystic state looking not unlike a petrified nautilus that is quite indestructible, radiating powerful enchantment and transmutation magic. Efforts to fathom its nature (such as taking a short rest with it or casting identify) rouse its consciousness allowing it to telepathically offer a Pact to any creature touching it.

    Symbiotic Equipment
    These creatures are grotesque mockeries of life that have been altered through experimentation and selective breeding to exist as parasites. While attached they can be employed as items that enhance the abilities of their host. Symbiotic Equipment follows these general rules.

    1. Symbiotes that are not attached use the creature entry as normal (creature entries can be found below). Once attached however, they are treated like equipment and it is up to the DM to determine if they can be targeted independently from the creature wielding them.

    2. Attaching a piece of Symbiotic Equipment requires an Action. Once attached the Symbiote immediately provides its benefits, however it also begins to slowly eat away at the hosts vitality. This is generally not a problem and the two can coexist for years with little danger. However, those that encounter danger regularly notice that wounds heal a little slower, healing magic is a little less potent.

    3. All healing received by the Host is reduced by 1 for each piece of Symbiotic Equipment they have attached. This penalty is accrued for every Hit Die rolled during a rest and every healing spell or effect applied to the wielder. After each long rest they are missing 1 hit point for each Symbiote they have attached as well.

    4. Safely detaching a piece of Symbiotic Equipment requires a DC 20 Medicine Check. Failure deals 10 damage to the Host. A check that results in 5 or less causes the host to immediately drop to 0 hit points and begin dying. If the host survives they are Poisoned until they complete a long rest.
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