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    Default A friend of mine created a 5e version of the Arcanist from Pathfinder

    So a friend of mine build a conversion of sorts of their favorite pathfinder 1e class to 5e D&D, and he wanted me to ask for opinions on it. I don't really know how best to judge spellcasters and I also noticed that he didn't include a spell list. But beyond that, can you all give some feedback on the features?

    I'd post the spell list brackets, but I don't know how to do that on the forums, so I'll post a view only link to the google doc.
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    Default Re: A friend of mine created a 5e version of the Arcanist from Pathfinder

    So, um, this looks like a Wizard with Sorcery Points, better metamagic options, and strong class features. While that may be appropriate for the Pathfinder Arcanist, the original class was not what you'd call balanced either. I'm very much inclined to say no.

    Given 5e's changes to prepared casting, the base Wizard is already pretty close to the Arcanist's feel. A subclass granting them a more limited version of Sorcery Points and existing metamagic is probably fine.

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    Default Re: A friend of mine created a 5e version of the Arcanist from Pathfinder

    First off, helpful thread on how to make nice tables for this forum. Here.

    Second off, gonna agree with Grod. Does way too much.

    Third off, I'm only mostly parroting Grod because the formatting makes it hard to read exactly what it does. (The other reason I'm parroting him is that he's a good head for balance.)
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